April 2016

Dear partners and friends of EIT RawMaterials,

First of all: Welcome to the new format of our regular update! As we are in the middle of redefining our communications channels and approaches, you will see several of our platforms change over the coming weeks. Our main goal is to ensure a more steady and continuous flow of information from EIT RawMaterials to you. Stay tuned!

Looking at everything that has already been done and achieved, I can hardly believe the year is only three months old:

  • In January, we signed the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), the legal basis for our KIC to operate and receive EIT funding. As a next step, the Specific Grant Agreement 2016 (SGA) signing by the EIT will now happen any day, so pre-financing should be arriving soon. I am aware that these delays are unfortunate delays, especially since many of you have already started projects and are fully engaged in pushing for delivery and creating value.

  • Financial sustainability of the KIC is a mandate clearly given to us by the EIT. This is a complex topic and we are in the middle of discussing how to handle it. While the conceptual thinking behind the mandate is clear, the implementation and strategy is not. Together with our partners we are testing several options that could help us progress in the right direction. The aim is to present a strategy during the Fall 2016 General Assembly to be approved by the EIT RawMaterials partners.
  • Thematic Officers were part of the original KIC proposal and are subject matter experts along the value chain of raw materials. The job descriptions of these full-time positions have now been posted and we have already seen many strong applications. It’s great to see our team getting stronger!

  • Another element of the KIC proposal was the Light House Themes, with some examples given. The Senior Management Team is currently developing a better understanding of our project portfolio, and identifying white spots or areas that need improvement. Using synergies and cross-thematic projects are one of our focus areas right now. You will hear more about this soon.

For me personally, a big milestone is operational readiness. So I am happy to be able to say that five of our six CLCs have now established their legal entity, with the sixth one well on its way. All permanent CLC managers have been hired and are already deeply emerged in facilitating our partners’ needs and providing support. The cornerstone document (defining roles and responsibilities of partners, the Steering Committee, the CLC management and the role of HQ) has been approved by the General Assembly. There are still some bits and pieces missing, but I am confident that we will have everything ironed out by summer.

In the end, what we do is about building platforms; bringing brains, ideas and projects together; fostering exchange; and driving innovation. Thus, the EIT RawMaterials Information and Brokerage Event 2016, which was held at the end of February in Berlin-Adlershof, was a great reminder of what the KIC is really about. I was deeply impressed by the wealth of project ideas, the passion and engagement of the participants, and the openness to and interest in collaboration. I would personally like to thank all our partners who contributed to the success of the event.

Finally, my thanks and appreciation goes to all of our colleagues who are relentlessly doing their best to push forward, to make things happen and to deliver what we promised, despite a not-yet-perfect setup.

I am looking forward to the General Assembly on April 20 and hope to see many of you there.

Dr. Ernst Lutz



  • EIT RawMaterials Information and Brokerage Event: From 25-26 February, we held the annual EIT RawMaterials Information and Brokerage Event in Berlin-Adlershof. With more than 170 participants and 150 pitches in 11 sessions, the team managed to drive several objectives of the event, i.e. information delivery, brokerage fostering, and networking amongst participants. 40 posters of projects that are starting in 2016 were displayed during breaks and networking sessions. Feedback so far has been highly positive – which does not keep us from reflecting on the event and already working on how to make the experience even more worthwhile for participating partners next time around.


  • Raw Materials University Day: On 13 April, the European Commission is organising the next iteration of the Raw Materials University Day (RMUD) – this time in in Lisbon/Portugal. RMUD is a communication campaign launched by the European Commission in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials. The aim of the initiative is to attract young people that are choosing their studies, or future graduates, who we would like to inform about the study and career opportunities in the raw materials sector. As EIT RawMaterials will be taking on the event format from the European Commission right after the Lisbon event, please stay tuned for news and information on the next RMUD.
  • General Assembly: On 20 April, EIT RawMaterials will be holding the annual ordinary General Assembly in Berlin-Adlershof. All core and associate members are invited to participate and learn about progress of the organisation, but also participate in making strategic and relevant decisions for the future of EIT RawMaterials. All organisations that are current members will be receiving invitations to the event shortly.

