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St. Paul's Epistle
Week of September 15- September 21, 2021

Pastor's Perspective
     The second week of September, 2001 is a week that will not be forgotten.  On Tuesday, September 11 we witnessed horrible acts of terrorism as four commercial planes were hijacked.  Three of those planes hit their targets:  the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  One other plane, Flight 93, was intentionally crashed by the passengers in a field in Pennsylvania to prevent it from hitting the Capitol.  On that horrific day, 2,977 people were killed, 19 hijackers committed murder-suicide, and 6,000 other people were injured.  The rest of us were in shock.  That first week of September, 2001 was a week that began with tragedy.
     But the week ended with a triumph.  On Sunday, September 16 at 3PM in the afternoon, St. Paul’s Church was packed as we dedicated the new church building that we all worship in now.  It was a wonderful celebration of the hard work and dedication our church family had endured to build a new space where we would worship the Lord Jesus together.  Over the years, the Word of God has been preached boldly and clearly, the Sacraments have been administered effectively, and people have begun a new life with Jesus through Baptism in our church.  Weddings have been blessed, loved ones have been buried, and friends have been healed in our church.  Songs have been sung, the Holy Spirit has been encountered, and love has been expressed in our church.  Thank God for an amazing 20 years!  Enjoy the photos that follow this article to remind you of the construction project in 2001.
     It’s hard to believe that 9/11 was 20 years ago.  It’s also hard to believe that the “new” church is now 20 years old.  I look forward to celebrating many more Sundays and Christian life events in that church.  I am even more excited to share those moments with you.  Praise God for triumph after tragedy!  Amen. 
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Get to know the Bishop Candidates!

In one month, The Very Rev. Chip Edgar, The Rev. Dr. Rob Sturdy, or The Rev. Chris Warner will be elected as Bishop of The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina.  To get to know them and their positions on key theological, ministry, and personal issues, please use the following link and watch the candidate videos and recordings of the walkabouts where the candidates answer important questions:
On Saturday, October 16, 2021, the clergy and lay delegates from each church will gather at Christ Church in Mount Pleasant for the election.  Please review this information and speak to your lay delegates about your prayerful discernment.  The lay delegates representing St. Paul’s Church are Jack Benson, Kathy Benson, Deb Wright, and Cathy Strite.  Larry & Ginny Biddle are alternate delegates should one of the delegates not be able to attend.  God bless our next bishop!

If you  want to sign up for Cancer Care training, please contact Deb Wright (, or call Rose Mary in the church office at 843.248.4706. Six weekly training meetings will begin on October 4 at 1:30PM for the day session and at 6:30PM for the evening session.  The training materials are provided free of charge from Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

 The Good News Club at Conway Elementary School will launch on September 23, 2021.  The Good News Club is an after-school program that introduces children to Jesus.  There are two (2) volunteer spots still available on the team.  For more information and if you can help, please contact Pat Milley at (843) 347-4972.

*Contact Jeanne Browder or Betsy Bullard if you have questions!
If you’re interested, use this link: 

Sunday, September 19, 2021
VPOD-Dave Hilgeman, Neil Spellerberg
Altar Guild-Nancy Mathews, Bev Kimbell, Diane Russell, Mary Ruggio
Usher-Jeff Miller
Acolyte/Lector-Scott Johnson


Usher- Kathy and Jack Benson
Greeter-Lauri Rinskey, Janie Talbert 
Acolyte-Marie Bennett 
Lector-Janie Talbert

Happy Birthday To:
Sept.  2 - Beverly Kimbell, William Gascoigne
Sept.  3 - Ann Schmidt, Estelle Shelton, John Lesnansky, Keith Bullard,
               Patricia Grace
Sept.  4 - Charlotte Speedy, Deborah Amaral

Sept.  5 - Brandi Hooks

Sept.  6 - Janie Talbert, Kathy Benson  
Sept.  8 -
Patricia Milley
Sept.  9 - Jacquie Olster, Lorretta DeMaria
Sept. 10 - Betty Norman
Sept. 11 - Alice Bethel
Sept. 14 -
Paula Haas
Sept. 15 - Patrick Hooks
Sept. 16 - Sean Richardson
Sept. 18 - Dawn Rider
Sept. 19 - Robert Whitlatch
Sept. 20 -
Timothy Belvin Jr., Wendy Lange
Sept. 22 - Diane Gascoigne, Joy Wadman, Mariza Lorena Valenzuela
Sept. 25 - Diahann Saddler, Glen Sincovic
Sept. 26 - Shelton Long
Sept. 27 - Dorothy Silvernail
Sept. 28 - Amy Brooks, Sherry Smith
Sept. 29 - Orrin Stacy
Sept. 30 - Anthony Abajian

Happy Anniversary To:
Sept.  4 - Travis & Vanessa Todd
Sept.  7 -  Robert & Jacquelyn Wiley
Sept. 11 - William & Debbie Morgan
Sept. 16 - Kenneth & Garaciela Wicks
Sept. 19 - Robert & Martha Fay
Sept. 20 - Frank & Lorretta DeMaria
Sept. 23 - Zachary & Allie Jeffords Bennett
Sept. 24 - Bill & Cheryl Kellas
Sept. 24 - Bill & Patty Taylor
Sept. 30 - Brad & Wendy  Lange
Please pray for:
Short-term:  Beth Artz, Joanna Beall, Melodie Beall, Theresa Benway, Bill Bethel, Unitas Maximus Bochnar, Sylvia Burkley, Martina CastilloBob Donougan,  Michael Mefford, Cindy Palmer, Wayne Pounders, Steven Starosto, Logan Suter, Janelle Warthen, Alice Windish
Long-term: Wyman Boatwright, Laverne Bridges, Amy Brooks, Barbara Diaz, Shay Gaillard & Family, Mary Hembree, Ithalia Hewitt, Bob Hill, Aaron Joyner, Jack Joyner, Keith Larimore, Jane LaTour, John Lesnansky, Carol Lorenze, Suzanne Damiano-Owen,  Lynn Parsley, Amber Rabon, Ann Roberts, Roy Stankewitz,  Cheryl Sweat, Elizabeth Sweat, Phil Reynolds, Norm Smith, Hugh Smith, Kate Strite,  Ellis Todd, Tommy, Fran Tuohy, Andy Vos, Bob & Jackie Whitlatch, Richard, Natalie Wicks, Scott Wiley, Blair Zoll
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