Who are LifeBridgers?

We want you to know the people we feel so blessed to serve alongside of. We think LifeBridgers are pretty awesome and the best part is how unique each person's story is. So, we want to spend a little time each month telling you about them.
Meet Ruth. Ruth is a perfect example of the transient nature of the people of Panama City. Ruth arrived eight weeks ago and her last Sunday at LifeBridge was her last week. You got that right, for less than two months she called LifeBridge home. However, she did not let her short time here keep her from getting involved.
Within her two months here Ruth served on our worship team, established relationships with many and was a regular on Sunday morning and throughout our weekly activities. She truly exhibited what we see in the expat community: a desire to connect and get involved. 

Being transient is hard. It involves putting yourself out there, but the community that is so quickly established in the expat community is so sweet and life-giving. 

Ruth is from Maryland and was staying in Panama City for two months as part of an internship program. 
Hosting the Team
We had the honor of hosting our IBC Latin America LEAD Team.  This is the team that Nate has been leading for about a year now. We gathered in Panama City for a few days to learn, encourage, and strategize together.  It was a productive and encouraging time. We had representation from Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Bolivia, Brasil, Texas and Minnesota. 

We continue to be encouraged by the work of the International Baptist Convention (IBC) and the network they provide for international, English-speaking churches all over the world.  Our Latin America region currently has the smallest team, but has the greatest potential for growth. We are excited to see how our team might grow and for the potential to connect with more churches and pastors in Latin America. 

Adventures in South Africa

This month I (Jendi) had the incredible opportunity to go to South Africa. A friend and past colleague asked me to help lead the Cairn University Outdoor Action group on their international trip which was headed to Johannesburg and the Drakensberg Mountains (Dragon's Mountains).  

We spent five days in the Drakensberg mountains, having the unique opportunity to hike into the country of Lesotho. The views were incredible, but the time with friends and students even better. Our group consisted of 5 university students, 3 friends from South Africa (always good to have locals with you- to warn you of the Baboons), and 1 friend from Egypt.  The culture was rich and created a group dynamic for learning alongside one another. 
In each newsletter we will share a tid-bit about Panamanian life. Something unique, interesting or fun.

Carnivales time. Just before Lent begins, it's Carnivales, a time off from work and full or parties. An extra long weekend, the entire week for some, to relax, spend time with family and attend the festivities. You will see tanker water trucks everywhere, with the sole purpose of spraying party-goers with water, music and people enjoying the last bit of Panamanian summer (rainy season will begin soon). One thing we know is true: Panamanians celebrate well. 

Curious about life in Panama? What questions do you have for us? Let us know, we would love to share about topics that interest you about our country.

Praise & Prayer

We deeply appreciate your prayers for us and LifeBridge.

  • Praise for our time with the IBC team here in Panama City. A great time of mutual support and encouragement. 
  • Pray for our goals and areas of concentration this year: Generosity, Outreach, and Discipleship. Pray that we would have new people stepping up and getting involved in these areas. 
  • Pray for the marriages of LifeBridge. Many marriages are struggling and going through intense problems.  Pray for Nate and Jendi as they counsel these couples.
  • Pray that Nate and Jendi would have wisdom, patience and seek the Lord as we plan for the future. 
Thank you for your prayers and support!
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