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NEWSLETTER - Spring 2018

Georgetown's WOW!mobile

The Georgetown Public Library in Texas reaches an additional 2,000 patrons each month with its WOW!mobile (Words on Wheels). This bookmobile-style program brings comprehensive library services to segments of the community that have difficulty visiting the library. The schedule of stops includes retirement communities, nursing homes, low-income neighborhoods, and preschools. The WOW!mobile also expands community outreach programming possibilities.
The WOW!mobile launched in 2012 after the library received a grant from the Texas Library Association. The Friends of the Library generously raised the remaining funds needed to purchase the vehicle and a set collection for the bookmobile to launch. Spearheaded by now-retired librarian, Michele Harber, the new program grew rapidly, in large part due to Harber’s tremendous dedication and palpable enthusiasm for the program. The first three years, one staff member managed every aspect of the WOW!mobile, including collection development, van maintenance, and a full schedule of stops each week.

Upon Harber’s retirement, the program had grown enough to dedicate additional staff time and resources. The library’s budget had also grown to support ongoing expenses for the bookmobile. Now the WOW!mobile team is comprised of three staff members: Kalena Powell, Community Outreach Assistant, who is solely dedicated to the initiative and works alongside, Sheri Miklaski, Community Outreach Librarian, and Toni Nietfeld, Cataloging Librarian. 
The WOW!mobile makes 57 stops per month within the Georgetown city limits. New stops are thoughtfully considered and given a 3-month trial period to see if enough buzz can be generated to sustain the new location. Instead of having a set collection on board, the WOW!mobile functions as a branch within their Apollo™ ILS. Materials are pulled from the main library collection to stock the bookmobile and items change frequently based on the demographic of the day’s stops. Powell estimates around 40% of bookmobile patrons make reserves in advance and pick up items during their scheduled stop, primarily from the senior living destinations. The remaining 60% of bookmobile patrons browse and select items from the floating collection on board. Neighborhood stops often attract 50-60 kids per month, so the collection aboard the WOW!mobile changes frequently to accommodate the age and interest of the day’s patrons.   

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Spotlight: Hosted Services -Choosing with CareFrom time to time, you may be in a position of choosing a hosted service. This could be something like an e-book provider to the likes of Quickbooks to an automation system. A new class of vulnerabilities has emerged that highlights the need to choose carefully to best protect your data from being stolen, deleted, or held for ransom. Example vulnerabilities you may recognize are Rowhammer, Meltdown, Spectre, and BranchScope. The new vulnerabilities are opportunities for viruses to attack servers (as well as individual PCs). Browsers have introduced some mitigation techniques and it's important for users to always upgrade to the latest browser version.
But the architecture of today's "shared" or "cloud" services offer a whole new way for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. By definition, typical shared/cloud services sell server time and storage to anyone who pays for it. And those customers can run any software on the server. They can be legitimate software providers or can easily be bad actors, buying into shared/cloud services to run malicious software with the sole purpose of extracting data from other customers. Taking the shared hosted approach is appealing to legitimate providers because it can save them significant time and money versus managing their own dedicated servers. However that cost-saving can end up costing you a lot.
What to do: Use only hosted solutions whose software is run from dedicated servers, ie, servers that are used solely by that vendor. This assures that no other entity has access to install software. Here's a question you can ask of any current or future vendors of hosting services:
"Does your hosted solution run on physical or virtual hardware?"
If they say "virtual", you should explore the above issues with them or you can explore other vendors.
(And by the way, are you wondering about the hosted Apollo ILS/LSP? The answer is that the Apollo ILS/LSP has always run on dedicated hardware and never on public virtual machines.)


Left to Right: Robin Newell, Denise Lawver, Lois Bacon and Deb Robertson gather at the Biblionix NLA Happy Hour at Mac’s Creek Wine Bar in Kearney, Nebraska in October 2017. 

A Reason to Smile

Mediapolis Public Library received donations to purchase new computers after Tom Heckenberg received an unexpected smile from fellow library patron, Maggie Spence. Read the full story

Voter Perceptions and Support of Public Libraries in 2018

OCLC released an updated report on how perceptions of public libraries has shifted among US voters since their 2008 report, From Awareness to Funding: A Study of Library Support in America.

Case Study

The Rolling Hills Public Library went live with Apollo in December 2014.  Read about their experience and how Apollo compares to their former ILS system.

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Auto-Calling setup fees are no more.  So letting the Apollo ILS make all of your overdue and reserve phone calls is even more affordable.  You don’t need any equipment nor do you need to do anything with any phone company.  There is simply no configuration hassle.  Just tell us you’d like Auto-Calling.  That’s it!  And as with text and email notifications, you can see detailed status, like what calls were made and when.  You'll be post-billed for calls placed, and yep, there's a report so you can track how much you're spending. You'll be surprised at how little you will spend. 
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