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November 2016

In this edition

Dear partners and friends of EIT RawMaterials,

With the newly implemented changes in the management structure, and with recruitment of our staff at HQ and at the CLCs finally almost complete, we feel that we are well positioned to continue our exciting KIC journey expanding and continuously improving our KIC.

Looking back at the developments since the last newsletter we have seen great ideas, had enriching discussions and participated in countless great events. A few examples:

  • Our bi-annual Project Review meetings where all project coordinators (well almost all…) meet and give updates on the projects. This is such a great opportunity to get an overview of all the current projects and for partners to network. This time around we met in Berlin and in connection with the reviews we also held a workshop on Networks of Infrastructure with the Business Developers and a workshop on lifelong learning with all the Education Officers.
  • We finished the call for startup boosters – which also means that we are in the middle of evaluating inspiring ideas and companies.
  • The application period for the Business Idea Competition in raw materials closed a few days ago. Pier Luigi and the team at CLC South are excited to now select the best ideas.
  • Montanuniversität Leoben held the Raw Materials University Day where 200 participants had an opportunity to see and explore opportunities in our field. A mixture of presentations and a visit the Erzberg mine in Eisenerz, Austria, made this an inspiring event.

We are continuing to work closely with the other KICs and with other raw materials stakeholders. We have recently signed the Pact for Innovation (INPACT) with the European Knowledge4Innovation forum, and will participate in the 8th Innovation Summit with the European Parliament in November. We will also host a conference at the EIP RawMaterials week in November/December and will participate in several of the scheduled events in that connection. Lastly, important internal events are coming up: The General Assembly and Information and Brokerage Event on 14-15 November in Berlin.

We look forward to seeing many of you there to discuss current activities and new great ideas.

Kind regards,
Dr. Karen Hanghøj and Dr. Andreas Klossek



EIT RawMaterials signs a Pact for Innovation

This month, EIT RawMaterials signed a Pact for Innovation (INPACT) with Knowledge4innovation. The objective is to create a space for close collaboration between key stakeholders and European institutions. INPACT signatories share the vision that a globally competitive and successful European Union needs stakeholders and institutions that work together in an integrated approach. The collaboration is meant to result in concrete solutions, moving quickly from research and invention to innovation accelerating the market uptake, creating an encouraging environment for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Some of the main priorities of INPACT are a coherence set of EU policies for innovation, the refocus and alignment of EU budgets towards innovation, the improvement of the citizen and investor confidence in Europe.
Within the framework of INPACT, on 14-17 November EIT RawMaterials will join the 8th European Innovation Summit in Brussels, Belgium. The event will address the impact of the regulatory framework and Horizon 2020 on innovation, the cooperation between EU institutions and innovation actors, and the horizontal issues in innovation, such as support for startups and entrepreneurial education. It will also cover societal challenges of the energy, raw materials and circular economy, as well as the topic of digitalization and innovation. Also, the summit will address how to improve science communication and how to increase the dialogue with key stakeholders to strengthen the relationship between scientists, society and media. For more information, please follow the link to the official website

Synergy Conference

On 27 September in Warsaw, Poland, four KICs gathered for a Synergy Conference to discuss the current state and opportunities for expanding the innovation ecosystem. Zygmunt Krasiński, Director of the Polish NCP, underlined the significance of the Horizon 2020 Programme for innovation. He also underlined Horizon 2020’s role in offering opportunities to cooperate with top international stakeholders and to reach scientific and technological excellence.
The need of cooperation between higher education institutions, industrial partners and research centres was explained by Michał Górzyński, Head of Monitoring Section/Innovation Officer EIT. He explained that innovation begins with education in the field of entrepreneurship.

Call Resourcing Water: Joined Start-Up program by EIT RawMaterials and WaterCampus Leeuwarden

On 3-4 October, during Wetsus Annual Congress 2016, CLC West together with WaterCampus announced a call Resourcing Water for all the start-ups with innovative ideas on raw materials and water. The goal of the call is to start cooperation with up to 5 start-ups in 2016-2017. Selected start-ups will receive support packages from EIT RawMaterials and WaterCampus Leeuwarden, which will consist of funding, business coaching and training, office space and access to research facilities. Furthermore, start-ups will benefit from the experience of EIT RawMaterials and WaterCampus Leeuwarden in the start-up ecosystem and a close cooperation with partners in the given field. 

These are the phases of the call:

Find out more about the ideas we’re looking for on the official page of the call.

