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Thank You for Keeping Those
We Serve Safe & Healthy

Wearing a mask is an essential part of slowing the spread of COVID-19. Masks provide respiratory protection, which can reduce depositing of droplets of the virus on surfaces and to people near you. Even if you do not feel sick, asymptomatic spread can still occur. 

When you wear a mask, you are showing kindness towards your co-workers, neighbors, and people around you in public. Some of those you come in contact with might be immune compromised or have underlying health conditions that make them higher risk. You are helping keep others healthy and doing a big part in slowing the spread.

When Should You Wear a Mask? 

Those who are able should be wearing a mask whenever: 
  • Shopping at a business
  • Visiting your health care provider
  • On public transportation
  • Interacting with customers/clients 
  • Feeling sick, coughing or sneezing
All DHS service providers who are able should be wearing a mask during interactions with those we serve.
Thank you for wearing a mask and helping keep those around you safe. Your work is appreciated, and the steps you take to stop the spread of COVID-19 are worthwhile.

Masks for Child Care Workers & Children

All staff who are able should be wearing cloth face coverings while providing child care.

  • Children and youth do not need to wear cloth face coverings in child care.
  • Face coverings are still recommended by the CDC, especially for older youth, when feasible, particularly in indoor or crowded locations.
  • The CDC does not recommend children under age 2 to wear a mask.
If your child is scared of wearing a mask or too young to understand not to tamper with it, parents should wear masks too so your child doesn't feel alone. Some other ideas to help make masks seem less scary are:
  • While wearing masks, look in the mirror and talk about it.
  • Put a mask on a favorite stuffed animal.
  • Decorate a mask so it's more personalized and fun.
  • Show your child pictures of other children wearing masks.
  • Draw a mask on their favorite book character.
  • Have your child practice wearing a mask at home first.
More information on stopping the spread from the PA Department of Health.
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