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June 2016

Dear partners and friends of EIT RawMaterials,

It is amazing to see how fast our network is developing and growing – and how much has happened since the last version of this Status Update.
We are now, as you know, currently evaluating the project proposals. The call, which kept many of you busy, has just been closed and we are now ready to move forward with the first part of the funding. We have had a first look at the many projects that were brought forward and have started the process of considering which projects to fund.

In total we have received more than 140 proposals with a good balance between themes and activities. We aim to finish the evaluation and the decision process by the end of summer.

Another highlight over the last couple of weeks was the project reviews completed by each CLC. It was the first time that I was able to not only see all the projects of our portfolio in spreadsheets, but actually to listen to the project coordinators, to hear their ideas and to share potential connection points across the whole KIC. It is a truly impressive collection of activities that will contribute to the strength of raw materials in the European Union.
We recently had a great opportunity to present our activities within the extended EIT community at an annual event called InnovEIT, driven by the EIT in Budapest, where we celebrated entrepreneurs and their business ideas. EIT RawMaterials was very well represented by one of the startups from our eco system - Sustainalube (, and we also had the chance to meet many exciting entrepreneurs.
Despite all this fantastic progress, some things are slower than we had hoped for. Some time is still needed for operational activities. At the same time it is reassuring to see that we are quickly moving from ‘setting up’ mode to a more continuous improvement mode.

I am looking forward to meeting many more of you and to seeing the input for the 2017 portfolio coming together. So please, wherever you would like our support or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the CLCs or the EIT RawMaterials headquarters in Berlin. We are here to serve and help.
Lastly, as you know, I will be leaving EIT RawMaterials in a few months. The board, the management team and myself are working together closely to ensure a transition period that will be as smooth as possible. For the time being I am here – and we will be in touch before I leave this wonderful community.
With my best wishes,

Dr. Ernst Lutz


Images from the EIT RawMaterials General Assembly

Dr. Jan-Eric Sundgren, Charmain of the Board


Images from the General Assembly


  • EIT RawMaterials General Assembly: On 20 April, EIT RawMaterials held the annual ordinary General Assembly in Berlin-Adlershof. All core and associate members were invited to participate in making strategic and relevant decisions for the future of EIT RawMaterials.
  • Raw Materials University DayRaw Materials University Day: This event was part of a communication campaign launched by the European Commission in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on raw materials, now being taken over by EIT RawMaterials. We participated in the event in Lisbon in mid-April and are excited to now be setting up several Raw Materials University Days per year all across the European Union.


  • EIT RawMaterials Academy: On 1 July EIT RawMaterials HQ, together with CLC Central, is holding our first professional training webinar. The objective of the EIT RawMaterials Academy is to develop educational programs in the raw materials sector to support a bigger goal of the EU remaining competitive in the rapidly changing global market. The first professional training activities started earlier this year and the next workshop is coming up in Metz, France in September 2016, hosted by EIT RawMaterials HQ, CLC Central and Fraunhofer.
  • Financial Sustainability workshops in Leuven and Helsinki: On 29 June and 5 July, CLC West and CLC Baltic Sea are hosting two strategic meetings on the future of the financial sustainability of EIT RawMaterials. The core principles and potential activity-specific methods will be discussed with the participants. Partners will also be able to join via webinar.
  • Matchmaking event in Helsinki: On 1 June a back-to-back meeting took place, organised alongside the Green Mining innovation programme run by TEKES, the Finnish innovation funding organisation. The event aimed to harvest potential commercialisation ideas from the outcomes of the Green Mining programme. More information on this event is available here:
  • Workshop in Oulu, Finland: On 15-16 June, CLC Baltics is holding a workshop on ‘Advanced Materials for Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability’. This workshop will bring together university researchers, PhD students and companies active in the industry to network and share the latest research which could be applied in a multidisciplinary way. This workshop highlights the future possibilities of the KIC activities. Two ETCS points are available for students who finalise their learning portfolios. The invited speakers will cover various topics on advanced materials for sustainability and new sensors, as well as smart packages for environmental and health monitoring.
  • Raw Material Activator Summer School in Espoo: The Raw Material Activator Summer School starts on 30 June, organised in cooperation with CEE-SIMP Doctoral (PhD) course on ‘Systems-Integrated Material Processing’. For more information, contact
  • Training in Oulu: On 20 – 22 September a training course on 'Active Portfolio Management and Productization' will take place in Oulu, Finland. For more information, contact


