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Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey

Open your heart, raise your vibration, and expand love. Cacao is revered as the food of the Gods and was traditionally used to increase life, happiness, and health. Consuming cacao in a ceremonial setting will deliver elation, providing a heart-high, leaving you feeling clear, awakened and inspired. 
Allowing your body to be bathed in sacred sound will promote relaxation, vitalize cellular harmony, and bring balance to all aspects of self.

Gather with AstariaLight of Sound, and Kristin & Tanner of Cacao Connection this Friday, May 5th at Munay Space in North Vancouver, to ignite your intentions and join in a collective space of community, heart expansion, inward journeying and sacred self-empowered healing. This cacao and sound ceremony will be sure to uplift, inspire, and soothe your soul. *Reserve your space and your cacao elixir at or by calling Kristin 250-466-4069 (all questions are also welcome)

In a world where we have so much to be distracted by, give your self this gift of spaciousness, community connection, and loving vibration. 

Click the link for more details:

*please share with your Vancouver friends and spread the love <3

Adronis: First Contact

Your mission should you choose to accept it…

This Saturday evening, experience the Earth Alliance with an Extra Terrestrial, Multidimensional consciousness in the Epic Space Center.

With a full afternoon of channeling and downloads, deep dive with Adronis (channeled by Brad Johnson)

Special guest Natalie Miles-The Psychic Upgrade will be opening with a psychic sneak peek from beyond!

Tap into the galaxy in our unique Q&A segment. Ask anything! Life, Career, Health...

Sound healer Astaria Light, of Light of Sound will be filling this container with crystal soundscapes to deeply unite the mind, body, heart and soul. 

Come together with other luminaries and share in the mysteries of humanity's place in the universe.

We are not alone...the Answers are here!

For more details and show schedule, click here:

The Nature of Wild Food & Sacred Sound

Since the beginning of time, our human evolution has developed from pure sound vibration and wild foods. Join us for a magical experience of dinner and sacred sounds in a tipi as we journey through the senses.

Nature's Chef Tom Kral, will create a wildcrafted meal prepared by the element of fire. This meal will be plant-based, gluten-free with a wild seafood and sourdough option. After dinner, to soothe our digestion, sound healing practitioner, Astaria, Light of Sound, will lead us through a magical Harmonic Sound Journey.

Music and sound have the unique ability to cultivate a sense of love, peacefulness, and clarity throughout every cell in the body, whilst bringing one into alignment with truth, higher consciousness, and connection with the Divine. Sound Vibration allows the body to entrain to a higher frequency, creating space for self-healing, heightened awareness, and remembrance of one’s truest form.

These events sell out quickly, so be sure to reserve your space in the tipi today:

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