Happy New Year

A new year always brings new possibilities. There is excitment about what the new year will hold. We hope each of you is starting this new year feeling God has you right where you need to be. We are excited that 2021 is here and are eager to see what the year holds, espeically eager to welcome baby Korpi at the end of February. 

Christmas Eve: A first for LifeBridge

Never would we have thought that our first Christmas Eve service would be during a global pandemic when the country is in lockdown. However, that is exactly what happened. 2020 gave us the opportunity to do a virutal Christmas Eve service and be together with the LifeBridge family that tuned in from all over the world. 
Click above to watch our Christmas Eve serive at LifeBridge

Another Lockdown

If you have been tracking with us through 2020, you know the majority of the year we were on strict lockdown, then in October, things got lifted and we slowly started to have more freedom. However, covid numbers continued to rise and with the holiday season upon us the Panamanian governement decided to go back to the complete lockdown (only allowed out to buy grocers on our designated male/female day and according to the number on our ID) for the holidays and into 2021. 
We had hopes of being in-person for 2021, but that is not in the cards yet. We continue to do everything for LifeBrdige virtually. It's hard to believe that we are coming up on one year of this, but here we are and for us, in Panama, it will probably be like this for some time still.

LifeBridge Studio

LifeBridge Studio

Since recording sermons will be a part of the way we do ministry in 2021 we are looking to rent a space to be more of a permanent studio. We are in the process of negotiating a place that is within walking distance of our house, which is very important since we can't drive places with the lockdown in place. The space is behind us in the photos, phone booth not included;)
 Pray with us that we are able to obtain this space this month.

Praise & Prayer

We deeply appreciate your prayers for us and LifeBridge.

  • Praise! We were able to travel to the US in early December to see family and even have a sweet drive-through style baby shower. 
  • Praise and Prayer: baby Korpi. Praise for the pregnancy so far and please pray for a smooth delivery as we welcome our little one.
  • Pray for the studio space we need to rent. Pray for our favor with the landlord and a quick process.
  • Pray LifeBridgers. It's a bit disheartening to start the year in lockdown. Pray for connections to be continue to be made virtually and that God would continue to work despite what feels like a setback (in our minds).
Thank you for your prayers and support!
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