Ballarat Workshops
We partnered recently with Ballarat Tech College to deliver Girls Invent workshops to three local Ballarat schools.  We spent 2 days with the girls from Phoenix Community College, Ballarat High and Ballarat Grammar. The workshops were adapted to be two full days to suit the needs of these schools to be able to collaborate.

During these workshops the girls worked with Girls Invent, Shelston IP and Mostly Miniature to develop their inventions, Intellectual property, and business plans, and then pitch their products to us.
Many great inventions were seen, and hopefully we will see some of these in the market in the future. Two groups from Ballarat Grammar were selected to progress the our end of year Pitch night with Scale Investors.

Government Sponsorship Grants

There are currently government grant opportunities available that can be utilised to help fund programs like Girls Invent within your schools and organisations.

Sponsorship Grants for Student Science Engagement aims to support young Australians to develop skills and potential career opportunities in a field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

It will do this by providing grants to organisations, such as schools and community groups, to sponsor eligible young Australians to participate in conferences, competitions and other STEM-related events.

The Science Engagement element supports Australian students under the age of 18 to attend or participate in significant STEM related activities or events in Australia and overseas. This could include support for a senior student to pitch an innovation to an entrepreneur or participate at Australian-based STEM competitions. The grant amounts can be between $1000 to $2000 

More info -

Go Girl Go For IT

Every 2 years, the Victorian ICT for Women network runs the Go Girl Go For IT event bringing this year 2000 girls spanning years 5 to 12 from all over Victoria to hear about the incredible range of vocational avenues available in IT. 

This year the event was held on Thursday 16 August 2018 at Deakin University, Burwood Campus.

It was a fantastic collaboration of guest speakers and exhibition displays from multiple organisations whom are all passionate about inspiring girls in IT.

At the Girls Invent stand, we had a homemade gumball machine, which had many girls curious about how to create one for themselves. The students and teachers both were able to assist us in our research on Service Learning,  by completing surveys, and all schools had the opportunity to enter the draw to win a 2 hour Girls Invent workshop. The competition was redrawn after the original winner did not claim the prize, so the lucky recipient of a Girls Invent workshop is now Melbourne Girls College.

New Ambassador: Josie from Mind Over Batter

We were so impressed by Josie's entrepreneurship that we invited her to become one of our Girls Invent Ambassador. Here is her inspiring story...

Tell us about Mind Over Batter?
Mind Over Batter is the business I started from home in January 2016. I make elaborate cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, special occasions and corporate events. I take orders through my website, Most of my promotion is through word of mouth and social media- I have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’m currently in year 12 so I only work on the business part-time, making usually one to three cakes a week.
How did you come to develop Mind Over Batter?
I’d loved cake decorating for years. I used to bake and decorate a cake to bring to class for every major school project: a gold mine in year 6, a medieval castle in year 8, the severed head of Marie Antoinette in year 11. I noticed that people listened a lot more attentively to my presentation if I gave them sugar first. Early in 2016 I made a three-tiered monochromatic cake with handmade sugar flowers for the birthday of a friend of my mother’s I barely knew, because I was bored.

She was impressed and flattered, and someone else at the party offered to pay me to make their 40th cake the next month. I spent that month planning, researching and teaching myself how to bake to a standard I felt comfortable charging for. The rest is history, and I’ve improved and learned a lot about cake, marketing and business along the way.
Who and what was your inspiration?
Both my parents are entrepreneurs at heart. My mother works as an investor but she never stops coming up with crazy business ideas: converting the house into a carrot-themed amusement park was her latest scheme. I suppose I got my creativity and determination, if not my baking skills, from her. She’s also very business-minded and has helped a lot with the financial side of the business.
What are your goals for the future?
At this point I don’t have any plans set in stone. I’m taking a gap year in 2019: six months to pour my time and energy into the business, six months to travel Europe and maybe the world. After that, an arts degree, probably at Melbourne University, and I’ll work it out from there.
What inspired you to be an ambassador for Girls Invent?
I think it’s really important to encourage girls to follow their passions, think creatively and take the initiative to start something. Despite the huge progress that’s been made towards gender equality in Australia, the prevailing societal bias is still to see women as subservient and passive, and their primary role in the workforce is still often that of supporting and encouraging men to succeed. It’s difficult to grow up with these attitudes permeating society and not subconsciously internalise them, so I think it’s important for organisations like Girls Invent to work to challenge and deconstruct these ideas.
How do you feel you can use your role as ambassador to inspire other girls?
I feel I can speak out about the importance of self-confidence and taking a risk. I can share my story and encourage other girls to pursue their own passions in a similar way.
Josie can be contacted at


For Fair Footy Podcast
Girls Invent Entrepreneurs from Genazzano Featured in Podcast
The latest Superwomen in Science Podcast has featured the For Fair Footy from year 9. These bright young ladies developed their invention during the Girls Invent Workshops at Gennazanno FJC earlier this year.
Listen to these girls as they talk about discovering a love of inventing, and that they can create a product that people want. Their segment starts at 1.02:30

Sharing our work on integrating STEM Into Girls Invent
Girls Invent integrates STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) with real world entrepreneurial skills to create a dynamic and engaging program that increases girls' confidence and self-belief.
This brochure reflects insights gained from recent research undertaken by Monash University into how Girls Invent contributes to STEM education for girls.

Sydney Uni to Mark Graduates on Inventiveness
An interesting development in higher education, with Sydney University changing the way they assess and mark graduates. These changes allow for the focus to be on genuine learning, rather than just studying to pass an exam, and will include skills such as inventiveness,  critical thinking, influence, cultural competence and leadership.
“A world-first plan by Sydney University to evaluate how graduates communicate, solve problems and work with others could be adopted by high schools as they try to tackle the "blinkered focus" on HSC marks and ATARs.
The university will give a description of each student's mastery of these so-called soft skills as an attachment to their academic transcript from 2020, in response to employer concerns that grades do not tell them enough about prospective employees.”

Read Article Here

Building Educational Opportunities through Service Learning

We all know about the great benefits that come from community volunteering, but have you every heard about service learning?

According to James Cook University, Service Learning, by definition, "is a collaborative relationship between the community and the classroom that equally prioritises student learning and community service."

Our growing international work offers a unique opportunity for Australian schools and their students to engage in service learning with overseas communities without the need to travel. As our work in Africa and Asia are all currently done via video links, we believe this represents a unique way for local students to share their learnings and resources with overseas students who do not enjoy the same opportunities or resources that Australia offers to develop these skills or business ventures. This foundation work can then be reinforced later through actual visits to communities.

If you would like more information about our new Service Learning program please email us
Girls Choose Maths 4 STEM Day
On Wednesday 19th September The Mathematics Association of WA and Penrhos College joined forces with Choose Maths to host a day that aims to encourage Year 9 girls with an aptitude for mathematics to study applied mathematics in Year 11 and 12, and to encourage study in STEM subjects in tertiary education.
Two of the Girls Invent trainers, Louise and Zia, participated in this event by running a “speed dating” style of conference.   Each group sat with each speaker for 5 minutes as the speaker spoke about their career and answered any of the girls’ questions. Louise and Zia were able to use their experiences to help motivate the girls within Mathematics and STEM, as well as introduce them to the Girls Invent program.

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