Ohhhh, my old friend November… We have a love/hate relationship, don’t we? I LOVE  that the air is crisp but not too cold, that there is so much colour and beauty everywhere, and we're not collapsing from the heat, but I can’t say I’m a fan of raking up the never-ending leaves and definitely not a fan of waking up to darkness. However, you can’t help but LOVE our organizing services. The benefits are many such as less stress and anxiety to more space and time for the things that matter to you. It’s a love fest all around!
What do you LOVE about November… and how can I make it the month you finally give us a try?

Recently we worked with clients on setting up an area in their home to integrate all their paperwork and schedules creating an information or command center. It worked out so well and our clients were thrilled. We decided to post our bright ideas to help you d.i.y. your own family command center. Check out the post. 

How to DIY your own Family Command Center

Holidays will be here sooner than we realize. How can we play down the stress and play up the fun. 
Here are some tips to keep your holiday planning stress free.

Tips on how to prepare your mindset for the holidays

1. Create Realistic Expectations For The Holiday Season
Take the time to check in on your holiday goals and see what’s realistic for your time and budget and then plan from there.  Hopefully, you will end up closer to your vision if you start from a place of what’s possible.
2. Don’t Compare
As tempting as it is, don’t compare or set standards for your holidays based on what someone else is doing. Do what's right for you and your family, and you will have a much more relaxed holiday for it.
3. Set a Realistic Budget And Stick To It
 Set a budget for yourself well before the holidays arrive. Include travel and hosting costs along with your gift spending.
Consider starting a dedicated savings account just for holiday spending. Being able to see what you have and where it is going will help prevent financial overwhelm.
4. Stick To A Routine
Creating a plan that lets you know what is coming up each day is the best way to keep chaos at bay.
When something unexpected happens, remember that you can take care of it and take comfort that your routine will be waiting for you afterward.
5. Check-In With Yourself
Throughout the holiday season, take a few moments each day and at the start of each new week to check in with yourself. Are you stressed? Are you overwhelmed? If the answer is yes, ask yourself why.
What can be adjusted or removed from your schedule or a to-do list that can relieve this? Can any tasks be delegated?

Prepare your mindset for the holidays and you will enjoy yourself more!  


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