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Dear friend,

Welcome to 'THE WORD', a fortnightly newsletter celebrating the very essence of a writer's toolkit: words

Today's word is...
1. relating to high mountains
2. a plant native to mountain districts
3. a North American butterfly
I didn't know about the butterfly - did you?

I chose this word because it seems to aptly bridge the gap between this end-of-summer but not-quite-autumn time of year, and can comfortably apply to any season. I like a word that's flexible in its connotations. And today is the start of September after all.

Alpine. Alpine. Alpine.

Already the resinous scent of coniferous trees perfume the air of my imagination, and I could just as well be walking barefoot over a carpet of soft woodland tundra, as slaloming through the alpine ski resort of any popular European destination.

The idea of snow-laced alpine mountains is so evocative, so perfect it almost hurts; untainted by human touch and unconcerned by the frustrations of everyday. The same could be said of a seasonal spring/autumn retreat I suppose. Until we look closer.

Yes. The ubiquitous mountain lodge hidden in a tangle of sun-sparkled trees, near a lake in a far-away place. It looks perfect from the outside.
Alpine lodge

Cute curtains fashioned from pillow-cases filter that fresh, clean scent of open air and clouds fizzy with rain. The door isn't locked and no-one bothers with shoes. Or underwear.

Hang on: is that blood on the decking? I think the window is cracked too, smashed in fact. Not open at all. (Oh how predictable, I know!)

Or is it misty? Is the snow settling in? Is there a fire? Maybe you need to head out in search of wood, matches, food, fuel? (Rather you than me...) 

Let's get a cup of tea - hob-top of course - and imagine. I think I heard footsteps there. Listen. Listen.

***Creative Inspiration Task***
Write a 50-word flash-fiction piece based on the word 'alpine', or the image if you prefer. We'll call it 'the alpine trap'.

Let me know if I've inspired you, and share your favourite word. Just hit reply.

Finally, check out the latest posts on - last week I gave a shout out to the Ted Hughes poem 'The Thought Fox' with a link from The Poetry Archive where you can listen to the man himself read it in his distinctive Yorkshire timbre.

Thanks for reading. Remember to spread 'THE WORD' if you enjoyed this newsletter. 

Yours (from a high altitude),

Why Thursday?
Because Thursday's words have far to go.
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