  • INNOVEIT 2016: From 25-26 April, the EIT will be holding its second annual event, INNOVEIT 2016. EIT RawMaterials will be represented by several colleagues, partners and projects developed by companies within our ecosystem. You can find out more information here:

  • Matchmaking and Networking event in Tallinn: From 22-23 March, we organised the first Matchmaking and Networking event at Tallinn University of Technology. The event focused on further developing the business ecosystems around raw materials in the Baltic Sea region. With 60 participants, the event offered high-level keynote presentations from industrial partners on their business ecosystem strategies, as well as innovation pitches from 14 start-ups and SMEs development. In a popular speed-dating session, partners and start-ups were given the chance to develop new project ideas for upcoming EIT RawMaterials calls.

  • Matchmaking event in Helsinki: Coming up, CLC Baltics will organise a matchmaking event back-to-back with the Green Mining innovation programme run by TEKES, the Finnish innovation funding organisation. The event will be organised on 1 June in Helsinki and aims to harvest potential commercialisation ideas from the outcomes of the Green Mining programme. For more information, contact

  • ‘Minerals – Source of Growth’: From 1-3 June, EIT RawMaterials and several partners (Tekes, the Finish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finpro, Geological Survey of Finland, Tukes and Spinverse) will be hosting ‘Minerals – Source for Growth’ in Helsinki. More information can be found here:

  • As of January, the CLC Baltics team was strengthened by the addition of Dr. Denise McCluskey as Education Officer and Mikko Korhonen as Business Developer. Both Denise and Mikko have long-term experience in innovation education, management and technology transfer from industry and academic institutions. As of March, the CLC Baltics team welcomed a new team assistant in Reeta Kemppainen. With the staff in place, the CLC is now at full operational capacity!

  • Steering Committee Meeting: At the last Steering Committee Meeting (SCM), we conceived the idea of inviting representatives of end-users to present their needs in regard to raw materials. We then organised a workshop after the SCM, which included a presentation about EIT RawMaterials and CLC Central, and presentations from EDF and Thales on their vision and needs. This first experience was positive, and a second workshop will be held on 26 April with end-users coming from different markets.

  • ‘KIC day’: On 30 March, in Paris, we participated in the ‘KIC day” organised by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education, and presented EIT RawMaterials to the French innovation ecosystem.

  • Meeting on PEPS: From 6-7 April, we will be organising the next meeting on PEPS at ENIM in Metz.

  • National Contact Points presentation: On 14 April, we will present EIT RawMaterials in Paris at the French and German National Contact Points for Raw Materials.

  • We can proudly announce that two new part-time Business Developers have joined the team: Nora Groth, seconded by Fraunhofer/Germany, and Cécile Green, seconded by Eramet/France. Cécile will support the partners on the themes of exploration, mining and raw materials processing, while Nora will support them on the substitution of raw materials, recycling and circular economy. In parallel Emmanuel Paul, seconded by the Université de Lorraine, is involved in PEPS, as the leader of the WP06.
  • Strategy and activities of EIT RawMaterials: Over the last couple of months, we had the opportunity to present the strategy and activities of EIT RawMaterials at several events and institutions including:
    • 13 January: Freeway of Technology and Innovation institute in Poland (
    • 11 February: University of Constanta, Romania
    • 13 March: ‘Role of mineral resources in the development of regional economy’ seminar held at KGHM Cuprum in Wroclaw, Poland, with a focus on the Lower Silesia Region
    • 4 April: Workshop on the EIT RawMaterials KAVA call 2016 organised at IMN Gliwice with the Freeway of Technology and Innovation institute in Poland
  • We also have several events lined up moving forward
    • 11-12 April: Matchmaking and strategy meeting CLC East, Wroclaw, Poland
    • 14 April: Presentation of EIT RawMaterials to the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology in Sofia, Bulgaria
    • 15 April: EIT RawMaterials workshop on ‘Lighthouse programme in exploration; needs, interests and business models’ in Brussels, Belgium co-hosted by Northern and CLC East
    • 26-27 April: ArcHub meeting on ‘Challenges and solutions to sustainable mineral exploration and extraction in the Arctic’ co-hosted by GEUS, CLC North and CLC East CLC

