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eManagement Tips - July 2018

A free monthly update for Associates and Members of RiverRhee's Managers' Community
Welcome to RiverRhee's managers' version of the July 2018 issue of eManagement Tips, our monthly resource for new and experienced managers who have attended or are considering one of our management courses.

We've been receiving requests for one and two-day versions of our management courses for people who are only managing one or two direct reports and/or don't have the time to attend our 3-day Introduction to Management. 

We've also received requests to spread the 3-day course over a few weeks or months, rather than running it over 3 consecutive days.

You can read about our plans for addressing these requests, starting 6th September, below.

[The visual above accompanies the first of a series of blogs covering the various modules of our management courses. You can read about how management is about more than just getting the job done here.]

See below for more details about these new management course options and our autumn dates.

This month's issue focuses on emotional self-control, and on the importance of respect in a work-place setting.
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Emotional self-control

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do in a work-place setting is to maintain a positive mindset and mood in the face of all the challenges that we encounter.

Moods and emotions are contagious, and a manager needs to be able to exert self-control in order to help their team members have the positive mind-set that is so important for effective collaboration and productivity.

Daniel Goleman and colleagues' booklet number 2 in the Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence gives us some reminders about:

  1. Why emotional self-control is important
  2. The neurological basis for its presence (or absence!)
  3. Some strategies for how to generate self-control

Elisabeth has extracted the key messages from this booklet in: some insights on emotional self-control.  It will be useful for managers and team members alike.


We don't necessarily need to like the people we find ourselves working with, but if we can identify and respect each other's differences and strengths, then that will be a good basis for productive collaborations.

Kristie Rogers, in the June-July issue of Harvard Business Review, takes this thinking even further.

She shows us how there are two types of respect in the workplace: owed and earned, and how important they are to individual self-worth and development and to the growth of an organisation.

She also gives us some tips for how to determine the right balance of owed vs earned respect for collaboration and for individual achievement, and for how to demonstrate respect.

You can read more about Respect! in Elisabeth's blog

New one- and two-day management courses from RiverRhee

RiverRhee’s flagship Introduction to Management course traditionally runs over three consecutive days.  A number of clients have asked if the format and content could be adapted to better fit with their schedules and ways of working.  Starting 6th September 2018, the following alternatives will be available:

Option 1 - A one-day supervisors’ course combining the most valuable components of the 3-day course for those people only managing one or two people, and with limited time for training.  This course will be initiated on the 6th September 2018.  It will include the following modules: motivation, communication, dealing with difficult people and situations, managing meetings, managing time and setting priorities, delegation.  (In-house versions are also available).

Option 2 - A two-day line managers’ course focusing on managing the individual and managing the task.  This will contain all the materials traditionally covered in Days 1 and 2 of the Introduction to Management course, and will be initiated in 1Q2019.  (In-house versions are also available)

Option 3 a - Our in-house version of RiverRhee’s flagship Introduction to Management delivered at intervals to suit you - for example one day per week over 3 weeks, or one day per month over 3 months.

Option 3 b - The original off-site 3-day Introduction to Management will continue to be available - the remaining dates for 2018 are 25th-27th September, and 11th-13th December.

Please email Elisabeth on or contact her on 07876 130 817. 
Do get in touch to enquire about or book a place on one of our upcoming courses:
  • 1-day Supervisor's course - 6th September
  • Introduction to Management - 25th-27th September
  • Coaching Skills for Managers - 16th October
  • Transition to Leadership - 18th October
  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma - 6th November
  • The First Steps in Selling - 7th November
  • Introduction to Project Management - 8th November
  • Presentation Skills - 13th November
  • Managing Change - 14th November
Other training, workshops and one-to-one coaching can be customised on request.

Contact Elisabeth on 07876 130 817 or
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