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January 2017

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Dear partners and friends of EIT RawMaterials,
We hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday season and had a good start to 2017!
We are excited to get started with our great agenda for 2017. In total, we have 138 running KAVA projects, 72 continuing from last year and 66 starting in 2017. This year, innovation and education projects cover the entire raw material value chain: from exploration, over mining, mineral processing, and substitution, to recycling and circular economy. We are in the process of preparing brief descriptions of all projects that will be made available on the EIT RawMaterials website soon.
In addition to partner-run projects there are a number of events for partners and other stakeholders throughout the year. Some events are thematic workshops and conferences, others are idea camps, pitching and competition events for entrepreneurs, start-ups and students. Also, in collaboration with colleagues from the European Commission’s DG GROW we are organising the Raw Materials University Days. In 2017 four Raw Materials University Days are taking place in Tallinn (Estonia), Lund (Sweden), Leuven (Belgium) and Madrid (Spain).

This year, EIT RawMaterials will again be quite active participating in various external events and conferences, several are already scheduled. A few examples include: Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Annual Conference (PDAC2017). PDAC2017 takes place in Toronto (Canada) in March, where we will be present with a booth, and have a presentation session on Tuesday afternoon, 7 March 2017, followed by a reception. Many of our partners will attend PDAC2017 and speak at the session, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there. In June, we are attending the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki (Finland), the World Materials Forum 2017 in Nancy (France) and the EuroNanoForum 2017 conference in Valletta (Malta), where we will give a presentation and have a booth. Stay tuned for updates and details for all events on our website.
We have received final approval of our Business Plan 2017 and will sign it any day. The call for KAVAs to start in 2018 is open with a deadline 31 March 2017. We are anticipating more great proposals, and hope to have finalized the evaluation and selection process in late June. More details on the submission process to be shared soon in webinars, and you are always welcome to contact us with questions.
Finally, we will soon start a series of visits to partners across our community. We are trying to arrange this with the help of the CLCs, and while we know it will be difficult to visit everyone this year, we are eager to get started.
Kind regards on behalf of your entire KIC staff,
Dr Karen Hanghøj and Dr Andreas Klossek



EIT Labelling in 2017

EIT RawMaterials hosted a cross-KIC Workshop on EIT Labelling on Monday, 12 December 2016, in Berlin, Germany. The EIT label is a quality seal for programmes at Master and PhD levels, showing that these courses help students to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. The workshop was attended by around 60 participants from all of the KICs, as well as Marian Belko, Education Officer from EIT in Budapest, Hungary.
A particular highlight was the presentation by Richard Tunstall, Leeds University Business School, who provided extremely helpful insight about the labelling process from a reviewer’s perspective. Comprehensive details about the structure of existing programmes was also given from the following programmes with an EIT label:
  • AMIS - Master in Functional Advanced Materials and their Engineering Innovation, from EIT RawMaterials
  • EMERALD - Master in Georesources Engineering, from EIT RawMaterials
  • IHC - Innovation in Healthcare, from EIT Health
  • IMIM - International Masters of Innovative Medicine, from EIT Health
The discussion was lively and plentiful and we hope this event will contribute to the success of EIT RawMaterials’ partners in the next labelling round!
If partners would like to view the presentations from the workshop or have general questions about obtaining an EIT label for a Master or PhD programme, please contact the relevant CLC Education Officer or Ellie Stephenson for more information.
The deadline for 2017 applications is yet to be confirmed, but we will inform you as soon as this information is released by EIT.

Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)

On 5 January in Oslo, Norway, Dr Karen Hanghøj, CEO and Managing Director of EIT RawMaterials, spoke about minerals in low emission societies, including needs and approach in Europe, at the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) event. Please watch here.

EIT RawMaterials pitch winner in Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe

Congratulations to Christian Olsson for making it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list 2017! Christian is a co-founder of Sustainalube, the winner of the EIT RawMaterials pitch event in Stockholm, Sweden, in February 2016. Sustainalube has developed a new type of industrial lubricant that is completely water soluble and oil-free. This could revolutionise the industry and can be applied in a variety of fields. It uses glycerol as a base to create a lubricant that could replace more harmful alternatives in sectors such as the mining industry. Find more details here.
It is great news for the EIT Community, as together with Christian 18 innovators and entrepreneurs from other KICs are on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list 2017! Congratulations! You can find the full list here.

