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Dear fellow EU citizen,

This is our home. And we care about our home. 

We care about having clean parks for our daily exercise during this lockdown. We care about how our local schools are run, about ensuring roads are safe, and yes, even about when bins are collected!

Local authorities are responsible for all of that and 2021 is a big year in local politics. City, County, District, Borough Councilors, Mayors, Police and Crime Commissioners... a lot of local politicians will be elected! And let's not forget there are elections in the parliaments and assemblies of Scotland, Wales and London.

The good news

EU citizens can still vote in the local elections this May.

So if you haven't already, register to vote. Don't forget you have to register to vote again if you change your address. 

The practicalities

As things stand now, the local elections are still scheduled to go ahead on the 6th of May. The easiest way to vote safely during a pandemic is by post. To register by post, you have to fill in this form and then send your completed form to your local Electoral Registration Office. Some local offices also accept electronic copies of the form, so please check with them.

The challenge

According to Electoral Commission research, EU citizens are the least likely minority group to register to vote in the UK - just over 50% are registered. Young Europeans are even less likely to vote than EU citizens who have lived in the UK for longer. There is also a lot of misinformation on voting rights and many EU citizens may not even know they can still vote in 2021.

In Scotland and Wales, our right to vote in their parliamentary and local elections has been guaranteed in law. But our local election voting rights are not secured beyond these elections in May in England and Northern Ireland The UK Government has a bilateral approach to voting rights and so far has only secured agreements with Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and Poland. Citizens of Malta and Cyprus can also vote as they are part of the Commonwealth.

The opportunity

We need to show that we are an active group of voters who cannot be ignored on the political level in the UK. We are thrilled to let you know that two team members are joining the youth wing of the3million, our Young Europeans Network. Antonia Boorman and András Juhasz will be our voter registration task force who will work on two funded campaigns by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust (JRRT) UK Democracy Fund and Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust (AWRT), respectively. 

The funded campaign focusses on increasing voter registration in 4 local areas: Corby, Northampton (for both projects), Buckinghamshire (for András) and Peterborough (for Antonia). We will also have a national-level register to vote message for all EU citizens, with the help of our wonderful networks of volunteers across the UK.

Passionate about voting rights? We need you!

We need as many voices as possible for this EU voter registration drive. We are particularly looking for:
  • anyone living in our four local-level campaign areas (Corby, Northampton, Peterborough and Buckinghamshire) who can help us disseminate our voter registration materials locally
  • anyone who wants to help spread the word in other areas of the UK
  • anyone identifying as a young European who wants to be in our video materials targeted to young voters
  • creatives, especially with digital skills!
Simply reply to this email to get involved.

Young Europeans in the UK

In addition, we are growing our network of Young Europeans. If you know young Europeans, family members or friends, let them know about our network and the opportunities to meet other young Europeans and to gain volunteering experience with the3million!
Join the Young Europeans Network here
This is our home and our vote - we hope you will support and join in this campaign.

Best wishes,

Alexandra and Lara

Alexandra Bulat and Lara Parizotto are the Co-Managers of the Young Europeans Network, the youth wing of the3million.

Upcoming the3million webinars

28 January: Join the Young Europeans and Seraphus (contracted by the EU Delegation UK) for Q&A with an immigration lawyer. Click on the image to register!
4 February: Join the3million for a conversation on what to expect for EU citizens' rights in 2021. Click on the image below to register for the event.

Meet our voters' registration team!

Antonia Boorman is our Outreach and Engagement Manager.
Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I'm from Northern Ireland and I'm passionate about using my voice to influence legal reform and for human rights advocacy, especially in feminist, citizenship and global migration-related issues. I'm currently pursuing my postgraduate LLM in Human Rights Law at Queen's University Belfast and have a BSc in Social Science from Minerva Schools at KGI, an innovative university that combines four years of world travel (to San Francisco, Seoul, Hyderabad, Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, and Taipei) with an international student body from over 60 countries.

What are you working on at the3million? 

The campaign involves encouraging and mobilising young EU citizens to register and vote in the 2021 local elections! Using a combination of grassroots campaigning and social media marketing, we will work to spread awareness and inspire EU voters to politically engage in their local communities and ensure their voices are heard. We will be focusing on mobilising young people nationally across the UK, as well as specifically on the three areas which have large gaps in mobilisation: Corby, Northampton and  Peterborough.

Why do local election voting rights matter to you?

In a democracy such as the UK, our voices matter and make a lasting impact. Mobilising everyone to make their voices heard is essential in a fair democracy. Especially now, after Brexit, solidarity and inclusion are more important than ever. A way to ensure this is through voter mobilisation and turnout. I'm here to help make that happen and play my part.

What's your message to young Europeans in the UK? 

As a Young European myself, I encourage you all to get involved and make your voices heard! You'd be surprised how impactful your voices and how many people are listening. I'd love to meet you all so feel free to reach out with any ideas, thoughts and opinions!

András Juhasz is our Voting Rights Campaigner.
Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I organise the campaign which aims to mobilise young EU citizen voters in the 2021 local elections through working with political parties in England. I am a former diplomat and an external contractor for the EU Delegation to the UK. I have lived in London since 2012.

What are you working on at the3million? 

The campaign involves liaising with all main political parties in the UK to disseminate information and advice on how to engage with EU voters when campaigning. I will organise targeted events and use social media to encourage young EU citizens to register to vote in the elections. We will focus on three areas which have large gaps in mobilisation: Corby, Northampton and Buckinghamshire. 

Why do local election voting rights matter to you?

The 2021 local elections could be the last time many EU citizens will be able to participate in local democracy in England. Many EU citizens are getting British citizenship since and because of Brexit. It is important to show the UK political parties that EU citizens are politically active as this could have an effect on how they will engage with EU citizen voters at local and general elections in the future. In order for our voices and interests to be heard later, we have to cast our vote now at the local elections.

What's your message to young Europeans in the UK? 

Many young Europeans come to the UK to study or for a short stay but end up staying here for longer periods or settle down in the UK. Even if you are only here for a few years, your vote counts! If you would like to have first-hand experience with political campaigning, please join our voter mobilisation project!

Young Europeans social media highlights

We started a Young Europeans TikTok account a few weeks ago where our volunteers post a lot of videos - you can follow us here
the3million's Instagram account is also packed with Young Europeans content, especially for EU students - including practical tips and information.
#CitizenshipStory - every Thursday, we hear from one EU citizen about their experience applying for citizenship or the reasons why they are prevented from applying. You can see all the videos on YouTube as well. Get in touch with us ( if you wish to share your own story!
#EUQuestionTime - every week, we publish a practical Q&A video based on the3million's FAQ. You can see all the videos on YouTube as well. 

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

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If you are a British citizen living in the EU, we recommend you support our partner organisation British in Europe.

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