  • We are in the process of recruiting for permanent positions for the Business Developer and Education Manager. with the announcements expected in Q2 of this year.

  • Business Ideas Pitch Event: 12 start-ups and SMEs addressed the Swedish mining and mineral producing industry and VINNOVA with their business ideas at the Business Idea Pitch Event arranged in Stockholm on 24 February. The winning start-ups, both spin-offs from Luleå University of Technology, were awarded €40 000 each to develop their respective business ideas:
    • Sustainalube AB has developed an environmentally friendly, oil-free lubricant. The CEO Christian Olsson will represent EIT RawMaterials at InnovEIT, Budapest, in April.
    • ThingsWave AB pitched real-time seismic monitoring of installed Smart rock bolts, enabling mining companies to reinforce areas where many bolts have become damaged, or evacuate workers before a collapse.
  • RM Matches Exploration Lighthouse programme; i.e. needs, interests and business models, back-to-back to EIP RM. Co-hosted by LTU, CLC North and CLC East. 15th of April, Brussels

  • RM Matches: Promoting environmentally and socially sustainable extraction of resources in the Arctic region. Co-hosted by GEUS, CLC North and CLC East. 27th-28th of April, Copenhagen

  • Idea Camp: Challenging production methods and extraction processes of valuable elements from plants and industrial site remediation. Hosted by Aughinish Aluminia Ltd, University of Limerick. Co-hosted by CLC North and CLC Central. Potential stakeholder meeting. 21st-22nd of June, Limerick

  • Mattia Pellegrini, Head of Unit for Raw Materials, Metals, Minerals and Forest-based Industries at DG GROW, met the Swedish mining and mineral processing sector to discuss the future innovation potential of the European industry when visiting Sweden on 25-27 January. Pelligrini made an appreciated keynote speech at the ‘Future Mining’ congress in Stockholm. In addition, he met with industrial management to discuss innovation capacity, sustainable growth and competitiveness while visiting the test mine of Atlas Copco Rock Drills in Stockholm, Boliden Minerals mine in Garpenberg and Boliden Smelters in Rönnskär. He was accompanied by Pär Weihed (Luleå University of Technology), Mikael Ramström (Atlas Copco Rock Drills), Mikael Staffans, Hans Jönsson and Åke Roos (Boliden Minerals). The trip was co-hosted by the Bergforsk Association (Swedish mining industry think-tank), the Strategic Innovation Programme for the Swedish Mining and Metal Producing Industry (SIO STRIM) and EIT RawMaterials CLC North. 

  • EIT Awareness Day: At the EIT Awareness Day in Athens on the 18 March, EIT RawMaterials, along with other KICs, was showcased in front of an audience of about 120 people representing Greek business, academia and research. This was done to increase awareness and participation of Greek entities in EIT activities.

  • Matchmaking event in Lille: On 6 May, ENEA and the CLC South are organising a matchmaking event in Lille, France, in the context of the European Materials Research Society conference. The focus of MEETS is to connect industries to scientists involved in the study and development of new materials and technological processes for the substitution of CRMS in the optoelectronic and magnetic sectors, with a focus on markets such as ICT, energy supply and mobility
  • Project Review Day: On the 7 April, CLC South will organise the first Project Review Day, an internal meeting where CLC South and EIT RawMaterials HQ will review most of the CLC South project portfolio.

  • Third SG meeting and Plenary Meeting: From 12-13 April, CLC South will carry out its third SG meeting and the first Plenary Meeting of 2016 for all CLC South partners.

