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After finding us through a Google search, Fr. Miguel Galvez started using We Adore Him for his parish's adoration chapel in Sauk City, Wisconsin in January of this year (2019).

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Fr. Miguel is fully bilingual and offered to translate everything in We Adore Him if we were up to the task... and we were!

After months of intense programming, translations, and testing... we're proud to announce that We Adore Him is now fully, completely, 100% bilingual!

If a visitor has Spanish (i.e., Español) set as their primary language in their web browser's preferences, then your We Adore Him site will appear in Spanish.

Also, regardless of the visitor's browser settings, if they are logged in and have their language on their adorer account set to "Spanish," then they'll see everything in Spanish: text messages, emails, automated phone calls (with a Spanish accent), the web interface... you name it. The only exception is the video under the "Help" tab... we're working on that.

We've also exposed a couple of settings (under Admin » Settings) that you can tweak in Spanish, such as your organization's name, location, and the sitewide message:
We're truly thrilled with the result of all of this hard work: an experience that feels exceptionally natural for an adorer whose primary language is Spanish:
As an administrator, you don't need to know Spanish. Simply mark an adorer's language as "Spanish" when creating or editing their account. It simply works.

We are truly grateful for all of the hard work that Fr. Miguel put into these many, many translations. If you'd like to express your thankfulness to them, simply reply to this email, and we'll forward it along. 👍

Finally, we are truly grateful for each of you for helping to bring the healing presence of our Lord Jesus to the world.
May He be glorified, praised, and adored in every nation and tongue. (Rev. 7:9)
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