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In this Newsletter, November 2019:
Simple Tips to Stay Upright
Stem Cell Journey Part 2
Poem to Make You Think
Gratitude Is More Than a Season

Man balancing on a log in a forest

Photo: Joshua Earle on Unsplash 

Tips to Stay Upright  

Last month a reader asked me if my Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance (TJQMBB) will be offered online.

This program has proven to be the top fall prevention program in the country. I absolutely love teaching it and watching the results regular participation brings. My students have reported they were able to stay upright and prevent falls using the techniques that I’ve taught them. 

Unfortunately, this class is not yet approved to teach online so I am restricted to teaching local classes only. 

However, I've created a short video with some simple tips to get you started on better alignment. This, of course, leads to a better chance of staying upright. Watch the video here.

I've also put together information on how you might find a TJQMBB program and other national programs in your area to check into, including services for Veterans. You can click here to read about them.

Even if you're not at risk for falls, proper body alignment may help reduce those aches and pains we can get at the end of the day. Click here to check out these simple tips.

Stem Cell Journey Part 2 

Stem cell treatment is becoming more well-known, not always in a good way. But most reputable practitioners are having good results with carefully drawn and properly placed stem cells.

People are curious about stem cell treatment, and most wish that insurance companies would cover it. Unfortunately, it most likely will be a long road ahead to get that changed.

It has been one full year since my stem cell treatment. Since friends and students are asking how it's going, I thought it's time for an update on my previous post. Click here to learn how the results went, and what additional treatment I am now researching.

By the way: if you know someone who is battling cancer, MS, Lupus, Epilepsy, Lyme or other chronic diseases that modern medicine doesn't seem to help, in this article I put a link to a docu-series on the new modality I'm checking out. It's a well-documented series, and the information will blow your mind. Check it out here.



Overhead Photo of Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef


Image of Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef by CoffeewithMilk from Pixabay

A Poem to Make You Think 

Barbara Kingsolver Gets It!

Her poem to the Great Barrier reef brought up simple comparisons that we, as humans, would do well to consider. Read on here

I was deeply moved by her poem, for it pointed clearly to me how our society values man-made versus natural. While the vast oceans seem inexhaustible, their health is declining, which mean, of course, our health is declining. Find out more here

Perhaps you too will be inspired to see this magnificent earth with even more awe than to an ancient monument to man.


Woman Standing in field of yellow flowers, arms outstretched to heaven expressing happiness, gratitude for Nature

Gratitude is More than a Season

Philosophers and religious leaders have long preached the value of practicing gratitude. Now the science is catching up with them, proving the practice of gratitude is good for our health. Find out more about the science here.

Gratitude is more than a season; it is a choice that we make.  Every time we invoke gratitude we turn our heart to our more loving state, and we bring joy and a smile to our whole being.

If you have not tried this daily practice yet, I highly recommend it, especially in the morning. It will jump start your day with a new sense of awareness and mindfulness. Additionally, it will give you a better frame of mind to carry you through the day. Need ideas on how to do this? Read how here.

In my daily Qigong practice, and in all my classes, I end with three gathering breaths, the final one being the 'gratitude breath'. Besides invoking the practice of gratitude, it is also a perfect way to close any practice and present ourselves to the world. Sometimes it is particular people who come to mind, but always gratitude to those who help me, to nature, and to the Universal Energies that guide and enhance my life.

My gratitude extends to you, my readers, who inspire me to keep going. I'll admit, sometimes I wonder why the heck I bother with trying to get a business rolling, and especially to deal with the frustration and steep learning curve of technology. Then someone posts a comment or sends me an email expressing appreciation for my work, or my students tell me how much they are benefiting from my class. Those are the things that give me reason to keep going. As humans, we all need affirmation some times, and your comments and interest are mine.

Thank you for
reading my work, for sharing, and for opening your heart to a community of people who care about being connected authentically - with others and with the natural world around us.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Yours in Qi,

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