  • The EURO-RM completed the first and major body of work and delivered 90 percent if its deliverables. Coordinated by the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, the EURO-RM partners (including Tecnalia, Aster and Spinverse) provide turnkey solutions to run business plans and idea competitions for EIT RawMaterials. All CLC managers and staff should stay tuned – soon the project will announce the dates for a “train the trainer” course to train BP Competition Coaches.

  • The University of Milan Bicocca is offering a summer school on raw materials – the website is up and running, and registration is open:



  • Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling plenary spring meeting: From 17-18 May, the Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling will have its plenary spring meeting in the historical Begijnhof of Leuven. The Center currently organises 10 research projects with 3 academic partners (WPI, CSM and KU Leuven) in close cooperation with its industrial members. During the meeting the strategy of the Center will be defined, and the status and direction of the different projects discussed. In addition, the cooperation between the Center and EIT RawMaterials will be highlighted during a networking event. People interested in participating can contact Bart Blanpain, Site Director for KU Leuven, Brajendra Mishra, Center Director, or Karel Van Acker.

  • Kick-off event for ZeroWaste cluster of Nols: From 19-20 April, the ZeroWaste cluster of NoIs will hold a kick-off event in Novotel Leuven. The seven Networks of Infrastructure in this cluster are building a flexible toolbox for pretreatment, metal recovery and mineral matrix valorisation of industrial residues, each focusing on a specific area of technology (e.g. bio, solvo and pyrometallurgy). The kick-off event is the actual start of this individual Network of Infrastructure, but also aims to build a community under the ZeroWaste umbrella. Furthermore, the event will provide a discussion platform with the KIC management team on expectations and good practices for NoIs.

  • e-waste challenge MOOC: On 4 April, the e-waste challenge MOOC will be launched. The MOOC is realised as a collaboration between UNEP, Climate-KIC, WRF, KU Leuven and EIT RawMaterials. For more information, see:

  • Rosalia Delgado has been appointed as the new CLC General Manager of CLC West and will start her job in Leuven on 1 May. Previously, she has been the R&D manager of the Flanders Hydraulics Research for the last seven years, and has also worked at ESA, KU Leuven and Novastock.


The EIT RawMaterials Intellectual Property Committee

On 25 September 2015, the General Assembly of EIT RawMaterials e.V. unanimously approved the IP Committee of our KIC. EIT RawMaterials’s gratitude goes out to them for their continued contributions and support:

  • Petra Åhl, LKAB (industry), CLC North 
  • Pirke Fustinoni, Outotec (industry), CLC Baltics
  • André Pilate, Umicore (industry), CLC West
  • Christoph Wictor Schureck, Fraunhofer (academic), CLC Central
  • Martha Mühlburger, Montanuniversität Leoben (academic), CLC East
  • Salvatore Amico Roxas, ENEA (academic), CLC South

The mandate of the IP Committee includes, amongst others things, advising the General Assembly, the Executive Board and the Management Team of EIT RawMaterials regarding any sort of IP issues that are related to the management of our KIC and of the projects of our partners. The Committee also supports the further development of the activity-specific IP rules, which will be communicated to our KIC ecosystem as soon as possible. For any questions regarding the IP Committee please contact the COO of EIT RawMaterials, Andreas Klossek (

Tomas Jensen, Chief Communications Officer

Even though he started in January, we have not yet officially introduced Tomas Jensen, our new Chief Communications Officer, to this community – so here you go: Tomas is leading all communications and marketing activities for EIT RawMaterials, working with our ecosystem to ensure a consistent and continuous stream of information to all relevant audiences. Previously, he was heading the corporate communications practice at M&C Saatchi World Services. He also partnered with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Istanbul. Prior to this, he was the Director for Corporate Communications for Microsoft in the Middle East and Africa. A political scientist by education, Tomas has worked in the publishing and the consulting industry.

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