 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC 2017)

On 5-8 March EIT RawMaterials will join the annual convention of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC 2017) in Toronto, Canada. As PDAC 2017 is one of the largest trade shows on exploration and mining, we will use this opportunity to network, raise the visibility of the KIC and underline the relevance of the European raw materials industry. EIT RawMaterials will be present at booth #6516N and will also host half a day of presentations and a reception. Please let us know whether you plan to go to PDAC 2017!
Conference on Recycling and Raw Materials in Berlin

On 6-7 March Dr Andreas Klossek, COO and Managing Director of EIT RawMaterials, will participate and give a speech at the Recycling- und Rohstoffkonferenz in Berlin, Germany. The conference will address the topics of recycling of metals, plastics, vehicles electronics and batteries, as well as new technologies in this sector. It will also focus on processing and resource efficiency. For more information, please check the official website.

MiningForum 2017

On 1-2 June EIT RawMaterials will participate in the MiningForum 2017 in Berlin, Germany. DMT, one of our partners, has been hosting the Forum since 1991. The event will gather over 300 participants and will offer a comprehensive panorama view of various complex topics related to raw materials.
Dr Karen Hanghøj, CEO and Managing Director of EIT RawMaterials, will give a presentation on how EIT RawMaterials is driving research and innovation in the European raw materials sector. During the two-day forum, attendees are welcome to stop by our booth and find out more about our activities from Krzysztof Kubacki, CLC East General Manager of EIT RawMaterials.
Find more information about the event on the official website
EuroNanoForum 2017

On 21-23 June EIT RawMaterials will attend EuroNanoorum 2017 in Valletta, Malta. The Forum will focus on how nano and materials technologies can strengthen competitiveness across all European industries. The discussion will also extend to framework conditions such as education, standards, regulations, IPR and safety issues, as well as entrepreneurship and industrial policy. The programme will include sessions on finance and funding through European and National programmes, in particular Horizon 2020, smart specialisation and public-private partnership initiatives.

We would like to invite you to the Forum and hear more about EIT RawMaterials from Dr Karen Hanghøj, CEO and Managing Director of EIT RawMaterials, who will give a speech. Also, Dr Roland Gauss, Thematic Officer of EIT RawMaterials, will be present at our booth and will share more information about the company.  

Matchmaking and Networking
Learning and Outreach
Business Creation and Support

Validation and Acceleration



Transforming Masters education by ‘Train the trainers’ workshop in Helsinki, Finland: On 6-9 December the workshop was held by the Circular Economy Design Forum (CEDF) project at Aalto University. The unpredictable outcome of innovation and entrepreneurship possesses a number of challenges in education, including supporting students who are outside their comfort zones as well as grading student work. These were some of the issues addressed in the workshop. Furthermore, lecturers from partner universities experienced being 'a student', developed new course schedules and activities; and were coached on supporting students. Lecturers even tested their new pedagogic approaches and exercises on a group of students - and received feedback from the students. This 'train the trainers' event will be one basis for developing new courses at partner universities in Poland, Finland and Spain.

Start-up Booster Pitch 2016
All applications CLC Baltic Sea received by the deadline were scored independently by evaluators and then ranked according to those scores. In a consensus meeting, all applications were reviewed and, taking into account the scoring, a decision was made whether to invite some applicants to pitch their idea and project plan. The requested focus of the pitches was to explain the project plan and motivate how this would boost their business. These pitches were made to a panel comprising CLC Managers, Business Developers and Education Officers from different CLC’s. These panel members held another consensus meeting immediately after the pitching session, whereby final funding decisions were made. 