CLC Baltics is participating as an official partner in organising a business case competition in Finland focusing on circular economy. A number of selected companies will have access to personal business coaching, potential investors and industry network amongst highly recognised business advisors from Finland. The business coaching will include topics on business planning, growth strategies, international expansion, marketing, and financing.
There will be winners!  Two companies have the opportunity to participate in national finals and continue the growth track, together with the finalists from other growth paths and sectors.  Some of the participating companies are very interesting from an EIT RawMaterials  perspective; creating solutions and services for various fields, such as contaminated soil and slag treatment, recovery and recycling of electronic appliances, recycling of used and dirty industrial solvents, and recovery of manganese and zinc from alkaline batteries.
Apart from EIT RawMaterials, other organising partners include SUEZ Finland,
University of Jyväskylä , Motiva, Uusiouutiset, Technopolis, Finnvera, TeliaSonera and Nordea. 
More information can be found here: or by contacting:
  • French-German Brokerage event on Raw Materials in H2020 in Paris: On 14 April the French and German NCP (National Contact Points) - Katrin Dumoulin and Andreas Volz respectively - organised a presentation of the 2017 Work Program. In this context, the participants were given the opportunity to present the activities of their institutions. This one-day meeting started with a presentation of the EIT RawMaterials activities and CLC Central.
  • Meeting with end-users in Lyon: At the Steering Committee in Lyon on 26 April CLC Central took the opportunity to invite end-users to give a presentation of their activities and needs regarding raw materials and materials in general. Thanks to the network of the CEA and Eramet we had the pleasure of hosting two presentations from representatives of Orange (ICT sector) and Lafarge-Holcim (building sector).  In return they were introduced to EIT RawMaterials and the CLC Central.
  • Startup Brunch in Munich IFAT: EIT RawMaterials and Veolia organised an event on 2 June that targets startups and SMEs in the circular economy. The objective of the event is to connect the players of the circular economy in Europe and to boost the startups in the field. Linked to this, Veolia and EIT RawMaterials drive an incubation programme for circular economy startups called U-START campaign.
Veolia U-Start programme Veolia U-Start Programme
  • World Materials Forum in Nancy: On 9 – 10 June the second edition of the Word Materials Forum will take place in the ‘sister’ city of Metz, located close to the CLC Central. Presentations will be given mainly by CEOs and CTOs representing worldwide organisations (private and public companies and institutions) dealing with raw materials and the materials sectors. EIT RawMaterials Central CLC will have an exhibition stand in the main hall. We expect to meet a large number of representatives of the RM and materials ecosystem at the executive level.

PEOPLEPhuong Dai Nestler
  • As of April, the CLC Central has welcomed a new assistant to the team, Phuong Dai Nestler. She holds a Bachelor degree in International Business Administration from the Wiesbaden Business School and has many years of experience in marketing and organising events, mainly in the electronic payment sector. Phuong Dai will also be the marketing and communications go-to person for the CLC.

