Who are LifeBridgers?

We want you to know the people we feel so blessed to serve alongside of. We think LifeBridgers are pretty awesome and the best part is how unique each person's story is. So, we want to spend a little time each month telling you about them.
Meet the Gunther family: Pat, Laura, Camille and Kellen. The Gunthers have been attending LifeBridge for the past 18 months. They moved to Panama to work at the International Christian school (although for mom, Laura, it was a return as she had spent a few years of childhood here as a missionary kid.)

This year we saw an influx of families at LifeBridge and it has been exciting to see this culture grow and to see families connect with each other. The Gunthers were a catalyst in this movement, as participants and teachers in our  weekly BridgeKids class. We love seeing families connect at LifeBridge and we are grateful for the families who call LifeBridge home. 

The Gunther's are from Nebraska, but love living in the tropics and exposing their kids to international living. 


Like many other places, December is a month of celebrations and time together in Panama. We spent the weekend and Christmas eve (the far more important day here in Latin America) with a diverse crew. Frist, was our Filipino Christmas, complete with Filipino treats and dancing. We enjoyed hosting our Filipino friends after church on Sunday. 

Christmas eve we celebrated LifeBridge style (with all the diversity). A group of nine of us gathered for Christmas eve dinner. There were four nationalities represented and we enjoyed Brazilian ham, Peruvian tamales, Argentine salad and lots of other yummy treats. 


Reflecting Back & Looking Ahead

This past year was an incredible year of growth for us personally and LifeBridge.  Some of the highlights from the year:

- Celebrating our 1 year anniversary living in Panama (May 2018)
- Seeing over 10 people baptised
- Creating our first LifeBridge Constitution 
- Having over 40% of LifeBridgers volunteering in some capacity
- Being more confident in our Spanish and ability to be a part of Panamanian culture

It was a good year, but we know more good things are ahead.  The month of January will be key to laying the foundation, but we are eager to see where 2019 takes us. On Sunday, February 3 we will have Vision Sunday at LifeBridge. This will be a time to share with everyone where LifeBridge is headed and where we are headed in 2019. You can be praying as we prepare for that time. 
In each newsletter we will share a tid-bit about Panamanian life. Something unique, interesting or fun.

A time for fireworks. Really, anytime of the year is good for fireworks here, but especially New Year's Eve.  Last year, Nate was able to find a good place to purchase them and we returned this year to stock up for the big night. (Photo above is Nate with our fireworks guy:) New Years is one of our favorite holidays in Panama. 

Curious about life in Panama? What questions do you have for us? Let us know, we would love to share about topics that interest you about our country.

Praise & Prayer

We deeply appreciate your prayers for us and LifeBridge.

  • Praise for our friends here in Panama that we were able to celebrate the holidays with. 
  • Pray for Vision Sunday (February 3). The preparation leading up to it and the presentation to the congregation.
  • Pray for our Leadership team. There are some changes for the new year. Pray for unity as a team and a renewed excitement as we begin a new year. 
  • Pray that Nate and Jendi would have wisdom, patience and seek the Lord as we plan for the future. 
Thank you for your prayers and support!
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