The selected start-ups are:

Kobolde & Partners provides a cloud-based software solution for raw material optimisation in first of all scrap based production of Steel, Iron and Aluminium. The system helps companies to decrease costs, improve quality and keep an eye on the CO2 emissions. A cost saving of 2-8% of the raw material budget is normal. With the support of EIT RawMaterials' Booster funding, Kobolde was able to prepare itself for market replication of its solution to match with the German market needs and prepare for a subsidiary office for taking care of local support. Kobolde expects to generate 2 MEUR of sales from the European market by 2020 and later, will scale the solution worldwide by year 2025, seizing market opportunities worth 20 MEUR.

Alina, designing innovative and eco-organoclay materials to substitute biocides in paints and coatings, completed their Booster project at the end of 2016. With EIT RawMaterials Booster funding, they were able to obtain a globally recognised Cradle to Cradle Certified™ - Silver level Material Health Certificate for the ALINA LIFE™ product and become ready for market launch. Alina is expecting to generate EBITDA of 1MEUR by year 2019, representing 1% share of the European market worth of 600 MEUR.


DPP Forum in Berlin, Germany: On 11 November the Forum addressed new approaches for securing a sustainable supply of the critical resource phosphorus, mainly related to the recovery from manure and wastewater. Internationally renowned speakers interacted with 100 participants during the sessions and during the world café on future trends from R&D as well as on implementation in collaborative projects in nutrient management and recovery. The event was organised by CLC Central together with the German Phosphorus Platform (DPP).
Start-up Booster Pitch in Metz, France: On 22 November, after the first round of pitching, five short listed start-ups have pitched via videoconference in front of an Evaluation Committee including a VC and seed funding organisation. Four outstanding candidates in the EIT RawMaterials thematic areas of recycling and substitution have been selected and will be awarded a start-up booster prize for their project.
The selected start-ups are:

DAUMET develops innovative gold materials dedicated to the luxury industry. The main objective of the project is the manufacturing process of new gold-tungsten alloys called SpinD Gold by Physical Vapor Deposition, both for coating and sintering. As opposed to conventional production methods for white gold used for jewellery market, this technology avoids the use of Palladium, a rare metal, and Rhodium.

enwires develops unique silicon nano-wired materials for battery electrodes. The original manufacturing process yields silicon nanowires of high quality with a low capex at a cost that is one tenth of the existing methods.

TERRA NOVA DEVELOPEMENT (TND) is aiming to extract tantalum from printed circuit boards (PCB) to define the right specification for a future industrial plant, as well as aiming to produce samples of purified tantalum to potential customers.

EUROTAB is a SME leader in the powder compaction domain. It has been implementing innovative approaches and equipment design to yield tableting of industrial minerals in applying high compaction pressures at high speed. This approach has been successfully carried over on compaction of a steel making process raw material, with the design of a prototype compaction equipment.
New ways of learning in Oulu, Finland: On 23 November, after an institutional introduction and two keynote speakers (M. Hedges, Neotech, and J. Hurmola, Lifelearn), the workshop was divided into five parallel sessions: FabLab digital manufacturing, digital learning platforms, serious gaming radical innovation in recycling and the circular economy business model. On 24 November Jennifer Moon presented an exercise dedicated to improving the learning from reflection as well as a text on the learner’s understanding of the nature of knowledge.

The Idea Camp was a joint event by EIT RawMaterials, EIT Digital, University of Oulu and the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA.

Expert Forum - Materials & Technologies for Future Mobility in Darmstadt, Germany: On 9 December industrial experts and academics were invited to discuss challenges and needs for functional materials in the mobility sector. Special focus was on batteries, magnetic materials, and e-drives with the aim to develop a roadmap for materials developments and future collaboration activities. Business and industry related to mobility is a major pillar of European society, as the automotive sector alone accounts for 4 % of the EU GDP. At the same time, transportation represents a quarter of the greenhouse emissions in Europe.
The Expert Forum was organised by CLC Central in cooperation with Fraunhofer, TU Darmstadt, Heraeus and Materials Valley.
If you participated in the event, please let us know your opinion by filling in the online survey here.
Kick-off start-ups meetings: On 19 January Didier Zimmermann, CLC Central General Manager, and Nora Groth, CLC Central Business Developer, visited Extracthive at their facilities to define the next steps of the joint project and establish partnership with the EIT RawMaterials Community. EIT RawMaterials, jointly with Veolia, is supporting the Extracthive start-up. The team is currently working on a low-cost recycling process to regain high-value secondary materials.