  • Strategy and activities of EIT RawMaterials: Over the last couple of months, we had the opportunity to present the strategy and activities of EIT RawMaterials at several events and institutions including:
    • 4 April: Workshop on the EIT Raw Materials KAVA call 2016 organized at IMN Gliwice with the Institute ‘Freeway of Technology and Innovation’ in Poland 
    • 11-12 April: Matchmaking and strategy meeting CLC Eastern in Wroclaw, Poland
    • 14 April: Presentation of EIT Raw Materials to the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology in Sofia, Bulgaria
    • 15 April: EIT RawMaterials workshop on 'Lighthouse Programme in Exploration; Needs, Interests and Business Models’ in Brussels, Belgium co-hosted by CLC Northern and CLC Eastern
    • 26-27 April: ArcHub meeting on ‘Challenges and Solutions to Sustainable Mineral Exploration and Extraction in the Arctic’ co-hosted by GEUS, CLC Northern and CLC Eastern
    • 30-31 May: Workshop for start-ups at the 2nd Annual AGH Conference, ‘Innovative Ideas of Young Scientists’
  • We also have several events lined up moving forward
    • 15-16 June: 4th ESEE Dialogue Conference at the University of Zagreb in Croatia
    • 15-17 June: 4th International Conference ‘By-product Metals in Non-ferrous Metals Industry’ co-organised by IMN Gliwice and KGHM 
  • Starting this month, the Eastern CLC community has welcomed Dr. Markus Klein to the team as Business Developer. Markus brings over 20 years of experience in business development, strategy and consulting in various sectors, including automotive, mobility and ICT. He will also strengthen our group with his experience in the ESEE Region where he was in charge of Deutsche Telekom international operations for three years based in Budapest, Hungary. Markus will be based in Germany and will be responsible for all our business development activities in CLC East. 
  • Performed Matchmaking & Networking in Brussels: On 15 April, CLC East and CLC North jointly hosted a workshop on 'Lighthouse Programme in Exploration; Needs, Interests and Business Models’. Around 40 partners contributed to the strategic discussions. The scope of this workshop was to promote environmentally and socially sustainable extraction of resources and to develop a strategy in exploration with the overall aim to secure the supply of primary resources.
  • GEUS workshops: On 26-27 April, CLC North and CLC East together ran the first of two workshops within the KAVA ARCHUB outreach project. The aim of the workshop was to establish a network of excellence for sustainable mineral exploration and extraction in the Arctic. The network would act as an Arctic Gateway to further strengthen synergy between research, education, governmental organisations and industry in the Arctic region promoting environmentally and socially sustainable extraction of resources. Around 80 people participated, including those from industry, SMEs, and various stakeholders from Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
  • Euro Mine Expo in Skellefteå, Sweden: On 14 -16 June, CLC North are organising an event to introduce innovative start-ups and SMEs, incubators, and business developers interested in the primary resources sector. Our trade fair booth will be open for invited EIT RawMaterials supported start-ups and SMEs from all six Co-location Centers. This event will offer the following:
    • An opportunity for 2-3 start-ups and SMEs  to join the EIT RawMaterials booth (surrounded by our industrial partners) and to meet the sector players in creative tailor-made face to face business meetings, as well as providing  a place to network.
    • KAVA SIMP will broadcast business ideas, start-ups and SMEs throughout the KIC-community by testing the pilot ‘Meet the market’.
    • More information can be found here:
  • GEUS in Nuuk, Denmark: On 13-14 September, CLC North and CLC East are jointly hosting the second of two workshops within the KAVA ARCHUB project.

