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Children's Attention Home 50th Anniversary

For 50 years, the Children’s Attention Home has given love, safety, and attention to over 8,500 children. For our 50th birthday, we hope you’ll join us virtually for this milestone event as we commemorate the history and impact of the Home, celebrate the work that is present, and anticipate the future. Please click here for opportunities to contribute to help CAH.

Children's Attention Home Volunteer Opportunity

Children's Attention Home needs some help on Friday October 16th (10AM-1PM) as well as Saturday, October 17th  (am and pm slots available) setting up and tearing down equipment. The event is taking place at the River Place in Fort Mill and we'll be using precautions such as social distancing and requiring the use of masks. Please CLICK HERE for more information.  If you would like more information on this opportunity please contact Tinker Toy

BTC AO Changes Location

BTC will be relocating to the site Bethel Men's Shelter (1232 Curtis St., Rock Hill, SC) on Oct. 28, 2020. WO Time 0500-0550. Bootcamp WO Style. Be there to make an IMPACT. See the preblast here. For more information, see: Blueprint

FiA Rock Hill Trunk or Treat

Bring your guys and ghouls to Mado Bakery on Cherry Road October 24 to celebrate the fall season 5pm-7pm

Support FiA Rock Hill by signing up to host a trunk here or by donating candy here for the event.

Trojan Trot 5K Run

Please see the attached info here for the Trojan Trot 5k Hosted by Northwestern High School On October 24th. Any questions please see Fryin pan.

6th Annual Trojan Golf Fundraiser

Please see the attached flyer for an upcoming 6th Annual Northwestern Golf Fundraiser on November 2nd here.  Any questions please see Fryin pan.

2020 Palmetto Council Virtual 5K

Join us for a virtual 5K and fun run benefitting the Palmetto Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Once you register, you will receive an invitation to participate in our fundraiser portion fo the run. There will not be a physical meeting, you choose where and when you want to complete your challenge within the allocated timeframe.

Dates: October 23 - 30, 2020

Cost: Individual entry $15; Family entry $25 (no limit on number of family members who can participate)

For additional information, please contact Charlianne Nestlen, Palmetto Council Director of Family Scouting, at 864-266-7825 or To register Click Here.

F3 Dads Time Change 

Starting on October 17th F3 Dads with now be meeting at 2 PM every other Saturday at the Patriot AO location. For more information, see: Roxanne

October Word of The Month

October's word of the month is Discernment.

Should you quit your job or ride out the unmet expectations of your current position? How should you counsel your child that is struggling with anxiety or depression? Or, what do you say to a friend that just recently lost a family member? Do you move your family to a totally different town to take care of your aging parents?

Although the Bible speaks directly to some aspects of our lives, it does not speak to every area. It is in these times, like the ones listed above, that we need discernment. 

In the grayer areas of life, we cannot rely on direct revelation from God’s Word. However, our decisions are based on something – most commonly, from our experiences. Beyond that, our family/friends, occupation, and hobbies shape the lens in which we view the world. Read More

Still Fresh

A Toughish and a Half – An 18 Hour Ruck Event

12/4/2020 9:00 PM  18 hours? Really? Yup, really – it’s shorter than the P200/BRR but longer than a Tough. It’s gotta be long enough to make all the training worth it! Plus there’s a patch at the end! See the Preblast Here For more information, see: Catfish

Runners Simply Looking to Run with Other Runners to Push and Support One Another

10/24/2020 6:00 AM  2020 has presented various challenges on varying levels for everyone as we all know. And, in many instances, various things have been postponed or cancelled given the circumstances surrounding 2020. So, the intent of this informal, unofficial thing is to just bring runners together to go out and run no matter the level whether it be a couch to 5K run all the way up to pushing through a full marathon. See the PreBlast Here.

Weekly Q Source Topic -SCHOOLING (Q4.2)


The Phase Of An LDP During Which Formal Leadership Training Is Provided

The principles of Leadership are both universal and timeless

Schooling is the first phase of the the LDP. It is where a man is provided with the head-knowledge he will need to be a Virtuous Leader. This head-knowledge is universal in the sense that it applies to every kind of Group regardless of its structure or the composition of its Membership. It is also timeless because it is premised upon a set of principles that have not changed over the many centuries of human history. What was True about Leadership for Moses as he traversed the Sinai at the head of the Israelites is true for you today at work or in the driver seat of your minivan full of Shorties.

Within the continuum of formal Leadership instruction that comprises Schooling there is a broad bandwidth of quality and intensity. Spending four years at West Point and reading Leadership For Dummies in one’s spare time are both examples of Schooling. Although they dwell at opposite ends of the quality/intensity continuum, they share the characteristic of the didactic dissemination of the Leadership Principles. Read More

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10/19/20 Independence River Rat
10/19/20 Night at the Museum Night Crawler

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