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With Christmas gone by in a blur, and the New Year weekend just beginning, I thought to myself, I must get those goodies I promised over to you. What with traveling back and forth from my home in France to London, then over to Geneva as well as finding time to see my sister, and back again in just 5 days, things have been a complete rush.
I knew it was always going to be a bit of a nightmare, but I still got in some writing time. I took down plenty of notes, of course, my thought pattern goes into overdrive when I am traveling. All those airports with passionate people dressed up with lots of lovely places to go - including me, in my perpetual wanderlust.
To add to my overactive brain, my older sister, (the sensible one out of the two of us) always wants to hear what I’ve been up to when we get together, even though she always seems a bit shocked when I tell her. We speak on the phone 2 or 3 times a week, but she still likes to grill me when we meet.
Well, this time, I actually made her go red with embarrassment. We were in a bar in Soho, and I was relaying my latest stories which she loves so much (although she would never admit it), and I realized a guy was eavesdropping on our conversation and wanted to join in.
So, when I told my sister that I thought it was okay to sleep with a married man provided I was having sex with his wife too, I think it was a bit too much for her and the guy listening in to handle. On some strange level, he appeared to be agreeing with me!  It became apparent straight away when we both saw the wedding ring on his left hand. We left him hanging, when we ran away in the other direction to find a more secretive corner, laughing like a couple of schoolgirls.
I thought I might be in the clear, and it was the end of the conversation, but my sister had other ideas. She wanted to know how I could sleep with a married man and told me she wouldn’t let me back in her house or anywhere near her man until I explained myself. My only considerations, before I told her the details, were whether to ply her with more drink or keep her sober and coherent. The barman kept on bringing us drinks which were paid for by the men drinking close by. We were in a bar after all, so, I guess really I had little choice in the matter.
And what does your doctor say about this new situation? She asks me (Situation, mmm, you do have a way with words Sis). What makes you think I asked her?
Mother tells me everything, and you see Dr. Feelgood (my therapist, and it’s not her real name by the way) whenever you are in London, everyone knows that.
But it’s Christmas, and she was too busy to see me at her office.
So, did you go? She asks.
Not exactly. We got to talk, and she pretty much had the same reaction as you, that sleeping with married men is not the way to form a healthy, long-term relationships. Even though I have told her I wasn’t looking for one, she still insisted it is where I should be heading. Believe me, she gets more like you and mother every time I see her.
So, you told her the whole story, the one you are about to tell me? My sister asks, a little too eager now to hear the full details, but anxious to listen to my life exploits in substitution to living a forbidden existence herself.
You know this is all confidential, and I shouldn’t be telling you this.
That’s BS Olivia, you write and publish every one of your sordid exploits. Everyone we know gets to read about it, and I shouldn’t have to buy a book to hear what’s going on in my little sister’s life.
You won’t have to, I’ve just published a free book which shares my experiences, it’s called Making Scarlett.
Who’s Scarlett? I would prefer it if you told me in person, it’s the only fun I get these days. Everyone we know talks about you living the high life in the South of France. You are not a…?
I brush over the subject she has just raised, which she continues to bring up with increased frequency each time we meet up now. So, in the story I am Scarlett, and am invited to a party, not exactly the type of gathering I would go to, but it’s more the after-party activity which I am interested in. Although Pia and I have been planning this get together for some time, Henrik was still left completely in the dark.
I stop talking as I see the color drain from my sister’s face, as the reality of who I am speaking about hits her. Her lips are moving, but no words are coming out, she appears to be doing a fish impersonation until the sentence finally comes out.
Henrik and Pia Larsson? They are mega-rich. I mean he could be a billionaire. What are you doing messing with them like this? This is so like you. Hey, you are not…?
There it was again, this time I needed to make my stand, as her voice was becoming increasingly louder, I had to find a way to calm her down. Don’t get me wrong, I like to shock her, but sometimes she hits her limit a little too early in the story, and this tale had pushed her over the line quickly.
Darling, I am not a whore, and I resent you saying so. My relationship with Pia is private, and the fact that her husband now joins in is on a need to know basis. Yes, I am publishing the story as fiction. I have changed the names of everyone involved, and the locations. And yes, they both know I am writing the story. They read it and got a real kick out of it. One last time for the record, I do not get paid for sex. I simply have a higher sex drive than most, and my needs can only be met in certain ways. Please make sure all our friends know the difference!
She finally closed her gap mouth, and we smiled at each other, our sisterhood had returned.
So, are you going to tell me the story?
Yes, my darling sister, I will tell you personally after dinner, but you can tell all our friends that my story will hit their inboxes tonight. I’m sure they all know you are meeting up with me tonight - your phone has beeped 20 times already. You see, I know all the name on my mailing list and every one of our friends subscribes to my exploits. They love it, and so do I. We all get what we want.
My sister smiles, which tells me everything is all right again, just two sisters sharing stories about their lives, who have been apart for too long. It’s great to share my stories with her. She understands them after the initial resistance I get from her, the shame, the not wanting to look, well maybe not straight away. You need to keep some sort of moral compass, even if you just keep it at the bottom of your purse, and only bring it out as an occasional reminder. For me though, it’s a reminder that many people never get to explore these sexual exploits, and I am one of the lucky ones. A great explorer that others are happy to let get away from the herd, on the condition that I report back. Download and consider it reported.

So, please share with me the story I told sister first over drinks, which is now available for you to read for your pleasure! As I said before, it’s a Free. Read how I recently got to share a bed with a fabulous couple. We were all consensual to the evening’s hedonistic activities, if not somewhat amateurish - we all need to start somewhere, right. Please don’t judge, I am not in the habit of sleeping with married men, he was my first. They invited me to stay with them, and I will definitely go back for more, so watch this space!

You may have read this story already, as one of my closest friends, but if not, please CLICK HERE to get your copy.
I have three other short stories from my hand-picked favorite authors who happen to be some of my closest friends, Nadine Marie Catalano, Emmanuelle de Maupassant and T. S. Sharp. Take advantage of them by clicking on the book covers below to get some sauciness, which will more than whet (WET) your appetite!

I sincerely hope I have left a lasting impression! Enjoy! I know I have.
Loving you, Olivia, xo
Caring and Sharing.

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