  • Vasiliki “Betty” ChristakopoulouCLC North is pleased to welcome Vasiliki “Betty” Christakopoulou, the new CLC North Coordinator working closely with the Management Team from 1 June. Betty was previously employed as Coordinator of NordMin on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. NordMin, established at Luleå University of Technology, connects stakeholders of the Nordic mining and mineral sector; industry, research, academia, government and regions, thus integrating research, innovation and education related to a sustainable Nordic mining and mineral industry.
  • Matchmaking event In Lille: On 6 May, ENEA and the CLC South organised a matchmaking event in Lille, France in the context of the European Materials Research Society conference. Around 50 representatives from the materials research industry from around the globe participated in this event. The long list includes: Crytur (Czech Republic), Urban Mining Company (US), Monolithos (Greece) and E-Laborad (Italy), as well as SMEs and start-ups. The participating companies expressed their interest in joining the RawMaterials KIC in the future. During this event many ideas were presented, such as R&D programmes emphasizing the issues related to raw materials criticalities. For the first time this matchmaking event gave an excellent opportunity to present two recently launched Network of Infrastructures (EXTREME and OPTNEWOPT) led by the CLC South.
  • RAMSES Summer School: The registration for the RAMSES summer school organised by Milano Bicocca is still open. Students that are interested can sign up here: RAMSES Summer School started with an idea to provide an ample training opportunity in which technological innovations are presented by experts in view of their environmental, economical, and societal impact. RAMSES aims at promoting the diffusion of knowledge on novel material strategies for the substitution or reuse of critical materials in the fields of energy and photonics.
  • INFORM-CCC in Venice: Immediately after the High Tech Die Casting conference that takes place on 22 – 23 June, organised by the Italian Association of Metallurgy, an International Forum – ‘Raw Materials Competition for Competitive Automotive Components’ - opens on 24 June. With the support of industrial and research experts, this event is aimed at comparing processes, performance and costs of groups of materials mostly used for automotive applications such as: cast iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, plastics and composites. Find more information on this free public event here:
  • SMETCH event in Italy: On 4 – 5 October, ENEA and CLC South are organizing an SME match. This matchmaking event is designed is to promote the involvement of Italian SMEs in the EIT RawMaterials topics. Students and graduates will be engaged in order to promote their networking abilities with industries in the raw materials sector. The Italian regional government and the ‘decision makers’ will participate to disseminate EIT RawMaterials activities, pursuing their support and facilitation. 
  • AOB : On 27-28 June, EIT RawMaterials, supported by an independent experts, will perform the first review of the ‘Education Programme’ of the ‘KIC Raw Materials’, focusing on the activities of Southern Co-location Centre. This review is designed to assist the KIC RM in reflecting on their education strategies and to inform EIT Headquarters on the progress made so far. The outcome of this assessment is meant to navigate towards a partnership approach that would serve the further development of education strategies at both KIC and EIT bodies. Reporting will be done internally to the KICs and EIT Headquarters.
  • Summer School in Circular Economy: On 22-23 August EIT RawMaterials, together with the KU Leuven, Universite de Liege, Universiteit Gent and RWTHaachen University, organised a one-week intensive innovation and entrepreneurship workshop. Unfortunately due to popular demand the course is already fully booked. For more information, visit:
  • Financial Sustainability workshop in Leuven: On 29 June EIT RawMaterials is hosting a workshop in which the EIT RawMaterials management team and partners will come together to discuss ideas and models that would contribute to the financial sustainability of the KIC.
  • Circular Economy event in Amsterdam: On 22 June an inspirational event on business models for circular economy will take place. The networking event is open to people beyond KIC RawMaterials and is organised by EIT RawMaterials and Center for Sustainability. For more information, visit:
Katerina C. Thomas

Katerina C. Thomas, Head of Communications

EIT Raw Materials welcomes our new Head of Communications, Katerina C. Thomas. As a new member of the Communications team lead by Tomas Jensen, Chief Communications officer, Katerina C. will be working on the development, planning and execution of all internal and external communication and marketing strategies at EIT RawMaterials. Coming from Amsterdam, Katerina brings more than ten years of corporate communications and marketing experience, working for major multinational companies in banking, consumer electronics and publishing sectors. Most recently, she was working within the energy and commodities sectors, with companies such as the biggest European energy infrastructure project, South Stream, and the mining and metals group Guinee Titanium.

Kateryna Vorobiova

Kateryna Vorobiova, Social Media Manager

The communications department also welcomes another colleague - Kateryna Vorobiova. Kateryna will be working on improving, developing and executing the EIT RawMaterials social media channels. Kateryna joins us as an AIESEC participant and will be with us for the next twelve months. Before joining EIT RawMaterials, Kateryna was working for a Polish design studio, establishing a solid presence across all social media channels and developing customers’ engagement. She also has previous experience of increasing brand awareness with a special focus on DACH and UK markets from working for a FinTech startup. She has a degree in International Business from the Warsaw School of Economics.

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