On 25 January Didier Zimmermann and Nora Groth met with the TERRA NOVA DEVELOPEMENT (TND) start-up team to celebrate the success and continue supporting the growth of their business.

On 27 January CLC Central continued the kick-off start-ups meetings with a stop at binee’s office. Didier Zimmermann and Nora Groth discussed the results of the successful year 2016 and upcoming projects. binee, as well as Extracthive, is jointly supported by EIT RawMaterials and Veolia.



ReMining and Process Residues in Berlin, Germany: On 18-19 January the event was focused on evaluation of tailings and other residues from former mining operations. The discussions also included ideas on extraction of valuable elements from those secondary sources of metals and minerals. 70 people were in attendance coming from all three sides of the knowledge triangle in the different CLC's. Ten project proposals were pitched and discussed within the group. Presenters received feedback on their pitches and were looking for potential partners. The event was organised by CLC East in cooperation with Helmholtz Institute for Resources Freiberg.


Boosting the Circular Economy through industrial symbiosis: Utilisation of different wastes as secondary raw materials in Ljubljana, Slovenia: On 10-11 April the event will gather the local stakeholders in the field of circular economy to discuss the present situation in the region, opportunities and challenges for the industry. The aim is to develop a regional Circular Economy Strategy and to align it with EIT RawMaterials CE strategy. It will also serve as the platform to inform regional players about EIT RawMaterials. The event is organised by CLC East together with Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS). For more information and registration, please click here.


Business Plan Competition 2016: During 2016 a great deal of EIT RawMaterials effort was devoted to scout and nurture innovative business ideas, coming from researchers, future entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups, looking for technologies and business models with great potentials to impact the raw materials value chain. To this end, the first Business Idea Competition in Raw Materials was completed in December with the selection of the three winning teams. This first edition attracted around 60 ideas from researchers, professionals and early stage startups, from outside and inside of the KIC, who submitted their ideas to a first phase selection. Among these, 12 teams were selected to participate to a Training Workshop in Madrid (Spain) organised by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain), and were subsequently coached by EIT RawMaterials staff to develop a more advanced Business Plan. The final Business Plans were submitted in the second phase of the competition, and underwent a further evaluation to select the three winners. The three best teams received a monetary award and will present their business idea to the EIT RawMaterials partners at upcoming events to establish collaborations.

Looking forward to getting new ideas from the 2017 competition!

The winners are:
1st place:

STARS. A team led by the Slovakian company Velaworks and backed by a research team from the University of Brescia (Italy) has won the competition with the Business Idea STARS, and has paved the way for the creation of a start-up for the industrialisation of the patented process COSMOS Fenix®. The process, developed in two EU funded LIFE+ projects, makes it possible to convert ‘hazardous’ fly ashes produced in incinerators into filler for plastics, creating a valuable alternative to landfill. Furthermore, the filler obtained presents optimal properties as flame retardant, allowing substitution of expensive and toxic Brominates and Antimony (Sb) based fillers presently used in plastic manufacturing. 

2nd place:

AeroCDW. The team led by the French company KEEY Aerogel and backed by researchers from TECNALIA (Spain) proposed a process for the manufacturing of cost-effective superinsulating aerogel products throughout the recycle of silica-rich construction and demolition waste. Such Aerogels present excellent insulating properties and can be applied in the construction sector for new buildings and retrofits, as well as for other industrial applications, e.g. in the transport sectors. The proposers have joined forces to close the loop of the circular economy of siliceous materials in construction. They have revolutionised waste materials to produce a high added-value product, which uses more than 75% of the weight of recycled material in the superinsulator.