Raw Materials University Day 2016

On 19 October EIT RawMaterials, together with Montanuniversität Leoben and VA Erzberg, invited pupils in the last two years of high school to spend the day visiting the Erzberg mountain in Eisenerz, Austria. The event was launched by the European Commission in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials.
The aim of Leoben University’s Raw Materials University Day was to attract young people who are finishing school and deciding on their path of future study, in order to inform them about the various study and career options in the raw materials sector. Over 200 students and their teachers from schools all over Austria attended. The event demonstrated many practical examples of careers in raw materials, the highlight being a trip to the Erzberg mine in Eisenerz where the students were given a tour on a heavy goods vehicle with commentary from mine employees as well as watching rock blasting live. The day also included presentations from industry representatives, EIT RawMaterials and Leoben University, which detailed potential career paths within the raw materials industry and the study opportunities across the whole value chain at Leoben University. In addition, there were tours of the laboratories at Leoben University where the pupils were able to talk to current students and see lab processes such as forming steel live in action.

Opening Ceremony of the EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg 

On 20 October the Saxonian sectretary of state of science and art, Uwe Gaul, und the rector of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht, jointly opened the EIT RawMaterials Regional Center Freiberg. The scientific institutions in Freiberg want to promote regional networking and academic education in the raw materials sector through the local office. The project office will be lead by two professors of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Prof. Dr. Urs Peuker, Institute Director of Partical and Processing Technology, and Prof. Jens Gutzmer, holder of the professorial chair for economic geology and petrology and director for resource technology at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg. All the best, EIT RawMaterials Regional Center Freiberg!

Business Ideas Competition for Innovation in Raw Materials

On 24 October the application process for the Business Idea Competition was closed. CLC South will now select the best 10 ideas, which will receive awards and will be selected to participate in the next phase. On 20 December participants of the business plan competition will be invited to the Business Plan Awards ceremony, where the best projects will receive financial support. Find out more details on our website.

Brokerage event on ‘Mining in challenging environments’

On 24-25 October in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, CLC East and DMT invited EIT RawMaterials partners to present their potential project ideas in order to prepare for the upcoming KAVA projects on ‘Mining in difficult environments/Deep intelligent Mining’. VDMA Mining Section was invited to the brokerage event as a special guest.
The event resulted in 3 selected start-ups that will be now funded by EIT RawMaterials. Congratulations to Cassantec, Talpasolutions and Hertron for bringing innovative ideas on raw materials to the market and good luck moving forward!

Grow circular! Financing SME Eco-innovation

EIT RawMaterials is closely involved in the Grow Circular SME finance event organised by the European Commission Directorate General for the Environment, in Tallinn, Estonia. On 26-28 October CLC Baltic Sea presented and discussed a range of possibilities for SMEs and Start-ups to engage in EIT RawMaterials’ Upscaling and Learning and education activities, not forgetting our Start-up and SME growth booster and equity instruments. The event showcased EIT RawMaterials activities to a broad range of European stakeholders, in particular to stakeholders from the ESEE region relevant for our RIS activities. CLC Baltic Sea staff together with HQ and our new thematic officers attended. For more information about the event, please click here.

Raw Materials Week

On 28 November – 2 December the first ever ‘Raw Materials Week’, organised by the European Commission, will take place in Brussels, Belgium. The event will bring together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss raw materials policy and initiatives. EIT RawMaterials will co-organise an event on ‘Education and training as a vehicle to improve competitiveness and business creation’. More information can be found on the official website.
Matchmaking and Networking
Learning and Outreach
Business Creation and Support

Validation and Acceleration

Twin Idea Camp in Espoo, Finland, and Antwerp, Belgium: On 18 October 75 participants were connected through a video feed between Espoo and Antwerp in a Circular Economy idea camp. After two shared industry keynotes from Suez and Ekokem, both locations had independent break-out sessions for project idea pitches and KAVA co-creation. More than 10 new ideas for potential EIT RawMaterials projects were brought up and discussed.
NordMin Workshop in Helsinki, Finalnd: On 20 October the workshop with 80 attendees focused on the outcomes of the now-ending NordMin programme on sustainable mining, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The focus of the workshop was to identify ways for the NordMin activities, both research and education, to be further developed towards co-operation with EIT RawMaterials.
Idea Camp Raw and Digital in Oulu, Finland: On 23-24 November the Idea Camp brings together partners and stakeholders of EIT RawMaterials and EIT Digital to explore and further develop their joint learning and education activities. High level international keynote speakers will lead us to the rapidly changing models of how people and groups learn, setting the stage for the workshop part of the Idea Camp. In four parallel hands-on workshops, participants will experience rapid manufacturing, gaming, e-learning platforms, circular economy business models, and hands-on recycling.
EIT RawMaterials’ Breakfast Talks at Slush 2016 in Helsinki, Finland: On 1 December CLC Baltic Sea is hosting a breakfast matchmaking in partnership with the SLUSH, a leading European start-up event. SLUSH will attract more than 15000 visitors from over 100 different countries over two days. Start-ups, partners and investors are invited to the EIT RawMaterials breakfast talks at SLUSH. The programme includes industry keynotes and presentations of start-ups already funded by EIT RawMaterials booster funding. For more information about the event, please follow the link to the event section on our website.  



