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Magic is on it's way...


Hola Soul Family, I have an exciting announcement to make... :) 

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve reached out here and I just want you to know that I’ve been thinking of you and keeping you in my heart’s prayers. 

I’ve been enjoying the potent energy of Guatemala this past year, going through many transformational shifts, deep healing work, and reconnecting with my creative muse.


I’ve spent the past couple of months in solitude, hanging out in a tree house, caring for beautiful land that has a special temple space situated on it.


For years, I’ve known that I would benefit from some extended time spent off grid alone, in order to reconnect with my self and listen to my soul speak. 


It’s happening. And WOW, has this time been incredibly powerful!


I recognize that it is a great privilege to spend time alone, and for that I am deeply greatfull. 


I’ve been reclaiming my creativity and connecting with my soul’s expression. My heart has been expanding more and more ... and it feels good. After some deep diving into the shadows of my being, I have surfaced with many gifts to share, and have been clearing the path for more that is on it’s way. 

I have been drawing and painting again, and am now sharing light frequency encoded imagery that is designed to activate the remembrance of your own creative potential. 


You can check out some of my creations as I post my journey on Instagram: @light.of.sound


Ok! So... announcement!!


I am beyond excited to let you all know that I have finally released my piano album this last full moon on Friday the 13th…  !!
And two weeks later, I am sharing it with you on this New Moon. 


AHHHH! It only took me 3 years lol. Literally, I completed the recordings a few years ago and never did anything with them. 

My perfectionist mind was holding me back, and I finally had to say, “enough of that! This music is perfect just the way it is!” 

So here it is:

And I am so excited for you to have a listen. 


These melodies have all been channeled, starting when I was a little girl, as I sat at the keys of the piano to help myself process and express my emotions. 


I’ve named the album: Aurora, to honour the arrival of a new dawn, that first light that greets us as we awaken… It’s that spark of light that makes the journey through the darkness of night sooo worthy of our courage. 


The first track, Forsythia, is named in honor of my mother, who passed away 12 years ago. This melody is one of the first pieces I ever composed. My mom, who was a singer songwriter, wrote lyrics for it, which we then performed together at Church when I was around 8 years old. I wish I could remember the words she sang… 


I’ll be sharing more about this journey on Instagram, but for now I wanted to let YOU be the first to know about this special gift I am sharing. 


The album is a dreamy 30 mins long, and my invitation is that you will take a break from what you’re doing, sit or lay down, relax and feel the music sing to your heart. 


This music is intended to evoke emotion, remembrance of your soul’s essence, and the activation of your loving heart. 


It is in the silence between the sound that you hear yourself. 


So I invite you to… 

  • Allow your self to slow down 

  • Take a moment out of your busy-ness and be still 

  • Breathe 

  • Open your heart to receive

  • Relax 

  • Allow the music to take you on a journey, into your soul

  • Float along the sound current 

  • When you’ve completed the journey, take some time to rest in silence, and then translate your experience into some kind of creative act

Let me know what you feel... I’d love to hear your feedback in any way that you are inspired to share.

I’d also like to acknowledge my dear friend and professional musician, Eric Harper, who supported me in recording this album.
He spent countless hours with me in his studio, empowering me to use the audio engineering equipment to translate this music into the form it’s in now, so that you can hear a transmission from my soul.
Thank you Eric. I will always fondly remember our forest walks and creatively depthfull conversations about life, in between recording sessions. 


If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you can sign up for one for free and listen here:


Or you can support my music, by purchasing the album



My intention is to create more healing music to bless the world with Harmony and light codes.

Every little bit of your support goes a long way for me. I’ve been carving out a rather unconventional lifestyle for myself, which has certainly had its challenges along the way, so I greatly appreciate your love, encouragement, and support in any way that feels good for you. 


  • Listen to this album when you’d like to relax, fall asleep, meditate, tune into your inspiration, etc… 

  • Say a prayer or set an intention beforehand to consciously work with the energy of the sound

  • Share share SHARE this music with friends and family

  • Share through your social media outlets, etc

  • Forward this email to friends and loved ones

  • Add the tracks to your playlists on Spotify so that they gain more exposure and reach more hearts


And if you feel so inclined, you can send a paypal donation here:

My intention with finally releasing this music is to pave the way for more to flow through. By holding on to these tracks, I recognized that I was blocking myself from being able to share more. So, I officially RELEASE with this new moon. 

I dedicate my life and this music to bring Harmony to our home, Mother Earth. 


May you follow the path of your heart, remember your truth, and be in service to your dreams

I love you, thank you. 

In other news...
I will be sharing my magic at the Sounds of Light Mystery School in 2020.
The school is now officially accepting applications. If you feel the call to join us in Guatemala at the Mystical Yoga Farm, to empower your soul‘s calling and to initiate yourself in harnessing the medicines of cacao and sound, there are a limited number of spaces, so I recommend sending in your application soon. 


Words cannot fully express what this special experience is like, but I will say that MAGIC and EXPANSION are definitely part of it, accompanied with daily cacao elixirs, uplifting singing practices, cosmic sound baths and deep community connections.
This space is a playground for exploring and embodying your unique medicine. Sound and cacao are the medicine facilitators harnessed here to help you with that process. 


Imagine going to the school of your dreams, with wizards, fairies, and other enchanting beings... Sounds fun right? 

You can learn more about the mystery here: and check out this beautiful documentary that shares some our experience from the last empowerment residency…


**Let me know if you have any questions.

You can fill out an application here: and be sure to mention where you heard about this opportunity. 



I’ve also been starting to offer private vocal empowerment sessions and mentorship for lightworkers, all online! YAAY… so this means we can still connect even if I’m in a different geographical location. 


I’ll be posting more information on my website soon, and I’ll update you all with another love note from me here when I’m ready to make another announcement. 

I’m sending you sooooo much love from the flower gardens of Guatemala. 

May you be deeply blessed.

For Harmony,

Astaria Illumina

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