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‘And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.’ Col 3:17 NLT
I’m not sure exactly what Paul had in mind when he penned those words to the church in Colossae, but we know he was not shy about addressing workplace issues in his epistles. What a great challenge this scripture is to help our church members do all they do at work as representatives of the Lord Jesus. 
We were so privileged to have Mark Greene of LICC fame with us for our online leaders morning a couple of weeks ago. He was extremely helpful in getting us to think through the challenges of being and making disciples at work. For those of us who are church leaders (lay missional leaders, or senior pastors and vicars) this is a vital part of our commission to ‘go and make disciples’. We want to equip and support those in our congregations who are in work, whether paid or not. 
For those who weren’t able to make the online event, we felt this was so important that we didn’t want anyone to miss out. So here are the recording of the key inputs from Mark, access to some of his resources and ideas, and most importantly, a link to the follow up inputs and coaching we are offering as Kx in the new year. 
This follow up is relevant if you are either a church leader, or someone in the workplace who is keen to learn more. 
If you are serious about making disciples, and serious about equipping your church, yourself, or your MC members to do the same, you will want to pray about and check out this pathway we are offering.
I believe that this is one of the most under-developed and under-used areas in our disciple-making strategies. It could be revolutionary for our churches. I hope you will take the offer seriously, and connect with the follow up options for 2023. 
Blessings on all you do, wherever you live, learn, work, or play. 

Video of the Morning with Mark Greene

Mark's slides are below so be sure to use them as you watch the session

Mark Greene's Presentation Slides

Follow Up Options 


A 4 week course for church members to grow in missional confidence. Through a mixture of video and hosted sessions, people will grow in 3 confidences – confidence to tell their faith story, to talk about Jesus, and to invite people to a Christian event
Brighter Course

Sources and Resources for the Frontline
There are lots of resources on work and whole-life discipleship on the LICC website  ( including recommended books, links, Bible studies, sermons, and short films. You can also sign up or point frontliners to their weekly emails, ‘Word for the Week’ & ‘Connecting with Culture’, or their 40-day prayer journeys. Most resources below available from

Ten Little Things to Foster a Whole-Life Culture
‘Culture is the way we do things round here’ so almost anything you do can contribute to a whole-life disciple-making culture. Here are ten little things that might help you to create a whole-life consciousness in the church... and a greater level of curiosity about each other’s Monday to Sunday lives beyond gathered church activities.
Ten Little Things to Foster a Whole-Life Culture-Life

Continue the Conversation

Were you challenged, stirred up, intrigued or 'on fire' as you heard Mark Greene talk about everyday faith, everyday fruitfulness? How could you help the people you serve release their kingdom purpose? We have a great opportunity to invite you to continue the conversation. 

About the team
The sessions are led by Ceri & Simon Harris along with Sam Corderoy. Ceri and Simon have over 30 years experience in local church leadership. They work with Catalyse change and the 5Q collective training and coaching leaders and churches in releasing missional disciples. Ceri is an executive coach and leader of Accessible Prophecy in the UK. Simon is a leadership coach and senior minister of Burlington Baptist Church. Sam is the director of Netmakers, a missional unity movement in the Harrogate area. She is an entrepreneur, catalyst and coach with over 17 years experience in corporate leadership working with Proctor and Gamble.

If you're unsure whether to commit or don't know if it's for you, we encourage you to try the FREE taster session!
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