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Be The Change Shirt Order is Live

Order your BTC shirt today here to help fulfill the order requirement. They will be delivered directly to your home. For more information, see: Reborn

Rock Region Christmas Party UPDATE

Save the date, the Rock Region Christmas party will be December 12th from 7:00-10:00 PM at Knowledge Perk In Rock Hill. The rental fee has been gifted to the Rock Region with a challenge to give ticket costs to the children's home.  If you would like to donate electronically you can via Paypal or Venmo @Al-Bridges. 

Christmas Meal for the Men's Shelter

Lucky Charm and Ponytail are co leading the meal for the Men's Shelter December 8th. We would love to provide these men with a great home cooked meal for Christmas.  We are asking you provide your family's favorite dish for the men of the shelter.  We are looking for all home made stuff for these men.   If you aren't able to provide a dish and you can give monetarily please pass your money to the site Q's or you can donate via paypal to Pacman Please see here for the Sign Up Sheet   For more info see: Lucky Charm, PonyTail, or Pacman. 

December Word of The Month

December's word of the month is Peace.

When life is going well, it may seem like there is no need for Christ. When the ship is sailing fine, the sailors go about not considering their state of peace. Of course they feel at peace with the smooth sailing. It not until the storm hits that chaos breaks loose. The storms in our lives produce similar affects – they show our true self. Christ promises that these storms will come if we decide to follow him. However, he knows that a life with him will contain both true peace and hardship (John 15:19). 

Despite the persecution of the world, Christ provides peace with the promise of his love. Paul declares this truth to the Romans that “those who love God all things work together for good, for those called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). How could it be that all things work together for a believer’s good? Whether good or bad, God orchestrates these events for our immediate and eternal benefit. Read More.

Still Fresh

Weekly Q Source Topic - LIZARD BUILDING (Q4.10)


The Building Of Effective Organizations

Effective Organizations are built through relationships, not rules

An Organization is a Group of two or more people that voluntarily combine for the accomplishment of an Articulated Purpose. To be Effective, an Organization must be Purposeful. Of the three types of Organizations (Lizards, Bullfrogs and Leeches), it is only the Lizard that will help the Virtuous Leader accomplish his Purpose. The other two will only hold him back because they are in-Effective.

The degree to which an Organization is in-Effective is directly related to the density of its rulebook. The more rules it has, the less Effective it will be. Why? Because Effective Organizations are built through relationships, not rules, and rules drive out relationship. Read More

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Calendar of Events:

12/4/20 - 18 Hour Ruck
12/12/20 - Rock Christmas Party

Who's on Q?

12/1/20 Eagles Nest Blueprint
12/1/20 Wall Street  
12/1/20 The Iron Academy (Kettle Bell) Roxanne
12/2/20 Padre's House of Pain Buffett
12/2/20 Be The Change Ponytail
12/2/20 Final Verdict Anchor Bar
12/2/20 The JOC Esso
12/3/20 Man U Smiley Face
12/3/20 Tavern Gold Plate
12/3/20 Wally World/Falcon-0  
12/3/20 The Goose Atticus & Bucket Head
12/4/20 Petra Triad
12/4/20 The Veteran  
12/4/20 The Commons Boomer
12/5/20 The Patriot Kenyan
12/5/20 Camino Del Rio  
12/5/20 Planet Pain  
12/7/20 Old Town Gold Plate
12/7/20 Independence Anchor Bar
12/7/20 Night at the Museum PCH 

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