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eManagement Tips - August 2019

A free monthly update for Associates and Members of RiverRhee's Managers' Community
Welcome to the August 2019 issue of eManagement Tips.
This month's issue includes:
  • How to keep your people emotionally engaged in your company
  • How to re-build working relationships using emotional intelligence
  • Some extra tips for productivity
Our next open course is Introduction to Project Management on the 24th September

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Set-up for a recent in-house workshop for which we received this feedback: 
"Elisabeth Goodman from RiverRhee provided an excellent team-building session for Talisman Therapeutics in July 2019. She engaged well with the Talisman team and created a positive learning environment. She constructed a busy half-day of work with a good balance of individual work, break-out activities and whole-group discussions. The output from the session was tangible, focused and useful."  Dr Emily Scraggs, Director, Talisman Therapeutics Ltd

How to keep your people emotionally engaged in your company

(Image inspired by Ranjay Gulati’s article: “The soul of a start-up”, HBR July-August 2019, pp. 84-91)

A couple of recent articles in Harvard Business Review reinforce what we have observed in working with small Life Science / Biotech companies.

People are much more engaged in a company if they:

  • Are fully aware of and in tune with the company's purpose, vision or 'intent'
  • Really care about providing the best outcome for the company's customers
  • Feel valued and supported as employees
Ranjay Gulati calls these "the spiritual trinity" of a company's "soul", and shows how they can be preserved and combined with the more formal structures required during a start-up's rapid growth.

The other article explores three styles of "nimble" leadership: entrepreneurial, enabling and architecting for creating another version of this “flexibility and control” which seem to be key to achieving employee engagement.

Find out more in "The soul of a start-up, nimble leadership, flexibility and control"...

N.B. Do get in touch if you would like us to facilitate team building workshops that will help your people to be fully engaged in your company and its future.

(Emotional Intelligence - the basics.)

How to re-build working relationships

The ability to develop good working relationships is fundamental to our success at work, but it's not always easy!  Sometimes, despite our best intentions, things can go wrong.

The Summer issue of APM’s (Association for Project Management) Project magazine has a couple of excellent articles on how to re-build working relationships.

Tips from these articles, and from our own experiences include:

  1. Assume positive intent: that the other person means well - that they are a friend rather than a foe
  2. Try to see things from their perspective: they probably have a good reason for behaving the way they are
  3. Connect with them as whole person: build the relationship to make it easier to discuss things
  4. Pick your battles: the situations that really need to be tackled vs. those that you can perhaps let pass
  5. Articulate your perception of a situation and look for a way to solve it collaboratively

(See the full blog "Re-building working relationships - with emotional intelligence".

N.B. We have a module in our Introduction to Management course on how to deal with difficult situations and people, and develop the topic more fully in the following courses:

We also explore emotional intelligence in our Transition to Leadership course which is running next on the 12th December

Do get in touch if you would like more details of any of these courses, or would like to explore them as open or in-house courses, or through one-to-one coaching.

Some extra tips for productivity

Illustration inspired by Brian Tracy's book "Eat that Frog"​ - and used in RiverRhee's training on Time Management

Delegates from our Introduction to Management  and Supervisors' course will remember Brian Tracy's biggest and ugliest frog and the challenge of finding and then eating it as a metaphor for dealing with procrastination.

CILIP's April-May 2019 issue of Information Professional(Amy Finnegan and Helen Monagle p.40), and the APM's Summer issue of Project (various contributors p.61) both have helpful one-page tips from professionals on how to organise your time and deal with your workload.

Here are some extracts (some of which will be familiar):

  • Schedule and protect your productive time
  • Make sure you take breaks to manage your energy
  • Write everything down so you don't lose it - and put it somewhere where you can action it
  • Make technology your slave, not your master (e.g. in how you access / use your email; in your use of other productivity enhancing technology)
You can read more about these extracts in Elisabeth's LinkedIN post 

We also have a stand-alone two-hour course on Time and Meeting Management, which we would be happy to tailor and deliver in-house, or cover in a one-to-one coaching session.
Our current schedule of courses for 2019 
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Introduction to Project Management - 24th September - A workshop-based course for line and project managers who are relatively new to Project Management.
Managing Change - 14th November.  A one-day course on the behavioural and procedural concepts and techniques for effective business change.

Introduction to Management - 26th-28th November. An in-depth three-day course for those who are new to management or have been doing it for some time

Transition to Leadership - 12th December. For those moving into a leadership role

We have also received enquiries for further dates for:

Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma - Explore how to gain up to 20% savings on internal processes, free up talent to innovate and grow the business, and ensure that you deliver what your customers value.

Green Belt Lean and Six Sigma - a modular course to equip people to lead Lean and Six Sigma process improvement projects in their organisation.

All of RiverRhee’s courses can be scheduled on demand, either to run in-house for your company, or to publicise as an open course for other delegates.

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