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eManagement Tips - May 2019

A free monthly update for Associates and Members of RiverRhee's Managers' Community
Welcome to RiverRhee's managers' version of the May 2019 issue of eManagement Tips, our monthly resource for new and experienced managers who have attended or are considering one of our leadership and management courses.
RiverRhee went to Germany this month to deliver our 3-day Introduction to Management to a wonderful group of managers at Eurofins.

This month's issue of eManagement Tips includes:
  • How looking after ourselves will increase the elasticity of time
  • What we can learn from the military about influencing skills for project management
  • The leadership and collaboration skills, and benefits to the organisation of working across silos
Our 2019 calendar of courses continues with Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma on 2nd July. Our 9th-11th July Introduction to Management is filling up - so we are taking requests for a further date in 2019.

We have scheduled Managing Change for 14th November and we are collecting expressions of interest for our modular Green Belt Lean and Six Sigma

Do get in touch if you are interested in these, or indeed in any of our other courses. The current list for 2019 is shown at the foot of this newsletter.

How looking after ourselves will increase the elasticity of time!

There are days when you can't seem to get anything done, and there are others when you really feel that you have achieved something.  This 'elasticity' of time is closely linked to our well-being.

The Observer Magazine (14th April, p. 48) featured an inspiring interview in with Erling Kagge, an ex-corporate lawyer who walked the Poles and is author of "Walking: One Step at a Time".

A quote from the article:

As every walker knows, walking helps you to get things done. When you move fast to save time, time moves fast, too. I'm always struck by how little time you actually save by driving. When you walk, time stretches."

As well as extolling the virtues of walking for enriching your life, Kagge confirms the value of walking for freeing up the subconscious to help you solve problems, generate ideas, and generally be more productive.

Taking time to go for a walk, and otherwise look after our health and wellbeing is definitely, part of the equation. Here is another quote from Erling Kagge in the Observer article:

We think with our entire selves. When we move the body, we also move our thoughts, our emotions, everything frees up and circulates."

Graham Allcott's "The Productivity Ninja" is one of RiverRhee's sources of inspiration for our management module, stand-alone course, and one-to-one coaching on managing time. 

And yes, as Allcott suggests, some of those strategies are unorthodox, involve stealth and camouflage, and involve saying "no"!

We definitely have many options at our disposal for paying attention to our well-being, and thereby increasing the elasticity of our time!

Do get in touch to find out more about our approaches for managing time.

Influencing skills for project management

Two of the biggest challenges for project leaders and managers in the companies that we work with are:

  • Working with a range of stakeholders within and outside their companies, with different cultural backgrounds and communication styles, and with high expectations of the project team.
  • The frequently high degree of uncertainty as to the possible outcomes of the scientific work

Project is the APM’s (Association for Project Managment) regular publication for its members.  This spring’s issue carries a fascinating article by Ben Hargreaves, editor of Project, featuring Emma Dutton MBE. 

The article describes how Emma Dutton is applying what she has learnt from gathering intelligence for the British Armed forces in Afghanistan, to the world of Project Management.

She describes a key skill of “emotional management” (also described by Daniel Goleman as emotional and social intelligence):

  • Being aware of our own emotions, attitudes, behaviours and those of the people we are interacting with
  • Making conscious choices about how we express or adapt these emotions, attitudes and behaviours in order to get positive outcomes for all parties

Emma Dutton’s advice seems very wise indeed:

[do] your work  before you get in the room. Understand the people you are talking to.

As Ben Hargreaves concludes in his article:

Understanding drivers, likes and dislikes, motivations, anxieties, interests, attitudes and beliefs is all-important for the influencer.

Read Elisabeth's blog: Influencing skills for Project Management – lessons from the military
to find out more about this.

N.B. These are topics that we also explore in RiverRhee's one-day course on Project Management, and half-day course on Communication and Influencing Skills.

How working across silos develops leadership and collaborative skills - and benefits the organisation

Delegates discussing the skills for leadership at our recent Transition to Leadership course.

Many of the companies that we work with operate a matrix style of management, where people are assigned to functional departments, but also work on multi-functional projects.

This style of working has its challenges, but it also has some important benefits, as described in: “Cross-silo leadership. How to create more value by connecting experts from inside and outside the organization”, by Tiziana Casciaro, Amy C. Edmondson and Sujin Jang, Harvard Business Review, May-June 2019, pp. 130-139.

Working across silos (or working across functions):

  • Helps leaders to develop essential skills which will enable them to be more effective in their roles.
  • Offers greater potential for innovation, solving complex problems and meeting customer needs.

The HBR article describes 4 ways to make this form of "horizontal collaboration" succeed.  They include:

  1. Developing skills for "cultural brokers" - people who can bridge the gaps in the language and interpersonal relationships between functions
  2. Cultivating the art of good questions and curiosity to foster greater understanding between functions
  3. Getting people to see things from each others' perspective
  4. Encouraging people to develop networks both within and outside the organisation, and even into disciplines completely different from one's own

This style of working requires encouragement, role modelling by leaders, training and support to enhance the take-up of this form of horizontal collaboration across all parts of an organisation.

You can read more about this topic in Elisabeth's blog: Working across silos - leadership in the matrix and in multi-functional projects

Our current schedule of courses for 2019 

... please ask if the course you want is not listed

Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma - 2nd July. Explore how to gain up to 20% savings on internal processes, free up talent to innovate and grow the business, and ensure that you deliver what your customers value.

Introduction to Management - 9th - 11th July. An in-depth three-day course for those who are new to management or have been doing it for some time

Managing Change - 14th November.  A one-day course on the behavioural and procedural concepts and techniques for effective business change.

Transition to Leadership - 12th December. For those moving into a leadership role

We are also in the process of scheduling further dates for:

Green Belt Lean and Six Sigma - a modular course to equip people to lead Lean and Six Sigma process improvement projects in their organisation.

Introduction to Management -  An in-depth three-day course for those who are new to management or have been doing it for some time

All of 
RiverRhee’s courses can be scheduled on demand, either to run in-house for your company, or to publicise as an open course for other delegates.

Please get in touch to ask for any course that is not already scheduled.

We can also explore most topics in 
one-to-one coaching sessions.

See the RiverRhee Consulting website or contact Elisabeth at or on 07876 130 817.

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