Monique Hawkins explains why supporting the3million's #DeniedMyVote legal challenge matters.
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Dear fellow EU citizen,


I want to thank you all for your support over the #DeniedMyVote scandal since May 2019.

Just to take you back to the European Elections of 23rd May last year, thousands of EU citizens were turned away at the ballot box and were denied their vote, simply because they had not submitted an extra form that only they had to submit.  In most cases this was because they didn't know, or they couldn't return it within the ridiculously tight timescales - often only being sent the form after the deadline had expired.

We now have a really strong case, ready to go, permission to proceed. However, we need to raise more funds to protect us against potential Government costs.

That's why we have started a new fundraiser - we are already over a third of the way there, but that means we still have a bit of a mountain to climb in a very short time!

The reason I’m writing to you is to explain my personal reasons for why this case is still so important, and why it really would be tragic if, having come so far, and having put so much work into it since May last year, we weren’t able to actually go to court at the end of the day through lack of funds.

If you’re thinking things like – why is this still important? isn’t it water under the bridge now? we’ve left the EU, haven’t we? there’ll be no more European Elections anyway, so…

Then I want to say to you – I know what you mean. I even thought some of those things myself at times, especially when the prospect of all the hard work involved in raising these funds loomed again.

However, our legal team has explained to us very clearly that this isn’t just about acknowledging the injustice of those denied their vote at the ballot box last year – essential though that is, because democracy really matters.

It is also about the legal precedent that winning this case will set. It’s a precedent about discrimination of groups – even very large groups – of citizens. This precedent will stand to help us in the future – in shaping or challenging legislation that in any way discriminates against us.

And by the way, our team really have developed a very strong case. The Government wasn’t willing to back down, it delayed at every stage - so we really must make sure this case can reach the courts.

Please help us and make a pledge – no matter how small. As I said, we have a mountain to climb – but many tiny grains of sand together make a mountain!!


With warm wishes, and hoping you are all keeping well in these difficult times,



Monique, a volunteer at the3million since December 2016


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