Lifelong Learning Workshop in Berlin, Germany: Lifelong learning is one of the cornerstones within the educational programmes of EIT RawMaterials. Rapidly changing and increasingly complex technologies, business models and customer requirements mean it is essential to continuously keep industry employees at the forefront of knowledge and expertise. Addressing this need for a coherent and relevant professional training concept, EIT RawMaterials is currently developing strategies for a Professional School, designed to counsel, support and accompany Lifelong Learning projects and partners from all regions. As a first step towards this, a Lifelong Learning Workshop was held at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin on 4-5 October 2016.
  The workshop was jointly initiated by the CLC Central, HQ and partners and 36 representatives from the three sides of the knowledge triangle took part. Over the two days, the participants discussed current trends, challenges and needs in the raw materials sector and the significance these hold for the KIC when designing lifelong learning courses. We hope the results of the workshop will provide a solid basis to ensure that the Professional School draws from and builds on academic expertise as well as industry needs and specifications.
NoIs at EIT RawMaterials – Workshop on Framework Model Design and Collaboration Activities in Berlin, Germany: On 4 October the coordinators of 32 NoIs participated in the workshop and used the opportunity to get to know each other better and identify synergies for future collaboration activities. Five thematic groups were identified, which worked out clustered business model canvases and expressed key challenges and needs to reach the next steps.
DPP Forum 2016 in Berlin, Germany: On 11 November all stakeholders along the value chain will gather to discuss achievements and future trends with regard to efficient nutrient management - from research and development to implementation and strategic thinking. Nutrient and especially phosphorus management are international topics of high strategic relevance. The DPP Forum is organised together with the German Phosphorus Platform DPP e.V. More information can be found here.
Start-up Booster Pitch in Metz, France: Following the launch of the Booster Call on 1 September many interesting applications have been submitted by start-ups mainly in the recycling area. On 22-23 November the most promising candidates will be invited to pitch in front of an expert selection committee.
Power to-X-to power – Cross-acting between science & entrepreneurship in Darmstadt, Germany: On 9 December CLC Central and its partners Fraunhofer, TU Darmstadt, Heraeus and Materials Valley invite industrial experts to discuss challenges and needs with regards to functional materials in the mobility sector. Special focus will be on batteries, magnets and fuel cells with the aim to develop a roadmap for materials developments and future collaboration activities.



KMU Innovations-Café in Freiberg, Germany: On 26 October EIT RawMaterials invited SMEs working in the fields of raw materials, mining and process engineering, to share their ideas and projects and find out how EIT RawMaterials supports innovative ideas and potential funding. More information can be found here
Entrepreneurs and Innovation Café in Freiberg, Germany: On 26 October EIT RawMaterials and SAXEED gathered entrepreneurs operating in the raw materials sector in Saxony, Germany. The Innovation Café was a great platform to pitch ideas to EIT RawMaterials, learn more about our organization and network within the raw materials community locally. For more details, please click here
EIT RawMaterials1st Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue in Athens, Greece: The event on 23-24 November will bring together all stakeholders from the Greek raw materials sector including representatives from government, industry, research and academia. The main objective is to discuss the challenges the industry is facing today, raise awareness of EIT RawMaterials and create a platform to involve the Greek community in the activities of our KIC. For more details, please click here.
5th ESEE Dialogue Conference and Opportunities in Processing of Metal Resources (OPMR) in Budapest, Hungary: The event on 28-30 November brings together the ESEE Region Partners to discuss EIT RawMaterials activities and projects. The OPMR Conference brings together researchers and industry experts to present latest research in the field of mineral processing, extractive metallurgy and recycling covering primary and secondary resources.
ReMining (and process residues) in Berlin, Germany: On 18-19 January the event will bring together experts from all sides of the knowledge triangle to discuss opportunities for processing of secondary deposits, and extracting valuable minerals and elements from them in a sustainable manner.


