Our hearts have sunk
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Our heart have sunk


Dear fellow EU citizen,

The hearts of 3 million EU citizens living in the UK sunk yesterday when they heard that Parliament had voted down the amendment to Article 50 which would have given them guarantees that the Government would pass legislation securing their rights within 3 months. This was the last chance and we struggle to find words to express our utter desperation that EU citizens will now be used by the Government as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations.

You have been amazing and you should not forget it, from the fateful day of the referendum to the first posts on this Forum in July '16 to the support you gave us when we visited the Brexit Committee to the thousands of you who went to Parliament for the mass lobby and the many more thousands who wrote to their MPs over the last month and days. 

And this is not over. Read on...

European regards,


Nicolas Hatton
co-chair, the3million

The hangover

Didn't it just feel like waking up to a large Westminster hangover this morning?

We might have lost a battle but this is not over yet. Let's remember:

1. Despite all attempts to politicise our rights, there is a strong consensus across political parties, civil rights organisations, trade unions and more importantly among EU citizens and UK citizens living in Europe and the UK alike. Let's not forget that.

2. We still live in the EU and the Home Office tells us that there has been no change to the rights and status of EU citizens in the UK, and British citizens in the EU, as a result of the referendum

3. Solutions exists so let's continue the lobby:
Get in touch with your MP ( and book a surgery appointment to give your MP the Commons Brexit Committee report and ask for an emergency legislation to implement its recommendations.

Now that the Article 50 bill is out of the way, there is no excuse.

4. If you can, support the3million financially as we are seeking to become a charity in the coming months to support the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK through the next two years and beyond

5. Let's be counted. Get involved and start or join a local group of EU citizens (

6. We are proud Europeans. Attend the Unite for Europe march on the 25th and wear proudly your European colours


I am not a #bargainingchip!

We have a live social media campaign to engage the wider society on our plight. You can help by
1. adding the ‘badge’ your social media profile picture

2. Tweet a picture of yourself with an A4 sheet ‘I am not a bargaining chip’ with the hashtag #bargainingchip

3. Share our videos
We are not bargaining chips
James and Patrizia's story
Emmy Van Dourzen's story

We need your opinion

the3million co-chair and freelance researcher has teamed up with West of England University to research the perception by EU citizens of the application process for Permanent Residence. 

The research is anonymous and takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. We would really appreciate if you could spare some time filling the questionnaire and give us feedback at

Your stories

Human stories have changed how British society and politicians are perceiving EU citizens and alongside the bargaining chip campaign, we will work with you to publish more human stories. if you are willing to take part, please email Kasia at

A wonderful idea from the Royal College of Art 

"We're looking for 28 people, one from each EU country, who are willing to join a 'bring your own dish' meal, and share their personal experiences of Brexit.

Artists give a different angle to with a creative flair that makes people think. It also unites people, unlike politics. 

This is why the3million will be supporting Brexit Recipes at the Royal College of Art on 25 March.

28 people, one from each EU country, join a 'bring your own dish' meal, and share their personal experiences of Brexit.

Volunteers are needed. Apply at

more information at


Join the  I am not a #bargainingchip  campaign

Take an A4 sheet of paper and take a picture of yourself with the wording 'I am not a bargaining chip' and share it on social media using the above hashtag. Watch the video here


You can support us by:

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