COVID-19 Update from the Rock Region

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional. Each man is Freed to Lead and I’m asking you to do just that in these uncertain times.




Thank you. Thank you for your counsel, your understanding, your support, your prayers, and your love as we navigate these unchartered waters. As leaders, there comes a time in which we have to put our needs secondary to those of the greater good and follow the information from those who are more informed than we are. I fear we are just about at that point. Below, I’ve borrowed from several fellow Nantans throughout the Nation and adapted with my own thoughts. Throughout the week, I’ve consulted with many of the leaders of our region. I can’t say we’ve always agreed. But on this statement, we are in agreement. Some of you won’t agree with what I’m about to say. That’s fine. Once again, each man is Freed to Lead. We are a Starfish. Don’t forget that. Lead the best you know how through this situation. You are prepared. 

I Love F3. F3 has changed my life for the better. I often think of where I would be in my life without F3. Each of us has a similar story. To be the Nantan of this great region, the men of The Rock, the men of Rock Hill and Lancaster is an honor that I can’t even begin to describe. But let’s take a moment and explore what the Nantan is. The Nantan isn’t a boss. We aren’t a top down structure. If you study a bit of history, you’ll learn the Nantan comes from the Apache Indian tradition. He was the “chief” of the tribe. What made the Apaches difficult to conquer for Europeans was the starfish nature of the Apaches. In many other Native American traditions, the way to conquer was to simply kill the chief. Once that happened, the tribe could be conquered. Not in the case of the Apaches. When the Nantan was killed, another stepped up due to the Starfish nature of the organization. Everyone was considered a leader. Not just the Nantan. 

Why am I telling you this? I’m simply telling you what I’d do. It's not my job to open or close AOs in situations like this. That’s the site Q’s responsibility. I learned a few weeks ago that men will post even when an AO is closed, because we are all Freed to Lead. Furthemore, it's up to each man to do what they believe. That’s called Free Will. And that’s a beautiful thing. We don’t all agree, and never will. If we become top down, then we’ve lost what makes us special. One of the things I’m most proud of our region is the shared leadership that continues to organically build in our Pax. Now is the time for that leadership. 

My schedule will change beginning tomorrow morning at 0515. It will remain this way until this time passes. I’m asking all site Q’s to close their sites, immediately, as well. You’ll find me running on roads, running on trails, doing bootcamps in my driveway, back porch, and inviting small groups of men to do off the books bootcamps. I hope you’ll choose to do the same. You might find me over at Tinker Toy’s doing whatever he has cooked up, doing the Workout of the Day as facilitated by Bill Nye, running trails with a small group of men, or rucking who knows where. These workouts won’t be “official F3 workouts”, but we’ll still honor all of the Core Principles and end in a COT (respecting space concerns and social distancing).

Some of you will disagree with me and believe I’m either buying into the hype or that our workouts won’t negatively affect anyone. I’d rather make this decision today than be forced to make it next week. In addition, the penalty from underreacting is much greater than the penalty for overreacting. If this blows over in a few weeks, feel free to tell me that I overreacted. We can put it right there with the time I attempted to have the Pax workout to Happy at ManU. 

I’m asking Buffet to brainstorm how our 3rd F continues, PCH to brainstorm how 2nd F continues, and Jester and Roxanne to brainstorm how we ensure each man has at least 1 shield lock to help through this time. Bill Nye has already instituted a workout of the day. If you have further suggestions, let me know. Stay tuned for details on what they will come up with. I know our creative Pax will come up with some awesome ways to keep connected. 

This week has been one of the most difficult for me in a long time; both personally and professionally. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate those who have checked in on me as we feverishly worked to get the school district ready for eLearning. I also greatly appreciate those who have checked in and given their opinion on what we do with regards to F3. Your care and love have been so greatly appreciated. 

  As we’ve stated earlier, a few reminders:
  • In your small groups, 6’ distance. No Ball of Man.

  • No fist bumps or hugs.

  • Keep the groups small. Emphasis on small.

  • Reach out to those you usually post with and those you haven’t seen in awhile.

  I just wanted you to know my decision. Your shared leadership team agrees with this decision. I’m no more important than anyone else, but I’m asking you to at least consider my decision as you make yours.

Until the next time, See You All In The Gloom. Love you all.



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