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What's New with Dry Hills Distillery
......Whiskey, Birthday, Hawaii and More!

Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey
We've been making whiskey like crazy! We are working on the transition into 53 gallon barrels, rather than the 10 and 30 gallon barrels that we first worked with to age the Bin 7 Wheat Whiskey. This will be a gradual transition that will take patience and time, but ultimately will result in a greater abundance of everyone's favorite new Farm-to-Bottle Wheat Whiskey. 
In addition to production of our Bin 7 Wheat Whiskey, we have been working on a Bourbon. We have yet to name this new spirit, but we are extremely excited about this product and it will also be completely Farm-to-Bottle! Why didn't we produce a Bourbon first? As per Federal Law, by definition, Bourbon must be at least 51% corn, and aged in a virgin American White Oak barrel that have been charred. So, to fall under this category of spirits and stick to our philosophy of Farm-to-Bottle, it took some organization of crop rotation, varietal choosing and leased ground, but with all of that, we were able to harvest our corn this past fall and have been thrilled to be working on our Bourbon profile this winter. Stay patient with us, this one will be put away for a bit longer than our Bin 7, but trust us, it will definitely be worth the wait!  

It's Our Birthday!!!!

We are so grateful to ALL of you that continue to support us and make this dream of ours come true! Please come and Celebrate with us on the 23rd of March! There will be Give-A-Ways throughout the day, 10% Off All Spirit Purchases, Discounts on Merchandise, XL Country will be here for a Live Broadcast from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Jake Elwood will be performing Live from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. as well as we will have a new local Food Truck for the evening. Join us for cake, cocktails and fun as we Celebrate 1 Year!

Tasting Room Events and Updates
Our tasting room is a great place for all sorts of activities, whether it is watching the game on Sunday, Speed Dating on the First Saturday of Every Month, or stopping by on your way to and from the ski hills, we have the perfect spot for you! Don't forget to check out our website or Facebook page to keep up with the other events that are happening in the tasting room each week and remember we have live music every Saturday from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

An Interesting Tidbit....
As our family is 5th generation seed potato farmers, we have worked diligently to maintain certification of our seed by the state of Montana. It is important to us to provide a quality seed potato from our farms to fellow farm customers, but also follow that potato and ensure the quality of the spirits that we produce from a portion of our crops. With this high standard and consistent crop, we get to ensure that our Spirits are made ONLY from the best, fresh commodity available. It takes a little more work, but we believe in using a fresh potato rather than dehydrated potato flakes.
In Montana, certification of potatoes grown for seed is conducted by Montana State University. Certification is a voluntary program designed to encourage the production of top-quality seed potato tubers through adherence to rigorous testing and inspection requirements. As part of the certification process, a multitude of functions are conducted by certification and inspection staff at MSU.

  • Summer leaf testing of all early generation seed potatoes
  • Winter grow-out test on all seed-lots is conducted in Hawaii
  • Visual inspection of all registered fields
  • Cooperation with the Montana Potato Improvement Association
  • Production of pre-nuclear tissue culture plantlets and micro-tubers
  • Meristem cutting of all new varieties entering Montana
  • Maintenance in tissue culture of all lines grown in Montana, including growers selections
  • Cooperation in national surveys for potato pests and disease
  • 100% grower supported
  • Cooperation with extension/outreach personnel at MSU and other universities
So, while we are weathering another cold winter here in Montana and patiently waiting for spring to actually arrive, you can be comforted to know that our seed potatoes are in Hawaii undergoing their Winter Grow-Out Test!
The Sweet & Savory
0.75oz Honey Lavender Simple Syrup
0.75oz Fresh Lime Juice
0.5oz Hollowtop Vodka
2 Dashes of Pepper
1 Dash of Salt
Club Soda
Ginger Ale

Lightly rim a Collins glass with salt and pepper.
Add simple syrup, lime juice and Hollowtop Vodka in a shaker with ice and shake.
Pour into the Collins glass and top with 1/2 Club Soda and 1/2 Ginger Ale and Enjoy!
DHD Old Fashioned
2oz Bin 7 Wheat Whiskey
.5oz Simple Syrup (or 1 sugar cube)
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
2 Bordeaux Cheery
1/2 Orange Wedge
1 Orange Peel

Muddle the sugar, bitters, orange wedge and cheery.
Add Bin 7 Wheat Whiskey, ice and stir. 
Strain into a Old Fashioned Glass over ice.
Burn orange peel over glass and rub on rim, then drop in.
Garnish with a Bordeaux Cheery and Enjoy!
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