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Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist
October 18, 2019

This week, we made the "Substitute Requests" page for administrators & captains better than ever, and we're so excited to show it off to you!

You can get to this page by going to Admin » Substitute Requests, like this:

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On that page, you'll now see a new <select> dropdown widget along with a date picker:

The default view is: Unclaimed (queued or started) as you can see in the screenshot above.

This shows pending or started (i.e., "current") substitute requests, which are not yet claimed. Up until now, this has been the only view of substitute requests, which you may be used to seeing.
The additional view options and the date picker are brand new!

We've also allowed you to choose a specific adorer to see that particular adorer's substitute requests.

In this email, we won't go through all of them but will show you one of these options: Claimed Substitute Requests.

If you choose "Claimed," you'll see an informative table view of all past claimed substitute requests with informative details as seen in the screenshot below:

If you'd like to nail down a specific date, simply choose a date from the date picker. If you choose a data, a new "to:" date box will appear, allowing you to specify a range of dates, like this:
If you leave the "to:" date blank, then only substitute requests from the first date will appear.

We hope that this newfangled substitute requests page will help give all of you better insights into who is requesting substitutes, who is claiming those requests, how many invitations are being sent out, and much more.
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