Newsletter - December 2016

Hello Mind Moosers!

Welcome! We've been working really hard on building Mind Moose and this is the first of our newsletters to tell you what we've been up to! In this edition you'll find festive freebies and information about our launch at BETT 2017.

Festive Freebie!
We've created a free A3 poster on '5 top Mind Moose Tips for a Healthy Body and Mind' - ideal for your classroom, staffroom or home wall!

If you'd like one, please email and we'll be delighted to send you one.

Free Assembly

If you didn't see this in earlier in the term, as part of World Mental Health Awareness Day in October, we created an assembly which encourages children to 'Treat Themselves Like a Pet.' You can download the assembly here.

If you are a parent, you could still use the assembly with your child - it's a good way for them to start to think about how they speak to themselves and how important it is to treat yourself well.

Mind Moose Guides

We will be producing a series of Mind Moose Guides around different aspects of wellbeing. The first focusses on self-esteem. You can read about:
The importance of developing healthy self-esteem in children and young people and How to develop healthy self-esteem in children in young people.


Mind Moose to launch at BETT!

We've been working hard getting the first unit of Mind Moose completed and we'll be launching it for sale at the BETT show in January.

For those of you who have very kindly already given or offered to give feedback on the initial prototype, we'll be in touch very soon with the latest version for you to use with your pupils.  


Thank you for your early interest in Mind Moose.  We really appreciate having you on board from the start of our journey!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
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