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Want to be a part of the migration?

Mass numbers of monarchs are now migrating! Only a small percentage of us will ever have an opportunity to visit the monarch overwintering sites in Mexico. This doesn't mean we can't still be a part of the migration! One of the best ways you and your students can participate in the monarch migration is to track the migration on the maps from Journey North.

Everyday citizen scientists report their first sightings of adult monarchs, eggs, larvae and milkweed. The data are then entered on a weekly basis and dots appear on the appropriate map. As spring progresses, you can track the migration! There are even archived maps so you can look at exact dates from year to year (or play the animation that connects them all together) in an effort to compare yearly cool is that?!?

One look at these maps and all of you incredible teachers will be able to think of countless ways to incorporate the migration into your curriculum, no matter what age group you teach! And, as an easy way to become citizen scientists, why not go ahead and register so you and your students can report your own first's quick and easy! 

There is also a new page on the Monarch Waystation Network website devoted to connecting the migration to the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards! It is a work in progress, but can certainly provide some ideas to get you going.

And don't forget to visit the forum to share your migration-based lessons and ideas with other teachers!

*Click HERE to read the latest news from Mexico, as reported by Estela Romero and Elizabeth Howard of Journey North*

Student Challenge: Early Spring/Late Winter

Many parts of the country experienced spring-like weather in February. This weather spurred plants and animals to get into spring mode. As a result, many plants began sprouting, budding and/or blooming. March has been a different story for much of the country, with freezing temperatures all around.

  • Do you live in an area where plants began sprouting, budding, and/or blooming?
  • If so, what observations are you making? What are some of the plants you feel are most affected? Will they recover?
  • If you have lilacs around you, where they affected?
  • Do you think these weather fluctuations will negatively impact the monarch? Other pollinators?
  • If so, why? In what ways?
  • If you don't feel it will impact monarchs, why not?
  • Visit the forum to share your responses.
Use your Camera
As you take your students outside to utilize your outdoor learning environments, please consider taking a camera or two. Not sure why? Here are some of the many reasons: 
  • Students' parents love seeing pictures of their kids engaged in the learning process
  • Administrators value visual documentation of engaged learners
  • Media sources - within your school and/or community- need to highlight "good, school news", and pictures speak volumes
  • Colleagues who may question- or even resist- your efforts to incorporate monarchs, pollinators and outdoor learning opportunities need to "see" your engaged learners
  • Pictures may help you apply for grants in the future
  • Incorporate photography into some assignments (ex. identification of plants and insects; photo scavenger hunt of vocabulary words, colors, letter identification, number sense, patterns, etc.)
  • Assign the "photographer" role to a student who: may need a boost in self-esteem, could benefit from increased positive academic experiences, needs a "job" to help maintain focus, earned a reward, you are building relationships with, or...
  • Photography can help you and your students see the world in a fresh way, that may lead to future conservation efforts
  • Who doesn't like taking or looking at pictures of things such as: spring sprouts, flowers, butterflies, caterpillars, unique insects, gardens, birds and youth engaged in learning?!?
  • It's FUN!!!
School News and Highlights
The Monarch Waystation Network loves to recognize you and your students in our newsletters and website! Please consider sending us pictures, stories, quotes, testimonials, and links to news clips or media attention you have received. You can email or share them in the forum
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Thank you all for everything you do! You are part of the solution, and your energy truly makes this world a better place:)
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