IC-RBIO-Industrial Challenges posed by Residues and By-products from Industrial Operations in Shannon/Limerick, Ireland: On 21-22 September 30+30 participants from six countries and a range of sectors (industry, start-ups/SMEs, institutes, universities and external stakeholders such as IDA, Environmental Protection Agency and Minor Metal Trade Association) contributed to a dynamic workshop facilitated by mathematic experts, MACSI group, addressing challenging production methods and extraction processes of valuable elements from plants and industrial site remediation.
Companies pitching for Start-up and SME Booster in Luleå, Sweden: On 3-4 October 13 innovative start-ups and SMEs pitched for KIC-funding through the EIT RawMaterials Start-up Booster and SME Booster. The applying technology and service providers introduced business project plans with applications covering the whole raw materials value chain.
CLC North Partners Lessons Learnt Event: On 24 November the CLC North partner organisations gather to share and discuss their experiences and lessons learnt on developing KAVA project applications, building committed project consortia and coordinating projects. The place will be announced later.
Intrapreneurship Facilitator: Co-creation workshop in Örebro, Sweden: On 7-8 December the workshop will address innovative intrapreneurial ideas at Atlas Copco. Please note, attendance is by invitation only.
RM Matches: Wider Society Learning workshop in Liège, Belgium: On 15-16 December RawMaterials Academy together with CLC North and West gathers participants to boost the development of future Wider Society Learning (WSL) project proposals. This workshop will be a platform to discuss knowledge transfer from WSL projects and on-going activities outside the EIT RawMaterials community, such as WSL activities developed by suppliers of technological solutions and by external partners with similar strategic interests.


SMETCH in Rome, Italy: Held on 4-5 October, this matchmaking event was designed to promote the involvement of Italian SMEs in the EIT RawMaterials topics. Students and graduates were engaged in order to promote their networking abilities with industries in the raw materials sector.  The Italian regional government and ‘decision makers’ participated to disseminate EIT RawMaterials activities, pursuing their support and facilitation. Overall the Matchmaking event organised by ENEA gathered more than 40 participants representing SMEs active within the Italian innovation ecosystem. For more information, please click here.
ADI DAYS 2016 in Minerbe, Verona, Italy: On 6-7 October the Idea Camp organised by Zanardi Fonderie gathered more than 100 participants from Europe and beyond. More than 40 companies participated to the event to contribute generating ideas for applications of Austermpered Ductile Iron. More information about the event can be found here.
Idea Camp on lightweight materials for the automotive industry in Barcelona, Spain: On 1-2 December the Idea Camp will outline challenges and technology options in the near future to address lightweight construction, provide a networking forum for agents along the automotive sector value chain, coming from the triple helix (industry, knowledge, research and education, government). Furthermore, the event will provide information on EIT RawMaterials activities and opportunities for innovative companies, whether startups or well-established companies, and will identify collaboration opportunities to develop projects between local companies and KIC partners.
Circular Economy and New Materials in Budapest, Hungary: On 5-6 December the event will be a great platform to collect business ideas that can be supported by EIT RawMaterials, create partnerships for the EIT RawMaterials KAVA call closing in March 2017, and will be a great forum for networking between EIT RM partners and other potential partners from Eastern Europe. The event is organised by CLC South together with CLC East and is hosted by Bay Zoltan. 
iWEEE in Rome, Italy: On 13 December the event will stimulate a discussion among Italian stakeholders in the WEEE sector and will generate innovative business idea for the valorisation of WEEE at local level. In particular, the event will focus on the preparation for re-use and recycle both during the product design phase as well as at the end-of-life.
Katerina C. Thomas

Dr. Therese Bejgarn, Interim Education Officer, CLC North

Dr. Therese Bejgarn holds a PhD in Ore Geology from Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and has a background in the exploration and mining industry. During her time at LTU, she developed university-level courses, excursions and short thematic courses for professionals in the mining industry as well as arranging student recruitment events and wider society educational initiatives. Before joining the CLC North team, Therese spent 3.5 years managing and coordinating several international collaborative, industry-focused, challenge-driven Research, Development & Innovation programs and projects at a company jointly owned by stakeholders from the mining industry.

