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August 2019

English Language Proficiency Standards
in the BC Transfer System

The number of non-native English speakers enrolling in BC's post-secondary system appears to have increased in recent decades. This study reviews the extensive research literature that explores measures of English-language proficiency used for admissions and whether there is any relationship between these and student's subsequent academic performance.

There are five standardized tests accepted as measures of English-language proficiency for admission to more than half of BC Transfer System institutions. This study compares the acceptable minimum mark or grades on each of these tests across institutions, and offers a number of recommendations for institutions to consider.

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* Meet David Leeming *

David Leeming was first introduced to the BC Transfer System in 1979 when he joined the Mathematics articulation committee as a new faculty member at the University of Victoria. His involvement with the committee opened his eyes to the value of transfer and mobility in support of post-secondary success. He remains committed to the enterprise of supporting student transitions even today.

To date, he has attended almost every committee meeting as a member of what is now known as the BC Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics (BCcupms). This group has been forging flexible pathways for learners since 1967!

Throughout David's career, he has remained an active champion for teaching and research and a powerful advocate for student mobility. (For this reason, he was granted the BCCAT Franklin Gelin Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.) As a member of the Council (2000-2006) and BCCAT's Transfer & Articulation Committee (1996-2006), he contributed to key discussions and projects, as a proactive and focused supporter of transfer and articulation in BC.

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Meet all of the "Friends of BCCAT" by checking out their stories on the BCCAT website.

Pictured below: David enjoying quality time with his son, Robert.

"There were students who would have to transfer to a university to complete their undergraduate degrees. There were colleagues at other institutions that were intent on assisting these students to succeed after making the transition.

It was a worthwhile enterprise and the people involved all had a common purpose: to help students make as seamless a transition as possible."

Find Your Path: Presentation Slides

New Resource: These presentation slides are based on the content of the "Find Your Path" viewbookThis resource was designed for recruiters, advisors, and others to walk through the basics of how to navigate BC's post-secondary transfer system. It also includes information on and - free, accessible web tools created to support students through their post-secondary journeys. The presentation (PDF) is available for downloading here.


BCCAT is inviting project proposals focusing on "Contemporary Issues in Student Mobility" in BC's post-secondary environment.
Deadline: September 30, 2019
See our website for details.

Admissions: The "A" in BCCAT

BCCAT--the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer--holds two distinct roles as reflected in its title. For several years, the work of BCCAT focused primarily on the transfer component of its mandate. In 2003, the Council sharpened its focus on admissions, and the Admissions Committee was formed. 

In February, 2008, BCCAT published a Special Report newsletter looking at the "admissions" side of BCCAT", noting that role of the Admissions Committee is "to provide expert advice to BCCAT and examine issues pertaining to capacity, demand, and student mobility." 

Over the years, the Admissions Committee has overseen a wide array of projects that have deepened our understanding of post-secondary access and success, and have informed the development of policy and practices at BC post-secondary institutions. Here are a few key examples:

BCCAT's admissions agenda expanded significantly through collaboration with the Student Transitions Project (STP), enabling access for system partners to vital data on student enrolment and mobility.

To learn more about BCCAT (and related) research, see BCCAT's 2018-19 Research Plan. In addition, a helpful overview is presented in "Student Transfer, Success, and Mobility in BC Post-Secondary Institutions"

JAM 2019 - Celebrating BC's Transfer EcoSystem

Save the date for the next Joint Annual Meeting on Friday, November 1, 2019 at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel in downtown Vancouver!
This year, we're looking forward to celebrating BCCAT's 30th anniversary, as we reflect on the strengths and achievements of BC's remarkable transfer "ecosystem". And of course this event will provide another valuable opportunity to learn, share, and connect on issues impacting transfer and articulation as we continue our work together in support of BC's post-secondary students. Check our website as details unfold.


We invite you to check out this year's Annual Review, "Growing Together: BCCAT and the BC Transfer System, 30 Years On". The report (and related infographic summary) takes a look at BC's transfer ecosystem and how it continues to grow and thrive through collaboration and a shared commitment to supporting student mobility.

Today, 30 years on, BC's transfer community is growing strong. Through collaborating, sharing resources, and undertaking research to inform key decisions and developments, the BC Transfer System continues to grow ever more flexible, robust, and responsive. Thanks again to our post-secondary partners for working and growing together in support of students.
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