Who are LifeBridgers?

We want you to know the people we feel so blessed to serve alongside of. We think LifeBridgers are pretty awesome and the best part is how unique each person's story is. So, we want to spend a little time each month telling you about them.
Meet Emilio. Emilio has been at LifeBridge for 4 years. He is always willing to help out and is most known for helping with announcements on Sunday mornings. His contagious smile and upbeat personality are always so welcoming.

Emilio is Panamanian but has also spent time living in Orlando,FL before returning Panama, which is when he found LifeBridge. 

Emilio works for Grainger and is always inviting coworkers and family to be a part of what is happening at LifeBridge. 

What Emilio has to say about LifeBridge: "LifeBridge was the first church I visited when I came back to Panama that made me feel at home." 

We are so glad to have Emilio as a part of our LifeBridge community.

 Current Sermon Series

At LifeBridge, we are in the midst of a sermon series called Reach Two.  As a church are we called to focus on those inside the church or outside the church? BOTH! It can be easy to neglect reaching out. We get so focused on our own lives that we can forget about reaching our neighbors, which is one of the most important things God has called us to. 

We are excited to see how this series prompts LifeBridgers to reach those around them and invite them into what a relationship with Jesus looks like. Pray that this series would encourage those at LifeBridge to be a light to those around them. 


We continue to find our time outside of Sundays to be so important for the LifeBridge community. Last weekend we had our church picnic at the public park in the middle of the city, a great event for LifeBridgers to come together for community. 

As always our transient nature was so evident at this event. We had our dear friends, Chris and Ruth there who literally were flying out that evening to return to Switzerland and had a new couple who have only been in Panama a few weeks. Seeing people meet at these crossroads is so sweet, yet hard as well, but we are so grateful to be a part of so many diverse journeys. 
In each newsletter we will share a tid-bit about Panamanian life. Something unique, interesting or fun.

We are hitting the height of rainy season here in Panama. The rains started in April(ish) and build up until November. 

And when it pours! So much  so that it's common for streets to flood. However, it's normal and the floods don't cause too many problems. Then, after not too long, the water recedes, sun returns, and everyone goes on with their day.

Curious about life in Panama? What questions do you have for us? Let us know, we would love to share about topics that interest you about our country.

Praise & Prayer

We deeply appreciate your prayers for us and LifeBridge.

  • Praise for fall events. We had a great church picnic this month and look forward to participating in the Relay for Life event here in the city with hundreds of others.
  • Pray for Nate and Jendi's time at the IBC Annual Meeting at the end of October.  They will participate in the annual meeting and serve as assessors at a Church Planting Assessment center for potential church planters. 
  • Pray for more leaders. This summer our leadership team took a hit with many people who were serving on that team moving. Pray that God would raise up and bring others with strong leadership ability.
  • Pray that Nate and Jendi would have wisdom, patience and seek the Lord as we plan for the future. 
Thank you for your prayers and support!
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