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St. Paul's Epistle
Week of July 28 - August 3, 2021
Pastor's Perspective

Hospitality is Our Heritage

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers…” – Hebrews 13:2
     My family recently spent a week in the mountains of North Carolina.  The weather was amazing, the scenery of the mountains was beautiful, and the time away with family was refreshing.
     While we were there, we connected with our family heritage by attending the Grandfather Mountain Scottish Highland Games (both Shawna and I have a good bit of Scottish blood in our veins).  The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is one of the largest gatherings of Scottish clans in the world.  People from all around gather together for a long weekend of everything Scottish:  food, music, family reunions, and friendly competition in traditional Scottish games from the Old Country.  There is more haggis (sausage made from sheep stomach), and there are more bagpipes and kilts than you can imagine.
     The games are set up like a track and field event.  The games and the music take place in the infield and the outside of the track is surrounded with tents from all the Scottish family clans.  There are some bleachers and some grassy areas to sit on, but the best places to view the events are in the clan tents.  As we walked around the field trying to find a place to watch the events, we experienced something beautiful:  we experienced hospitality.  People in the clan tents warmly invited and welcomed us into their tents.  They didn’t know us, but because we shared a heritage, they showed us hospitality.
     The church must always be like one of those clan tents, and church members must always be hospitable.  We must always welcome people we don’t really know but who share our faith in Jesus – or want to share our faith in Jesus – to come be a part of our church family.  It can start with a smile, a handshake, a kind word, and an invitation.  But it just might end with a new relationship on earth and an eternal relationship with Jesus.
     The church is the family of God that gathers together to worship the Lord and to participate in the saving work He is doing in the world.  Even though most of us are not related, we share a common heritage in Jesus, and that makes us family.  Let’s share our heritage and hospitality with others and grow God’s family.
Jason +
A special offering will be taken on Sunday, August 1st,  to help Haiti.  Please consider being as generous as you can.
Our next healing service will be this Sunday, August 1st, at 5PM.  Our healing prayer teams will pray for physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.  This month, there will be a special emphasis on praying for those with cancer.
Happy Independence Day to The Rev. Anderson Sanchez and our friends in Peru.  Viva la Peru!
VILLAGE FAMILIES!!!  Let’s spend a Friday night as a family watching some baseball!!  Join us on Friday, August 13th for a fun night of CONNECTING with each other as we enjoy a baseball game.  Tickets will be $13 per person.  Friday’s are family night at the ballpark.  They will have fireworks and kids run the bases after the game.  Please let Sean know if you want to come.  If this is a financial hardship please let us know.  This will be The Village meeting for August.


CAP needs volunteers! 
Monday - Thursday (10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.) packing boxes for our clients.  2 hour shifts are available.  We are also in need of drivers to pick up food from our grocery stores on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please see Jack Benson for further information.  His telephone number is (843) 222-7005.  Thank you for helping us feed our community!!

 Prayer Shawl Ministry - Starting Over

A meeting of the Prayer Shawl Minstry will be held Monday, August 2nd, from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall.  Anyone interested in learning to knit or crochet is welcome, as are veteran yarn lovers. We make prayer shawls and prayer patches that are prayed over, blessed and given out to people in need of comfort.

Hope to see you there!
We all have/had acquaintances, family and/or ourselves experience one form of cancer or another. For Horry County, the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry annually lists over 2068 people newly diagnosed with some form of cancer. To help those facing the BIG C, St. Paul’s is launching a program in the fall to address cancer pastoral care in the Conway area. On 12-13  August Deb Wright, Mollie Fout and Scott Johnson will be attending online training, sponsored by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), to interface cancer pastoral care with members of St. Paul’s and the community. Look for updates in the near future and any concerns should be addressed to Deb Wright ( 

Happy Birthday To:
July 28      Jacquelyn Wiley
July 30      Harriette Louis, Elena Johnson
Aug. 01     Roy Talbert
Aug. 02     Linda Bourey, Joe Triacca, Charmaine Frisch
Aug. 03     John Tuohy
Aug. 04     Suzanne Sasser
Aug. 05     Shannon Biddle
Aug. 07     Deborah Wright
Aug. 09     Monica Powers
Aug. 12     Janis Earley
Aug. 13     Lee Brown, Kim Gabel, Jason Collins
Aug. 15     William Morgan
Aug. 17     Malia Campbell Paredes
Aug. 18     Douglas Owen, Irish Killian, Barbara Law, Glen Roberts
Aug. 20     Blair Zoll
Aug. 21     Stewart Shelton, Shane Shelton
Aug. 24     Evelyn Kalal, Angela Pharr
Aug. 25     Betty Richter, Margaret Gouty, Diane Russell,  Mary Gillis
Aug. 26     L. Cole Smith
Aug. 28     Larry Biddle, Vernon Simmons, Victoria Black
Aug. 30     Suzanne Owen,  Al Hogan, Andrew Roberts

Happy Anniversary To:
July 28     Philip & Kay Hungerford
July 31     Stan & Carol Klekotka
Aug. 05     Paul & Carmela Abajian
Aug. 06     Davie &  Debra Somers
Aug. 07     Mike & Cathy Strite
Aug. 09     Scott & Helen Johnson, Don & Lori Wilcox
Aug. 12     Douglas & Suzanne Owen
Aug. 15     Layne & Barbara Law
Aug. 19     Caroline Groom
Aug. 22     Larry & Ginny Biddle

Sunday, August 01, 2021

VPOD- Dave Hilgeman, Neil Spellerberg
 Altar Guild- Marie Bennett, Sue Harrison, Lee Brown, Lisa Bennett  
Usher-Dave Hilgeman
Master Server/Lector/Chalice-Heather Underwood


Usher-Jimmy Jordan, Lauri Rinskey
Greeter- Tracey and Mark Thomas
Master Server-Marie Bennett
Chalice-Marie Bennett, Janie Talbert
Lector-Sammi Jordan
Lemonade-Suzanne Sasser
Please pray for:
Short-term:  Beth Artz, Joanna Beall, Melodie Beall, Theresa Benway, Bill Bethel, Unitas Maximus Bochnar, Sylvia Burkley, John & Peggy Byrd, Martina Castillo, Janelle, Michael Mefford, Cindy Palmer, Peggy Papa, Angie Pharr, Steven Starosto, Logan Suter,  Alice Windish, Blair Zoll.
Long-term: Wyman Boatwright, Laverne Bridges, Amy Brooks, Barbara Diaz, Eileen Forte, Shay Gaillard & Family, Mary Hembree, Ithalia Hewitt, Aaron Joyner, Jack Joyner, Keith Larimore, Jane LaTour, John Lesnansky, Carol Lorenze, Lynn Parsley, Amber Rabon, Ann Roberts, Ann Schmidt,   Cheryl Sweat, Elizabeth Sweat, Phil Reynolds, Norm Smith, Hugh Smith, Kate Strite,  Ellis Todd, Tommy, Fran Tuohy, Shirley Thibodeau, Kamil Sarji, Andy Vos, Bob & Jackie Whitlatch, Natalie Wicks, Richard, Natalie Wicks

Under Construction

The church system,, is under construction to help us utilze it's many advantages. There is  some great functionality that I am exploring and implementing.  Some of you have already received emails or texts from the church system.   I apologize for any confusion that has been caused.  Please be patient with me.  I am trying to make life easier for our volunteers.  If you receive any messages that you don't understand please contact me at or (843) 698-0795.

Deb Wright
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