Kateryna Vorobiova

Sonia Muñoz Blanc, Administration & Finance Officer, CLC West

Sonia Muñoz Blanc has a background in Economics and Finance. She has 20 years’ experience of different positions in various sectors: auditing, consulting, venture capital, food industry and mass media. Sonia Muñoz comes to EIT RawMaterials after four years working in KIC InnoEnergy as Iberia Finance Officer first and later as Business Creation Finance Officer at corporate level. She was also participating in the Investment Committee for Startups. CLC West will benefit from her knowledge and expertise in EIT Regulations, reporting, and audit.

Kateryna Vorobiova

Lucia Folle, Operations Manager, HQ

Lucia Folle holds an MBA from Columbia University and an MSc in International Relations from University of Uruguay. Lucia started her career 15 years ago in the raw materials industry in Uruguay, and since then has developed her expertise in business strategy and operations in the healthcare and banking industries. She will support EIT RawMaterials in improving the processes and KPI system as a major task in the remaining fourth quarter 2016. Lucia is half-Italian and half-Uruguayan and has worked in four continents, thus adding to our multi-cultural environment.

Kateryna Vorobiova

Floriana La Marca, Education Officer, CLC South

After the Laurea in Environmental Engineering (EQF level 7), in 2001 Floriana La Marca holds the PhD in Materials, Raw Materials and Metallurgical Engineering – environmental protection (EQF level 8) at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials & Environment of Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy. Since 1999 Floriana has been working as Assistant Professor at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. Her expertise is in the field of both primary and secondary raw materials processing and she is also involved in R&D activities and teaching duties concerning the whole raw materials life cycle. Floriana often collaborates with recycling plants in projects aimed to develop advanced and sustainable processes and technologies. Furthermore, she is a Principal Investigator in research projects and an Agreement Promoter in the Erasmus Plus programme in the field of Raw Material valorisation. Floriana is collaborating with DG GROW of the EU Commission as an expert in the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM). She has been involved in the European Rare Earths Competency Network (ERECON) as a member of the Working Group II (WG II: Closing the loop: European rare earths resource efficiency and recycling).

Kateryna Vorobiova

Anna-Maija Pirskanen, Administrative Coordinator, CLC Baltic Sea

Anna-Maija Pirskanen holds an MSc in Economics and a CEFA degree, and has recently pursued further Strategy and Management studies at the Aalto University School of Business. She has significant experience of corporate and industry analysis from financial institutions (Nordea Bank, Nordic Investment Bank) where she has contributed to investment projects and related financing arrangements of internationally operating companies. Anna-Maija has expertise on several key industry sectors (including pulp & paper, metal & mining, engineering, energy and chemicals). Her most recent employment before joining EIT RawMaterials was at the European Chemicals Agency, where she worked in the Finance Unit monitoring the SME criteria and compliance with the REACH regulations.

Kateryna Vorobiova

Giorgio Recine, Business Developer, CLC South

Giorgio Recine has a degree in Chemical Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where he was also involved in the coordination of the European Network of Excellence in industrial crystallisation. After a training experience in 2000 in Silicon Valley, Giorgio was responsible for an R&D laboratory in the Area Science Park of Trieste, Italy, focusing on new technologies in renewable energies and energy efficiency. He later worked as program manager and business developer at Labor srl. Giorgio also worked as a Project Technical Advisor for the European Commission, being assigned for monitoring and reviewing 10 R&D projects in the area of Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Kateryna Vorobiova

Renzo Salimbeni, Interim Business Developer, CLC South

Renzo Salimbeni’s personal background is in Applied Physics and he has previously served as science researcher in 1972-2013 at the National Research Council (CNR). Renzo has been a director of an institute for 16 years and coordinated research projects, developing advanced technology in quantum electronics, laser processing of materials, physical characterisation of materials by photons and neutrons, optoelectronics and photonics. Since May 2015 Renzo has been working as Interim Business Developer at CLC South. His main tasks have been supporting the CLC Manager and the CLC partners in their activities in EIT RawMaterials, promoting their interest mainly in Italy and Hungary and contributing to the the Entrepreneurship Support Services ESS Platform for Entrepreneurship Promotion and Support (PEPS).

Kateryna Vorobiova

Elli Stephenson, Education Project Manager, HQ

Ellie Stephenson’s background is in language and literature and she holds a BA in German from University College London. Prior to joining EIT RawMaterials, Ellie worked as a freelance translator and proofreader specialising in technical documentation. In this role she regularly worked on projects with a wide range of international clients, ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations. As Education Project Manager she will now assist the Director of Education in Berlin.

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