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Love Our Neighbor Fundraiser

10/3/2020 7:00:00  We and our families & friends have the opportunity to serve in a different way at Bethel Men's Shelter on Oct. 3. The Shelter hosts a one-day annual Love Our Neighbor BBQ sale to raise community awareness of the homeless population around us, encourage and garner more volunteers, and to raise funds to increase their impact in the lives of the men they serve. Talk to the M's and 2.0's and sign up for an hour slot, or two, or longer. See the preblast here For more information, see: Reborn/Catfish

Iron Pax Challenge Returns!

F3 Greenwood is hosting the Iron Pax Challenge again this year and it's a great way to test yourself each week.  On the following Sundays (8/30, 9/6, 9/13, 9/20), a new workout will be announced on Twitter – @F3IronPax – that is to be completed during the following week. (Written instructions as well as a video will be provided to eliminate any potential inconsistencies/misunderstandings).

After completing the workout, the pax will enter his score at where a weekly ranking and overall ranking leaderboard will be displayed. At the end of September, once all 4 weeks of workouts have been completed, the Pax with the highest cumulative score will be named the 2020 F3Nation IronPax and will be showered with accolades. 

Head on over here to get registered and to get more info! 

September Word of The Month

September's word of the month is Salvation.

“All you must do to become a Christian is ask Jesus is into your heart” – this is a common saying that we unfortunately hear too often. I don’t mean to sound overly critical. Trust me, that is not my intention. I too used to say the very same thing to people. However, from studying God’s word more, I believe a statement like this is misguiding and unhelpful to both nonbelievers and believers alike.

Before you immediately say you disagree, please allow me to explain. First, we must ask what it means to follow Jesus. Is following Jesus merely about praying a certain prayer that opens the door for Jesus to  waltz right into our lives? Read More. 

Still Fresh

Weekly Q Source Topic -


Unchanging In Nature, Standard Or Effect Over Time

Simplicity is the foundation of Consistency

Consistency is the third of the five F3 Leadership Virtues–the Habits and Ethics of moral excellence. The Consistent Leader is constant and regular in everything he does. His followers are drawn to him because his steadiness provides a safe harbor from the howling winds of Chaos and Flux that blow periodically through their own lives. He is their rock.

The Virtuous Leader may be a complex man–in fact, he would almost certainly have to be in order to be Effective. But he does not let his complexity cause him to be mercurial and inconsistent. Genius is of little use in a Leader if it comes with sudden changes of mood or outlook, because that promotes insecurity in his followers and erodes Trust within the Group. Read More.

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Calendar of Events:

 9/8/20 - Bethel Men's Shelter
10/3/20 - Bethel Fundraiser

Who's on Q?

9/8/20 Eagles Nest  
9/8/20 Wall Street Sandlot
9/8/20 The Iron Academy (Kettle Bell) Kenyan
9/9/20 Padre's House of Pain Jester
9/9/20 Boom Town Central  
9/9/20 Bunker Hill  
9/9/20 The JOC Toot Toot
9/10/20 Man U Whitney
9/10/20 Tavern Iron Pax Challenge
9/10/20 Wally World/Falcon-0  
9/10/20 The Goose Brangelina/IRON PAX
9/11/20 Petra The Sphinx
9/11/20 The Veteran  
9/11/20 The Commons Ponytail
9/12/20 The Patriot Pony Tail & Catfish
9/12/20 Camino Del Rio Honeypot
9/12/20 Planet Pain  
9/14/20 Old Town Jester
9/14/20 Independence Kenyan
9/14/20 Night at the Museum Brangelina

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