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Dear fellow EU citizen,

In the past week, most political parties have set out their stall for the general election in their party manifestos. If a policy is in the manifesto, it is more likely to make it into the Queen's Speech and the party's programme if they get into power. 

I was proud to see that several of the goals which the3million has been campaigning hard for - with support from you and other EU citizens - have been taken up by the parties recently in opposition as part of their commitments. 

We have to keep going and get as many candidates on board as we can to all our asks. Please contact all your local MP candidates today on Twitter or by email to sign our #GE2019 pledge:

The Labour manifesto pledges an automatic guarantee of rights for EU citizens and family members, declaratory registration instead of having to apply, scrapping the hostile environment and extending full voting rights to all UK residents.  The Green Party also backs an automatic guarantee of rights in their manifesto. 

This is a significant win for the3million - we have been campaigning for "registration not application" since 2017 when the May government first announced its offer to EU citizens. 

Our mass lobby of Parliament in 2017 with UNISON and British in Europe called for registration, not an application, and 90 MPs signed our pledge in support. It's good to see all our hard work pay off.


We will continue to hold all political parties to their promises to protect EU citizens' rights regardless of the Brexit outcome - and you can help by getting your local candidates to pledge at

 We're also pleased to see the Liberal Democrat pledges: protecting freedom of movement, maintaining voting rights for EU citizens in local elections, an extension of voting rights to all EU citizens here for five years.   

It's great to see that voting rights are moving up the agenda - the3million have long been concerned about the threat to our local election voting rights from Brexit and calling for MPs to protect our right to vote where we live. 

We are also campaigning for full voting rights for all UK residents - after our success at getting this ask into the Labour manifesto, we will launch our #LetUsVote campaign this week with @Another_Europe and @BritishInEurope - stay tuned.

If you have the right to vote in general elections - make sure you are registered by midnight tomorrow, Tuesday 26 November and encourage friends and family to register.  

If you have recently become a British citizen, you will need to make sure you re-register to vote in general elections, even if you are already on the electoral roll to vote in local elections - the process is not automatic. 

It only takes 5 minutes to register at
If you are organising a community event during the election period for EU/ Commonwealth citizens or British voters, remember to encourage people to cast their vote with a thought to fellow UK residents who cannot vote, but will be affected by political decisions. 

We support the #PromoteMigrantVote campaign and encourage you to use the resources on the site: 

European regards,


Ilse Mogensen, Advocacy and campaigns manager for the3million's under 30 campaign group



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Settled Status information sessions:
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Your rights

We have partnered with the European Commission in the UK and Here for Good to provide simple information about your rights as an EU citizen living in the UK. Click on the link below to find out more:

More information is also available on the London Mayor information hub for EU citizens, powered by the3million:


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