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January 25th, 2021

Hot This Week

February 6th Convergence


As we all continue to accelerate into 2021, there come times to take a moment, get together, celebrate where we have been, and set goals for our future. Please join me as we converge next Saturday, 2/6 at The Patriot to be challenged in all 3 F's! We will close Planet Pain and Camino on Feb. 6th. See you there!


Bethel Men's Shelter Impact 2020 Update

This has been an awesome year of Impact at Bethel Men’s Shelter by the PAX and their families of F3 Rock Region and F3 Lake Wylie.

Over the past year, you have served over 540 meals to homeless men of York County and the surrounding areas. Additional meals have been given for other opportunities as well

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February Word of The Month

February's word of the month is Humility.

Life is not about us. It seems so simple, yet the pride of life maintains its place as one of the three ways all sin can be categorized (1 John 5:16). 

The tricking thing about pride is that you rarely can see it. In some cases, a person given over to pride will feed their ego through validation. This person’s pride is easily noticeable, but usually they realize people are quicker to compliment a humble person, and they stopping boasting of their glorious traits. 

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Still Fresh

The Rooster IV

The Rooster is back!

When? - March 13th at 0600

Where? - 471 Lakeshore Parkway Rock Hill (Tech Park)

Divisions: Ultra (2 man run) Standard (5 man run) Ruck option (1-5 man ruck)

More info here.

Weekly Q Source Topic - Preparedness (F5)


Getting Ready For The Expected While Being Ready For The Unexpected

Because it is a Lizard, F3 is an Organization of leaders rather than an Organization with leaders. As such, every Member of F3 is asked and expected to be a leader both within F3 and in the other Groups in which he is a Member. This ethic arises from our Mission , which is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to invigorate male community leadership.

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Quick Glance

Calendar of Events:

2/6/21 - Convergence at The Patriot
3/13/21 - The Rooster IV
3/19/21 - Palmetto 200
6/12/21 - Savage Race: Charlotte

Who's on Q?

2/2/21 Eagles Nest Whitney
2/2/21 Wall Street Tombstone
2/2/21 The Iron Academy (Kettle Bell) Closed
2/3/21 Padre's House of Pain Burgundy
2/3/21 Be The Change Anchor Bar
2/3/21 Final Verdict Reborn
2/3/21 The JOC Hardwood
2/4/21 Man U PacMan
2/4/21 Tavern Gold Plate
2/4/21 Wally World/Falcon-0 White Hat
2/4/21 The Goose Fresh Prince
2/5/21 Petra Pepperoni
2/5/21 The Veteran  
2/5/21 The Commons JAG
2/6/21 The Patriot CONVERGENCE
2/6/21 Camino Del Rio Converge at The Patriot
2/6/21 Planet Pain Converge at The Patriot
2/8/21 Old Town Honey Pot
2/8/21 Independence Triad (4 Year Anniversary)
2/8/21 Night at the Museum Kenyan

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1st F

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Issues/ideas contact Bill Nye

2nd F

Issues/ideas contact PCH

Daily Post-Workout Fellowship:

Sunday: Grapevine - Riverwalk

Monday: Knowledge Perk

Tuesday: TJ's Family Restaurant

Wednesday: TJ's Family Restaurant

Thursday: Eggs Up Grill

Friday: Rock Hill Diner

Saturday: OPEN

Pax meet for lunch on the last Tuesday of every month at RoCo

3rd F

Mondays 0615 - Knowledge Perk - Coffee and Conversation

Fridays 0600 - Rock Hill Diner on Cherry Rd (in front of Petra AO) - Bible and Biscuits

Shield Lock Information/Questions
Contact Smiley Face, Jester

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Issues/ideas contact Buffett

Nantan: Schrute
Weasel Shaker: Toot Toot
Comz: White Hat

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