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This week, We Adore Him received some love ♥️ from our developers, and in this email, we get to show off some enhancements we made as well as a new Chapel Access Code feature.

Allow for ampersands in names

One of the neat little features of We Adore Him is that you can create one adorer account for a couple. For example, you can set the name of one adorer as: "John and Jane Doe."

In the past, you couldn't use an ampersand in the adorer's name. Now, you can use "John & Jane Doe" without a problem.


Enhanced substitute request details

If you are a captain or an administrator, you have access to a special "Substitute Requests" page in the Admin menu.

On that page, you can view each substitute request that has been made and which has yet to be fulfilled. There is a new little link showing how many eligible subs are remaining, like this:
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Upon clicking: "28 eligible subs remaining," you'll see the names of the remaining adorers that will be contacted, one-by-one, for this sub request. The names are listed alphabetically, and they will be contacted in a random order.


Easier way to send welcome email to multiple recipients

Want to easily send the welcome email to multiple folks in the language of their preference (English or Spanish)? It's really easy now!

There's a new little drop-down arrow next to "Send Bulk Message." Click that arrow, then click "Send welcome email." The number of recipients will appear as well. In the screenshot below, there will be 191 recipients:
Each adorer will receive the welcome email according to the welcome email template under Admin » Settings » Onboarding.


New location for "Import Adorers"

We've moved the button to import adorers as a drop-down next to "+ New Adorer", like this:

New Feature: Chapel Access Code

Some chapels have an access code system, wherein each adorer has a personal identification number (PIN) or access code they enter in a digital lock at the chapel door, to gain entry to the adoration chapel.

We've been asked by at least three chapels to create some way to easily record this code within We Adore Him for each respective adorer and to allow each adorer to see their code if they ever log in.

You can turn this new feature on under Admin » Settings » General:
If "Each adorer uses a different access code" is chosen, each adorer will have a unique access code field that admins or captains can populate with a code.

If an adorer has a code, then that code will appear below their name at the top of the site, like this:
The code will also appear below their name in the Adorer overview table under Admin » Adorers.

If "All adorers use the same access code" is chosen, you'll be able to specify that code right then and there, and it will appear below their name, just like in the above screenshot.

Pro Tip: Want to send an email out to adorers that have distinct access codes and include their unique access code in the email? Filter your adorers with the new filter: "Access code" (this filter only appears if you have this feature enabled). This will filter your adorers to show only those adorers with an access code. Then, click "Send Bulk Message" to message this filtered list of adorers. In the text message, email, or phone call transcript, you can use the following token to represent their access code: [user:access-code]. That token will be automatically replaced with their code (e.g., 5642).
So, for example, the following message:

Your access code is [user:access-code].

will become:

Your access code is 5642.

Oh, and here's a little hidden feature we also added... If an adorer texts "code" or "access code" to your We Adore Him phone number from their mobile phone number attached to their account, they'll receive an immediate response with their access code, such as:
"Your access code is 5642."


Visual Enhancements to the Schedule

If you're logged in as a captain or administrator, you'll notice that past visits now reflect gender: green for men, pink for women.

We also added a helpful legend button, which, when clicked, describes the various colors and icons on the schedule:

If you made it all the way to the end of this email, you're a trooper, and we thank you for allowing us to show off all of this goodness to you. 😊
May the heart of Jesus, in the Most Blessed Sacrament, be praised, adored, and loved with grateful affection, at every moment, in all the tabernacles of the world, even to the end of time!
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