Dear Friends of The Inner-City Foundation,

Thank you for your generous support of The Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education over the years. For almost three decades, The Inner-City Foundation has helped to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and educate those living in poverty in Fairfield County. For 28 years it has been our distinct honor, and our mission, to help families in need here, helping to construct with them a path to a better future. Now, the time has come for us to wind down our operations.
We have decided to close our doors due to a confluence of circumstances. As you probably know, in the early days of the Foundation, we were predominantly supported by local corporations. As many corporations found it difficult to maintain their commitments to non-profits with large corporate sponsorships in trying economic times, charities like ours have suffered. Many more of our longtime donors have left the area for warmer climes, like Florida. As our donor base has evolved, so has our ability to raise funds. And, like for so many other charities, the current environment means that our traditional and widely supported event-based fundraising has been curtailed. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have decided that we would rather use our sizeable endowment to help those in need right now, in these difficult times, rather than continue to attempt to raise funds.
Please be assured that we will not be completing our wind down in haste. We have considerable assets, thanks to your generosity, which we plan to thoughtfully distribute to many of our longtime grantees over the coming months, with the same rigorous vetting we have always carefully employed. Your donations will still be doing good, right here in Fairfield County, for many years to come.
And we would be remiss if we did not remind you who have supported us over the years of our legacy, of what we have done together. Since 1992 we have provided more than $32 million in grants to Fairfield County programs helping the neediest among us. We have supported education for both children and adults with more than $24 million, with another $8 million going to programs providing critical human services, like food and shelter. This year, with its special circumstances, found us pivoting to help local programs with more than $400 thousand in emergency funds.
At the Inner-City Foundation, we have spent decades working to aid the disenfranchised, and especially to educate those living in poverty, providing them with the tools they need to find a way out of poverty, and to succeed in life. As a loyal donor, your role in what we have done cannot be lauded enough, and we thank you for your part in making this all possible. We’re proud of our legacy, and we hope you are too. Thank you from the bottom of hearts for being part of our team.
In gratitude from our Board of Directors,

Karen Barry Schwarz
Executive Director

Current Board Members:

Barbara B. Buffone, Greenwich
Edward J. Caffrey, Florida
Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano, Stamford
Thomas J. Coughlin, New Canaan
Pamela Dale, Fairfield
Audrey W. Dornier, Greenwich
William J. Fox, New Canaan
Dean Gestal, Greenwich
Janet S. Gestal, Greenwich
Robert B. Jamieson, Greenwich
Rev. Robert M. Kinnally, New Canaan
Joseph C. Lane, New Canaan
Richard J. Matteis, Greenwich
Joseph H. Miller III, New Canaan
Pamela S. Pagnani, Greenwich
Jane K. Pelletier, Darien
Rev. Msgr. Thomas W. Powers, Stamford
Mary M. Rooney, Darien
Geri Roper, Greenwich
Karen B. Schwarz, Wilton
Robert S. Smith, Greenwich
Harold J. Spitzfaden, New Canaan
Jeanne Gallagher Terrile, Southport
Former Board Members:

Teresa M. Ameen (2001-2012)
John F. Ball (1993-1996)
Digby W. Barrios (1992-2010)
Jane Beasley (1992-2004)
Stephen E. Bepler (1995-2001)
Cammie Bertram (1995-2010)
William H. Besgen (1996-2017)
Vincent J. Boyd (1993-1999)
William M. Bradt (1992-1994)
Mollie McN. Callagy (1993-2008)
Hope E. Carter (1992-2004)
Arthur F. Casavant III (2012-2019)
David F. D'Addario (2003-2006)
Christy Duggan (2017-2020)
Barbara Epifanio (1998-1999)
John J. Ferguson (1992-1998)
Helen Ix FitzPatrick (2001-2019)
Richard E. Fudge (2004-2007)
Sidney E. Goodfriend (2009-2012)
Thomas M. Graham (1999-2016)
Joyce Hergenhan (2002-2012)
V. Donald Hersam (1997-2009)
Donald Houston (1992-1998)
Donna A. Johnson (2004-2010)
Kevin J. Kelleher (1994-2009)
Madeline Lacovara (1994-1996)
Joan M. Lahey (1993-1997)
Dorothy B. Larson (1992-1993)
Leah K. Lebec, (2005-2012)
E. Chapman LeBlond (1992-1994)
Joan G. Maddy (1994-2008)
Leonard N. Mainiero (1992-2000)
Christopher G. Martin (2008-2017)
John J. McGuinness (1999-2002)
William A. Merritt (2011-2015)
Joseph H. Miller, Jr. (1992-2011)
William E. Mitchell (1997-2016)
Brian E. Moran (2015-2019)
Sally B. Neff (2000-2002)
Lesley S. O'Connell (2010-2018)
Melissa W. O'Shaughnessy (2013-2019)
William G. Parrett (1992-1997)
William J. Phelan (2002-2015)
Dennis B. Poster (2004-2016)
Desiree Ralls-Morrison (2015-2017)
Lois Robards (2003-2005)
Cheryl A. Rodriguez (1997-2012)
Eddie Rodriguez, Jr. (1992-1997)
Robert G. Rooney (2015)
John S. Santa (1993-2011)
Bruce D. Sargent (2001-2006)
James V. Schnurr (2009-2014)
Sheryl A. Shaughnessey (2003-2018)
Charles P. Stetson (1993-1997)
Harold J. Tinkler (1997-2010)
Carolyn S. Wiener (2007-2014)
Donald C. Wiesen (1992-1993)
Patricia L. Willett (1992-2009)
Suzanne W. Wright (1992-2010)

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