Greta Thunberg and David's Birthday 

I remember the date for Earth Day because it is the same day as my husband's birthday - April 22nd. I recently watched a video with Greta Thunberg seeking advice from naturalist David Attenborough on engaging more people to take action against climate change. It is positive, poignant, and sobering.  

Each of us has the potential to make a positive change in the world. But, many of us get stuck; feeling that we can’t.

Let's change that. Because the world needs people like you; compassionate people who want to make a difference in their own lives and those around them.

In and Out Organizing helps people get unstuck.
We believe that an orderly functional home frees you to do important things that matter.
Let your home be your mast, not your anchor.

As an essential service, we have been helping many folks downsize and move house this Spring. If you need help we can handle all the details and physical aspects of your move so you can concentrate on enjoying your new home sooner.

Enjoy our new how-to blog article on How to Pack Your Apartment in a Weekend? 
There are also a couple of Spring organizing projects to try. Finally, go to the very end of this letter to watch Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough in a short conversation on saving the world. Let's make every day Earth Day. xo  


How to Pack Your Apartment In A Weekend? A No-nonsense Guide to Getting Things Packed!

Two Quick Spring Organizing Projects to Try:

Car:  Clean out the winter grit from inside your car.  Swap the snow brushes for umbrellas and stash some sunscreen/bug spray in a side pocket.

Pantry:  Look at expiration dates on canned goods and spices. Empty your pantry shelves and toss any items that have expired.
Wipe your pantry clean. Arrange items into categories such as beans, soups, fish, sauces, condiments, or snack foods. Use bins or baskets to keep items contained and designate a spot for everything. And if it's a hot day, why not cool off and declutter your fridge! Check this post out for great ideas


Because our business is an essential service we can still provide help for:

  • seniors to create a safer home through decluttering and organizing.

  • you with your move offering downsize, pack, and settle-in services.

  • realtors and home owners to prepare for "open house" offering: downsize, declutter, organize, and simple staging services.

Need to Declutter and Organize? - Get solutions right for you! We'll help you transform your space into the beautifully functional home of your dreams.  Learn more.


Downsize / Move?  - Save yourself stress and money! We can organize a smooth move for you from start to finish. Find out more.


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Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough, "They are listening."
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