Hello friends,

Do you ever get an urge to eat something that you know just isn’t good for you? Or you’ve been trying to lose weight and you just can’t resist the cookies, doughnuts, candy, chips, wine, cigarettes, you-name-it?

As long as I’ve been on my journey back to health, I still get them occasionally, but I’ve found some pretty effective ways to deal with them.
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Whether your unhealthy cravings are food, smokes, alcohol or other, these mindfulness techniques can help you gain control. Learn how

Yours for health,


p.s. I know it's been awhile since I've written. The Qigong training programs I'm in have really demanded much more time and attention that I ever dreamed. But what I'm learning has made a huge difference in my life. These mindfulness techniques are just a small part of it that I wanted to share with you for right now. I hope you put them into practice and find them helpful. 

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