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May 24th, 2021

Hot This Week

Iron Academy Anniversary Convergence

Tomorrow, May 25th there will be a mini-convergence with Eagles Nest as we celebrate Iron Academy 5th anniversary with guest Co-Qs Lucky Charm from LKW and Destiny from the Fort. 5:15 Academy Sports with 4:30 pre/run / ruck - don’t miss this one!

Memorial Day Convergence

We'll have a two-option gloom fest that will a great way to spend the holiday early morning together. 5am and we'll meet in the Wells Fargo parking lot in downtown Rock Hill. Breakfast provided onsite immediately following.  Suggested donation: $10 with proceeds going to Bethel.  Night at The Museum will be CLOSED on Memorial Day.

For more info, see Boomer

June's Word of The Month

June's word of the month is Loyalty.

In the Lord of the Rings, a group of nine members join forces to become the Fellowship and set out on a conquest to destroy the One Ring. The group is made up of all types of people. Man, Hobbit, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard all set out together with nothing in common except the end goal of destroying the ring and saving Middle-Earth from Sauron’s evil rule. 

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Still Fresh

Hog & Coyote 2021

Hog & Coyote is back!! Join the fun on June 19 as we push ourselves to the limit. Tag team it, ruck it, bike it, whatever gets you outta bed and on the course. Pain station Qs are also needed. Stay tuned for more info coming soon. 

For more info see Honeypot or Bill Nye

Provide a meal for Kindergarten Cop's Family

Kindergarten cop's family just welcomed their first child! Please signup to provide a meal for his family if you are able.

Sign up here

Weekly Q Source Topic - INFLUENCE (Q2.2)

Igniting A Palpable Desire For Movement

Movement must be voluntarily

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Calendar of Events:

5/25/21 - Iron Academy Anniversary Convergence

5/31/21 - Memorial Day Convergence

TBD - Help a Family in Need

6/12/21 - Northwestern XC Disc Golf Fundraiser

6/12/21 - Savage Race: Charlotte

6/19/21 - Hog & Coyote

Who's on Q?

5/25/21 Eagles Nest Converge at Academy
5/25/21 Wall Street Bull
5/25/21 The Iron Academy Lucky Charm / Destiny
5/26/21 Padre's House of Pain Ironsights
5/26/21 Be The Change Slow Pitch
5/26/21 Final Verdict Ponytail
5/26/21 The JOC Forest Patrol
5/27/21 Man U Roxanne
5/27/21 Tavern  
5/27/21 Wally Falcon Bill Nye
5/27/21 The Goose  
5/28/21 Petra Triad
5/28/21 The Veteran  
5/28/21 The Commons Jelly
5/29/21 The Patriot  
5/29/21 Camino Del Rio  
5/29/21 Planet Pain Roxanne & Barricade
5/31/21 Old Town CONVERGENCE
5/31/21 Independence Closed - Convergence
5/31/21 Night at the Museum Closed - Convergence

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