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eManagement Tips - February 2019

A free monthly update for Associates and Members of RiverRhee's Managers' Community
Welcome to RiverRhee's managers' version of the February 2019 issue of eManagement Tips, our monthly resource for new and experienced managers who have attended or are considering one of our leadership and management courses.
Illustration by Nathaniel Spain in "The Effective Team's Facilitation Workbook" by Elisabeth Goodman, RiverRhee Publishing, 2018.

This month's issue of eManagement Tips includes:
  • Tips from the twelfth and final booklet from Daniel Goleman and his colleagues' series on Emotional Intelligence - focusing on Inspirational Leadership  
  • Some thoughts on dealing with difficult situations in the run up to our 5th March course on Assertiveness
  • A section on facilitation in the context of our new self-guide book, new course, and recent work with senior management teams
Our 2019  calendar of courses continues with Assertiveness (5th March) and Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma (27th March).  The current list for 2019 is shown at the foot of this newsletter.

We are continuing to schedule courses on a demand basis.  So if the course you want is not shown, do please get in touch so that we can arrange it. 

(N.B We don't have enough room in this newsletter to feature Insights from a recent Harvard Business Review article on effective leadership for innovative culturesIf you are interested in this, you can read more about it in Elisabeth Goodman's blog.)

Inspirational Leadership - an Emotional Intelligence perspective

Goleman et al's twelfth and last booklet in their series "Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence" defines the competency of inspirational leadership as:

"..the ability to inspire and guide people to get the job done, and to bring out their best.  With inspiration, you can articulate a shared mission in a way that motivates and offer a sense of common purpose beyond people's day-to-day tasks."

In essence inspirational leadership involves:

  1. Articulating a vision, mission or purpose - sharing it and keeping it alive. 
  2. Truly connecting with hearts as well as minds  - to uncover powerful sources of influence. 
  3. Developing our own and others' skills by: tapping underlying potential, creating opportunities for development and seeking quality mentorship.

You can learn more about this topic through our Transition to Leadership course, and via the RiverRhee blog

*Transition to Leadership will be running next on the 11th April.

Being assertive starts with understanding each others' perspective

Dealing with conflict situations resulting from people's different working styles and perspectives is one of the most frequently quoted challenges that delegates highlight in our courses.

Addressing this challenge in an assertive way can be difficult for people who don't have the skills or confidence to do so, and yet there are some terrific resources available to help - for example:

  1. Recognising that conflict can be a good thing! Handled constructively it allows people to air their different opinions so that the quality of decision-making, problem resolution and innovation are likely to be enriched. 
  2. Getting better at seeking out and understanding the different ways of thinking and working and emotions that people bring. 
  3. Recognising that there might be more than one way to reach a "win-win" situation. 

You can learn more about this topic through our Assertiveness course, and via Elisabeth's recent blog on LinkedIn.

*Assertiveness will be running next on the 5th March.

Facilitation skills

RiverRhee facilitates a range of in-house workshops, and also provides a course on facilitation for those who would like to develop their skills in this area.  A self-guide book on facilitation is also available from RiverRhee.

Elisabeth Goodman has recently been pooling her expertise with Ludo Chapman, of The Innovation Practice, in a series of strategic and team development workshops for senior management teams and members of their organisations.  The workshops typically include one or more of the following elements:

1.       Shaping and articulation of the organisation's strategy - defining purpose, values, business models, value propositions, and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as tool for setting objectives 

2.       Agreement on core behaviours that underpin company values – how members of the team will communicate and work with each other and with others outside of their team. (This is supported by analysis of individual and team strengths.)

3.       Diagnosis and enhancement of team working practices – through team questionnaires, review of the results with the team leader and facilitated discussion during the workshop. 

Please get in touch with Elisabeth at +44 7876 130 817, or Ludo at +44 7711 720157 to find out more about these senior management workshops.

Our current schedule of courses for 2019 

... please ask if the course you want is not listed

Assertiveness - 5th March. This complements our course on Effective Influence and Communication, and our management module on Dealing with Difficult Situations

Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma - 27th March. Explore how you can gain up to 20% savings by improving your processes

Transition to Leadership - 11th April. For those moving into a leadership role

One-day Supervisors’ course - 16th May. If all you want is one day of training to get you started

Coaching Skills for Managers - 11th June 2019. To further develop your coaching skills

Introduction to Management - 9th - 11th July. An in-depth three-day course for those who are new to management or have been doing it for some time

All of RiverRhee’s courses can be scheduled on demand, either to run in-house for your company, or to publicise as an open course for other delegates.

Please get in touch to ask for any course that is not already scheduled.

We can also explore most topics in one-to-one coaching sessions.

See the RiverRhee Consulting website or contact Elisabeth at or on 07876 130 817.

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