F3 Slack Migration - BETA TEST


Greetings Fellow Pax,

Based on your leadership role in our region and/or frequency of posting back blasts on our website, you have been chosen to beta test our new Slack migration.  Below is the text of the pre-blast.  Please follow the instructions to get connected and let me know of any and every issue you have or anything you'd have me add to the pre-blast directions or FAQ's.

Once you get connected: please pick a channel and post a backblast (can be actual or fabricated) for testing purposes.
Beginning on March 1, 2021 the Rock Region will transition our primary communication method to Slack.  Why are we doing this?
  • Provide a more usable/organized means of communication within the region
  • To avoid the social media pitfalls that cause us to decelerate
  • To streamline and simplify the backblast process, providing detailed data on:
    • who posts/Q's and where
    • how frequently each AO is visited
    • FNG activity
  • Each PAX will receive a monthly report with their number and location of postings


Is our website going away?

No but the ability to post back blast through the traditional method will be removed. Backblast information will be automatically posted to the backblast page on the website from the Slack workspace.

Is our presence on Facebook/Twitter going away?

No, we will maintain a presence on those platforms but the vast majority of our communication and interaction will move to Slack.

How do I join the Rock Region Slack workspace?

*Note that this is a completely new slack workspace and is not affiliated with previous slack workspaces*

Follow this link

You will be required to create a Slack account and/or link your current Slack account to the Rock Region Slack workspace.

See this link for additional details:

Directions for Desktop, Android, and iOS included

Is the Rock Region Slack workspace connected to the Nation's Slack workspace?

No, but the Nation's Slack workspace can be joined and linked to your Rock Region Slack account.

How do I post a backblast in Slack?

Find the correct slack channel and use the following format:


Backblast! <Give your workout a creative name>
Date: <Day, Month Day, Year> or MM/DD/YYYY
PAX: <Tag every PAX in attendance with @NAME. Make sure they’re tagged. If not on Slack, just list their F3 name.>
FNGs: <List new FNG names here separated by commas. They mostly won’t have Slack accounts set up yet. Even if they do, list them here.>
Q: <tag Q and any co-Q’s with @NAME>
Count: <total number including Q, PAX, and FNGs. Number only, no text.>


YouTube link to Name-o-Rama


Most important things about backblasts:

The message MUST start with "Backblast" or "Back blast" as the first word(s) on the first line.
The mandatory lines are: PAX:, Q:, and Count:. The lines must START with those words (including colon).
Everything else is optional but will be recorded for posterity
If Date: isn't included, it assumes the date is the date that the message was posted. You can include date if it was on a previous day.


Please email or text me as needed



White Hat

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