Dear adoration coordinators,

Here are the latest additions to We Adore Him. May they brighten your day. ☀️


Administrators and Captains can set the hours they are responsible for. Edit your account and check the appropriate hours in the big table of days and times. (Tip: click the headings to speed this up.)

Use the new Captains page at  Admin » Captains  to view a table of hourly assignments. Add and edit captains on this page to fill out your admin schedule.

The Roster page includes captains for a selected day or time. And, you can select more than one day or time to view committed adorers and subs in all hours that you're responsible for. Learn more.

Here's a neat one: create, edit, and delete your complete visit history! Need to tweak a visit? Easy. Want to obsessively micromanage every visit history detail? Do it all on the Visits page.

You can also edit visits on the Schedule page. Hover your mouse over a past hour and click the icon next to the visit details.

Not using the Chapel Check-in Kiosk for attendance tracking? We created a sample paper check-in document that you can edit and print. Learn more.

Ever stuck trying to reset a view to the original settings when you first loaded the page? Use the new Reset button, which appears after you filter a page's results, to work more quickly with these large adoration datasets.

Adorers have a Sort Name field, set by default to their last name. Edit this field to affect how adorers are sorted throughout the site, and makes it easier to build a list of first and last names. Only admins and captains can view and edit this field.

When an adorer sends a text message that the system doesn't understand, we aggregate those into an hourly text messages digest email to admins and captains. And we include your transfer phone number in the automated response so that the adorer knows how to reach a human (set this number at  Admin » Settings » General ).

We also strip emojis from incoming text messages to help the system understand that messages like "Yes 🙏" really just mean "Yes". You'll still find them in the Text Messages history, though, because emojis are fun! 🤪

Speaking of admin email notifications, you'll find the name of the notification in the footer of these emails to help you identify which notification to disable on your account, if needed.

And in the "New commitment is made" admin notification, you'll find the the commitment start date (and end date, if any). Very helpful!

Final Thoughts

One parish we recently spoke with is receiving $180 per month in donations through We Adore Him, which can be used to subsidize the software and to support the adoration program in other ways. Are you using the donations feature? If not, you might consider setting it up...

If you know of any adoration chapels who would benefit from We Adore Him, please spread the word. Thank you!

In Jesus, through Mary,

Joel Stein
We Adore Him
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