3rd place:

GREENGO. The team led by researchers working at Linköping University (Sweden) and constituted by PhD, researchers and commercial advisors from Portugal, Ukraine and Sweden, has proposed an innovative process for the production of a low cost and high quality “green” graphite, produced using biologically treated waste of agricultural or forestry industries. The green graphite is technically and economically a valid alternative material to the graphite used as anode in Lithium Ion Batteries. Natural graphite is a critical raw materials and graphite global market is forecasted in strong increase over the next years: from 80,000 tons per year in 2015 to at least 250,000 tons by 2020, mainly due to the demand in electric cars sector.



Wider Society Workshop in Liège, Belgium: On 15-16 December the aim of the first Wider Society Learning (WSL) workshop within the EIT RawMaterials community was to stimulate ideas, create new synergies, and bring together technology providers and end users to support our partners in the development of new proposals for WSL activities. Projects presented from both our partners and from outside the KIC varied from annual events on making geology fun, to modifications of the Minecraft game and a board game on circular economy.
Overall, WSL has been developed to inform, educate and reach out to the public, NGOs and decision-makers as well as to ensure that there is a constant supply of well qualified labour and expertise to fulfil the needs of the raw materials sector. This calls for innovative ways of demonstrating the advancements, needs and opportunities in the raw materials sector in ways that encourage awareness and interest within multiple target groups.

We hope that during the first WSL workshop the seed has been planted for many more innovative Wider Society Learning projects!


European Materials and Venture Forum 2017 in Ghent, Belgium: On 8-9 February the forum will create a space to discover more than 30 innovative companies in the materials sector and to get in touch with prominent investors across Europe and beyond. On 8 February EIT RawMaterials together with Ghent University invite you to the Workshop for Entrepreneurs. For more details, please click here.   

Dr Catherine Bounsaythip, Business Developer, CLC Baltic Sea

Dr Catherine Bounsaythip joins CLC Baltic Sea as a full-time Business Developer in January 2017. Catherine holds a PhD in engineering (automation, production and computer engineering) from the University of Science and Technology of Lille, France. Catherine has nearly 20 years of work experience encompassing various aspects of innovation and scientific fields, from research to technology commercialisation, business development and venture development. Her merits include external evaluation of innovation proposals for Horizon2020-SME-Instruments and Fast Track to Innovation Pilot calls, business development at Enterprise Europe Network and entrepreneurial experience as co-founder, partner and COO of a spin-out company from VTT Technological Research Centre of Finland (Zora Biosciences Oy) and as shareholder and founder in other startups. In 2016, Catherine worked as part-time Business Developer at the CLC Baltic Sea via Spinverse Innovation Management, an associate partner of the EIT RawMaterials.

Dr Massimo Gasparon, Education Officer, CLC North

Dr Massimo Gasparon joined CLC North on 1 January 2017. Massimo holds a PhD degree in geochemistry from the University of Tasmania, Australia, and a Bachelor’s degree in volcanology at the University of Firenze, Italy. Before joining EIT RawMaterials, Massimo worked as full-time teaching and research academic in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Queensland, Australia. He has a strong academic background in geology and geochemistry, and his passions throughout his academic career have been teaching and the application of innovative research to the solution of real problems faced by governments and industries. He has coordinated the teaching program since the creation of the School of Earth Sciences, and in this role he has contributed to the design and delivery of geology and engineering programs within the university, across universities and in cooperation with industry, both at national and international level. Massimo has excellent links with, and a thorough understanding of the mineral industry, and has over ten years of experience with mineral exploration and processing.

Sylwia Wasilewicz, Administration and Finance Coordinator, CLC East

Sylwia Wasilewicz joins CLC East on 1 February 2017. Sylwia holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from the Kraków University of Economics, Poland. In 2010 she has also obtained her Master of Business Administration. She has over 10 years of experience in corporate administration and finance. She was previously working for Vistra Corporate Services, providing accounting and tax services to numerous clients in various industries. Most recently Sylwia worked for a Canadian junior exploration company HDI Rathdowney with a base metals project in Poland. While there she was in charge of administration, accounting and project reporting.
Based out of Wroclaw she will work with the EIT RawMaterials Team and Partners on all matters related to administration, finance and projects.

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