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Soul Medicine

On February 25th, Cacao Connection and Light of Sound shared the launch ceremony of their collective Cacao and Sound tour. It was a powerful evening of sharing cacao elixir, going deeply inward, chanting and singing, and reflecting on our experiences. Will you be joining us for one of our upcoming ceremonies? 

Cacao is revered as the food of the Gods and was traditionally used to increase life, happiness, and health. Consuming cacao in a ceremonial setting will deliver elation, providing a heart-high, leaving you feeling clear, awakened and inspired. 

Allowing your body to be bathed in sacred sound will promote relaxation, vitalize cellular harmony, and bring balance to all aspects of self.

Gather with AstariaLight of Sound, and Kristin & Tanner of Cacao Connection in a collective space of community, heart expansion, inward journeying and sacred self-empowered healing. This cacao and sound ceremony will be sure to uplift, inspire, and soothe your soul.

In a world where we have so much to be distracted by, give your self this gift of spaciousness, community connection, and loving vibration. 

*Reserve your space today  Click the link for more details, and discover a ceremony coming to a town near you: 

Heart of the Goddess - A Circle of Sisters in Sacred Ceremony

Join us for this magical day of ceremonial Cacao Plant Medicine paired with Healing Sound to initiate a beautiful journey through the mind, body and spirit. 

We are entering the age of the Divine Feminine, a time where it is increasingly important that we come together as sistars, to recognize each of our unique gifts, to empower each other to share our truth with the world, and to rise together to create a new earth that is woven with LOVE. It is time to embrace commUnity over competition, honoring over comparison, and self-worth over jealousy. We can now release all old wounds of the past to create harmonious connective community into the future! <3

This offering is for women to gather in a safe space for connection, love, and honour. Will you be joining us? 

Heart of the Goddess is a half-day retreat happening at an ocean side temple home in Sooke, on Saturday, March 18th from 1-6pm (with an Optional vegan potluck to follow for more connection time!)
It will be facilitated by Kristin, Astaria and Cori, who will be joining in with offering her wisdom and skills in the realm of chanting and drumming (and many other realms too!), as well as co-facilitating a special cacao ceremony and sound journey with us! 

More info on this event here: Heart of the Goddess - Sooke, BC 

♥Please share this event with your Goddess friends♥

Thank you for your continued support and desire for connection in sacred ceremony! Until we connect again...

Upcoming Events

Soul Medicine tour dates:
March 11 | Soul Medicine: Cacao & Sound in Sacred Ceremony | Duncan, BC | Link
March 18 | Heart of the Goddess - A Circle of Sisters in Sacred Ceremony | Sooke, BC | Link
March 25 | Soul Medicine: Cacao & Sound in Sacred Ceremony | Victoria, BC | Link
March 29 | Soul Medicine: Cacao and Sound in Sacred Ceremony | Port Alberni, BC | Link
April 1 | Soul Medicine: Cacao & Sound in Sacred Ceremony | Tofino, BC | Link
check out the Light of Sound facebook page for details on other events in your area

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