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Dear friend,

Welcome to 'THE WORD', a fortnightly newsletter celebrating the very essence of a writer's toolkit: words

Today's word is...
1. a channel for conveying water or other fluid
2. a tube or trough for protecting electric wiring
I'm not sure how about being 'a tube for electrical wiring', but I love the synonyms associated with 'conduit':

Culvert, sluice, groove, spillway, trench, duct. This list goes on.

Most of all I love the idea of being a conduit for life, for ideas, story, inspiration. A channel for conveying words or other symbols; a mechanism for collecting and shaping ideas as they flow. 

And I like how the word feels in my mouth - it's tactile on the tongue and it ends in a smile: con-du-it. 

I also like the image I get in my head when I imagine electricity and water mixing together. An impulse sensed through water or a powerful wave of electricity. Two strong forces sparking off each other. What happens next? Write it. Draw it. Creative exercises feed into each other.

What's your creative cross-training?
Alpine lodge

Is there something you need to convey in your life? Are you the groove that makes the record spin? The duct that lets the magic in? 

In this interview for Krista Tippett's radio show On Being, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about ideas and the notion that if an idea comes to you and you don't pursue it, it simply moves on to another person (in her case, Ann Patchett - very interesting!)

I'd also like to share this quote from Krista:
"I love words. They’re a huge piece of who I am."

I couldn't agree more.

***Creative Task***
Write a poem or story that includes at least 3 of these words
(kudos if you can manage them all):

groove, spillway, electric, trough, flume, ditch, drain, conduit

The point is that they're normal, everyday, not-so-exciting words. (Not compared to these lists of 'the best' and 'most unusual' words in the English dictionary anyway.) And especially not compared to the magical world of Roald Dahl's made up words.

See what you can come up with and if anyone wants to share their creative exertions, I'll feature a few on the blog. 'Let me be the conduit', I whisper...

For further inspiration, read some responses to the previous creative prompt around the world 'alpine'.

Finally, remember to spread 'THE WORD' if you enjoyed this newsletter (big shout out to Joanna Sterling, creator of The Casket and TubeFlash who did just that - check out the array of short stories and flash-fiction Joanna has inspired, available to read online or listen via iTunes. Two of my stories feature there too!)

Thank you for reading.

Yours (sluiced through the airwaves),

Why Thursday?
Because Thursday's words have far to go.
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