Dear friends,
Fuori Le Mura, meaning Outside the Walls in Italian, where we've set up our makeshift dormitory and chapel, overlooks the town of Norcia. In a way, it provides us a beautiful vantage point from which we can pray over the people of this place and intercede for them. In this period, we are grateful to have such a poignant visual reminder of our duty towards the good people of this region, who are suffering so much from loss of life and livelihood.
This space, so important to us monks in that it provides us a safe dwelling place to pray, work and rest, once was the home of Capuchin Friars until it was left to disrepair. Many of our friends know that we had recently restructured the roof and facade of the church on this property, only to find it damaged from the earthquakes and tremors of recent days. Still the damage is less than the Basilica at St Benedict’s birthplace and more room for our tents
Deo Gratias, today the window of that church was secured by an expert team of inspectors. The photo below shows how dedicated the people of the area are to us and to ensuring our places (and future places) of worship pose no danger to anyone. We were surprised and grateful it happened so quickly.
Those inspectors weren't the only ones to lend a helping hand -- as is quickly becoming the norm, the good Nursini (locals) turned up in droves again, helping us to finish our dormitory and living spaces and organize ourselves into the place half of most of us will be calling home for the foreseeable future. One family even prepared and delivered Cena (dinner) to us. The good will of our friends and neighbors is of inestimable value to us. We are hear for each other, albeit in different ways.
We'll continue to update you on developments. We know you must all be praying out there, because every day we witness God's goodness in providing for us during this difficult time.

Fr. Benedict

Note: If you want to help the rebuilding process, you can give to the monks by visiting:

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