The Naming of Tsukemen

Yamagishi may have invented tsukemen, but on the Taishoken menu it was and still is called “Mori Soba” despite being more widely known as “tsukemen.” Who gave it this name and when and where did they do so? Yamagishi’s cousin Sakaguchi called it “Tsuke-soba” at the Yoyogi Taishoken. So the “Tsuke” part of the word was born at this time in 1958, but the actual “Tsukemen” naming originated in 1973 at Tsukemen Daiou. A noodle manufacturer named Dowa Noodles discovered the Mori Soba at Higashi Ikebukuro Taishoken when they were searching for ways to serve their noodles in more appealing ways, and then opened Tsukemen Daiou, trademarking the term “Tsukemen.” Tsukemen Daiou went on to open a new store nearly every week and grew to 250 locations at their most prosperous.

Source: Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum
Translation: Daniel Morales
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